Into black and white

Into black and white

22-23 March 2015



Night time brings the dark

That sits supreme over all

Live in beings’ frame

Slight is the heartbeat in chest

When shadows overcome light


Darkness engulfs shores

As seashells crunch under feet

Aimlessly walking

Mind steers direction in heart

As path to somewhere ends stern


The sea’s thunder calls

Deafening recognition

Of forgotten voice

How does one forget whispers

Of beings once clad in light?


Sand seeps through my toes

Grim testimonial of times

Where nothing would last

Mind probes last thoughts in blank walls

As stars etch in a new slate


A flicker lights night

And moving shadows walk tall

Into black and white

Duality is in thought

Though soul knows of times neutral



I see fire

I see fire

17-18 March 2015




Fire’s embers burnt

Strong and powerful forces

Primal signs of life

Throbbing mind set colours true

As all shades to red seemed wane


Hissing sound of spark

That once before fought so brave

Yet drowned in water

The tank brimmed with pictures there

Yesterday kept resurging


Ice cool breath faltered

In between mist and cold rain

As fire now blazed

Memories alit in flames

Found no respite in water



Icy fire raged

On the brink of tomorrow

As coal chips broke off

Mind to the heart is a trail

I see fire in its Wake


The Lady at the bar (2)

November 20, 2014


She withdrew her head from out of the window frame and carefully wound up the glass so she could cut the noise of the outside out and turned towards him to face him squarely.

– I know you are ignoring me, she said

He looked at her briefly before focusing his attention on the road again.

– No I am not, he replied curtly

He could feel that familiar welling in his heart again as he gazed at her face from behind the dark shades that thankfully covered his eyes completely. He took in the keen eyes with their hidden laughter and the childish pout she had when she was upset about something. Damn her, he thought to himself while looking back to the road again. She was not really beautiful but there was something about her that he had not figured out yet that messed with his head and heart in a way none other had done before. He thought about the night before and how much passion had been in the air, shared between them and could simply not figure out why it was that they had fought just the morning after that. It seemed to be the only way possible between them: crazy bouts of passion followed by periods of sulking.

She too turned back to face the road stonily as it seemed he would be undeterred this morning. Very soon though, she felt more than she could see his body relax and his gaze come back towards her.

– I am sorry, she said as she put a hand on his thigh. I really don’t know why we fight. It seems like each of us absolutely wants to be right and does not care about what the other is saying. We simply want to make a point.

He took her hand in his and lifted it to his lips, kissing it before he put it back where it had been and she stroked his thigh absent mindedly

– I really try not to fight with you, you know. It’s just something about the way you say things that makes me want to find something wrong in them.

He said nothing but just lay his hand on the nape of her neck and as she relaxed, easing herself closer to him with her face turned upwards looking at him, he gazed out of the window and thought that it really did not matter why they had fought or whether they would fight again as long as they could make up like last night. He smiled wryly to himself realising that she had won again in their battle of wits and that he would just have to take in the beauty of this moment until things changed again.

Le temps de la famille heureuse

Loïc a heureusement retrouvé cet amour de son frère que la colère et la frustration étaient en train de lui faire passer. C’est un bon garçon et quand on lui parle avec coeur et avec raison au lieu de lui parler avec tyrannie et contrition, il sait écouter et réapprendre les belles choses de la vie. Il l’a toujours été, bon et juste, et l’amour reviendra dans cette famille tel que la plupart de ses membres le souhaitent. A quatre contre un, le choix est vite fait si on utilise le principe utilitariste de Bentham. Mais même dans les concepts absolus, cette liberté et “besoin” paternel ne peut s’exercer à l’exclusion de quatre autres libertés identiques et tout aussi méritantes.

Weathering storms

“Rather windy isn’t it?”  

28 August 2010  

Woman all over the world, suffering

We yield not in vain shuddering 

But pliable reeds, we flex in pain 

To spring back to our tall selves again 

While the strong oak may tower

Over us and want us to cower 

We welcome with love and consent 

All hate, anger and resentment 

To turn darkness into bright light

Despite the hate, despite the spite 

For when HE gave us to hold a womb 

HE knowingly gave within us a tomb 

For the world’s hatred as we can bear 

From suffering more than our share 

But with the womb he gave us the seeds 

To grow within us those slight, silken reeds 

A gift of love so, many a storm, we may weather

With a heart, though sinking, light as a feather 

So when the mighty oak from storms splits 

We resume our grace that us so befits