The bearer of truth extinguishes fear

The bearer of truth extinguishes fear

9 January 2016

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In my mind’s spaces desert flowers bloom

Deep within the cracks a parched land breathes life

Of freedom’s faces many spin the loom

Where unity lacks the thread knots a strife


The push and the pull thug war of others

The will that is weak follows suit head bent

A mind that is full wings not new feathers

A future so bleak wakes in soot the pent


Ashes in flashes a war will displace

Of keen hidden fruit emergence so clear

Wall inwards smashes by might of His Grace

The bearer of truth extinguishes fear


Hail to thee Mother your blood in my veins

To Earth-bound brother calls strong steady reins



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De Profundis – – Arvo Pärt

Tabula Rasa – Arvo Pärt

Nunc Dimittis – Arvo Pärt

Stabat Mater – Arvo Pärt

When the skies slow part sun smiles me to bliss

When the skies slow part sun smiles me to bliss

9 January 2016

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How far this rhythm haunting notes that play

A love that split hymn thousand and one hums

A voice that ran thin as night withered day

A mind that bore him triangle of sums


Slow twirl in the eye the leaning to one

The bird hopes to fly the wings in a pail

The bread from the rye tempts nation of none

Alone I will lie for death will prevail


The oceans will heave tears of my sorrow

Three sisters Time weave for Angel to fetch

The love I believe painted new morrow

Before I can leave my wings I will sketch


When the skies slow part sun smiles me to bliss

Shines time to depart fare well with this kiss


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Dance For Me Wallis – Abel Korzeniowski

Come Gentle Night – Abel Korzeniowski

And just like that – Abel Korzeniowski