Dear WordPress family and friends, some tips for you and a small favour I ask

Dear WordPress family and friends, some tips for you and a small favour I ask

17 January 2016

You must have noticed that WP has put in a lot of changes that can get some of you frustrated asking for the old panel back to work on your posts. Some kind bloggers have explained that this is available from the dashboard (WP Admin of your wordpress window) before I was able to respond and thanks to them a lot of people have reintegrated the old editing mode they were comfortable with.

Pictures on how to integrate the old mode of posting for those who were more comfortable with the old options feature below. If you start a new blog post from anywhere else, you will end up only with the new functionality. Last but not least if you want selective sharing without having to de-link your various social media presences from your blog, you can first save the post as a draft in your old dashboard format and then reopen it in the new functionality which allows you to tick off some social media for that post only and without de-linking unlike the old posting mode.

As part of the sweeping changes, you might have noticed like me that many notifications on comments people have made on your posts are not reaching you. This can be remedied by visiting the same dashboard and choosing the option comments which then shows you all the existing comments and allows you to answer those that you have visibly missed out.

When publishing, you have the option of publishing as standard publishing or you can publish as a link which then forces the person reading you to go to your website to read the whole article rather than in the reader.

Usually this link method is used by those who are concerned with statistics and performance of their blog but probably many of you may be using the link version without knowing this difference and without even the intention of increasing their stats. I personally use the standard method to create the least hassle possible for those reading.

I have just one small favour to ask from those of you who read my posts and whom I follow back and read and that is that you publish as standard instead of as a link if you don’t mind and are not too concerned about your stats. I love reading all of you and have even resorted to a daily or weekly email digest of your reading because of my reducing time to read but when you choose the option to publish as a link, I cannot read you from my email but have to open all the websites one by one and I am really following many people, too many to open all their websites without hassle.

For those interested, note that from the reader, you can choose the option manage for the blogs you follow and subscribe either to instant, daily or weekly emails for the main post of the blog or for the related comments (picture below as well).

I understand that it might be a big sacrifice for those who are keen on statistics but have to say that I will unfortunately not be able to read you for a long time if you publish as a link and will be sad to miss out on your updates. Aside from the email version, the WP reader also allows one to read with minimum pain in switching between full post and reduced post when you publish as a standard format. When you publish as a link, this is no longer possible.

Most of you publish the standard way thankfully and I am ever so grateful to be able to read you with simple browsing and enjoy your posts. Keep blogging and keep shining with my best wishes for a wonderful 2016 on blogosphere.

IMG_2316 IMG_2317

IMG_2318 WP pic


Especially for my friend Shiva Malekopmath:

Adding a new post in the new posting facility (best to start from an actual page of your blog)


This is the little icon that you pres on to add your reading of your poem


You choose the option Add new and then choose the directory where you have saved your reading in your local disk then upload that



My readings are in the format m4a which is apparently the automatic format under which iphone saves all recorded memos.

I hope this works for you Shiva 🙂