Enlace ce coeur mort fais luire mes peines

Enlace ce cœur mort fais luire mes peines

(A trial of translation into a sonnet in English here – not an actual English sonnet)

10 janvier 2016

enlace me2 woman co nz Tomasz-Alen-Kopera_14_signature2


Les contes entre nous dialogue infini

Les mots de trépas les douleurs perçues

Le son de tes pas devenirs reclus

Nocturnes rendez-vous en doux rêves finis


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Passion et remous de cœurs définis

Un échelon plus bas me trouverait refus

Le sort qui m’abat fort de coups reçus

Souvenirs trop flous nous laissent démunis


enlace george redhawk and ludivic-flourant_072


Les comptes trop tirés épingles à cheveux

Tiraillement retors vois-tu la voie vaine?

Traits sombres étirés passage aux aveux


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Les mot dits à tort s’écoulent de mes veines

Visage las ciré toi lune de mes cieux

Enlace ce cœur mort fais luire mes peines


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Images retravaillées pour l’effet dynamique par George Redhawk et initialement basées sur peintures/dessins par Adam Martinakis, Thomasz Alen Copera, Beethy, David Vandenburgh

Padam Padam – Edith Piaf

Hymne à l’amour – Edith Piaf

La vie en rose – Edith Piaf

The timeless unwound

The timeless unwound

10 January 2016

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I looked at myself

Within a shadow of frames

Nothing defined me


I looked through myself

Within inner lights’ workings

Everything I was


timeless huffingtonpost com
Courtesy huffingtonpost.com


Sparse in all spaces

A sketch of what was to be

Grown into being


Density of sorts

Popping Russian wooden dolls

One within other


timeless tumblr com gif


Unwinding layers

Wavering and flickering

Discovering all


A process of sight

Juxtaposition of all

The whispering clues



timeless feralintelligence com
Courtesy feralintelligence.com


No process of change

Yet sight itself mutated

Embodied transfers


Axis slow dragged me

On a path of renewal

Soul’s petals unwrapped


timeless levinor es
Courtesy levinor.es


I am no longer

Only was all that will be

All that ever was


Water in ocean

The inward switching outward

Ocean in a mole


timeless pinterest com gif


Transient mutating

Permanent lasting stable

All that lies beneath


The time bound facing

Finding discovering bright

The timeless unwound


timeless lovethispic com gif


Animated (gif) images courtesy of pinterest.com for the first two and lovethispic.com for the last.

Birdie – Abel Korzeniowski

Sunset – Abel Korzeniowski

Stillness of the mind – Abel Korzeniowski

To where I will bloom

To where I will bloom

10 January 2016

bloom thecreatorsproject vice com

The rain fell softly

Upon brown desert landscapes

Where sand had rusted


The wind howled on bleak

Echoing through rocky peaks

Time’s grey witnesses


Beyond yellow stretched

Between grey peaks green ravines

The light hid in play


A journey inward

Where barren neighboured the lush

Reflected outward


Inside these valleys

Surrounding peaks bring to eyes

Moist loss of today


Whisper to me feats

In the mind’s eye that listens

Bravado a must


I will bid you tales

When tomorrows’ letters spell

New recollections


There was a road spent

In travel to chances dreamt

Under moonlit skies


This ride has begun

A long and dusty road blinks

Withering in sun


We walk oft alone

When butchers cut the pieces

They square them smallest


When all else has failed

What more to rid now these lands?

Only my hopes’ pearls


Shimmering presence

Between two worlds I flicker

A ghost of myself


Fold tight the napkin

We are all going somewhere

You might follow soon


Once on other side

Remember me by the touch

Of hidden insights


Now this tired flame

Dilates and shrinks as I sail

To where I will bloom


bloom fastcodesign com


Animated pictures courtesy fastcodesign.com and thecreatorsproject.vice.com

Going somewhere – Abel Korzeniowski

Flying with whales – Abel Korzeniowski


bloom wallpaperscraft comCourtesy wallpaperscraft.com