Under the baobab tree

Under the baobab tree

12 January 2016


They loved each other dearly and met under the baobab tree, just a few meters away from marshes that ended the land belonging to his family. She was dark, he was white. She was a native and he had all the rights. They did not belong together, this they knew was their social plight. Their hearts spoke a different law though. It was under the bough rich of leaves and sunshine that they carved their love in stolen letters. It was under the moon silent and blue that they met at the feet of the baobab tree.


One day his mother saw him sneak out. She figured what that was all about and soon there would be no rendez-vous. She gave him and other members of the family a piece of mind or two. Bewitched he must be, was their conclusion. She surely used sorcery some powerful infusion for she was black and small while he was tall, strong and white and their love, really, was not quite right. The county decided it was time this should stop and never again another lad to quit crop.


They say she screamed and begged for her life but they knew better. Her mouth sewn the cries shut would let them go about their holy task unfettered. She burnt brightly and though her flesh cringed and peeled not a tear nor a sigh eye and mouth revealed. When he heard he hastened broke all chains threw himself on the pyre embracing her remains. They tugged and tugged at his free arm but his body remained locked to hers by a charm. He died arm extended head flung to the skies and it was then that she released those cavernous sighs. Fire caught the baobab tree that hung near and ashes breathed into the night once the fire had cleared.


Years later at that very spot a curious couple of baobab trees grew tight as in a pot. When you look closely you can still see the stitches on her mouth and his arm extended his head flung back to shout. The blue skies shine bright and nourish them with light for now they are together and will remain so forever. On moonlit nights, you can hear her sighs plaintive and low like a baby’s cries.

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Written for Friday Fiction with Ronovan writes prompt challenge. Rules and prompt here

Reading of the short story:  

Wind of Change – Scorpions

More than words – Extreme





Spleen s’est absenté dans île aux oiseaux

Spleen s’est absenté dans île aux oiseaux

12 janvier 2016

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J’ai en mon cœur bleu un brin d’océan

Une vague de tumultes des oiseaux en cage

Des mémoires occultes qui effacent les pages

Voyez comme il pleut sur mes joues et flancs


Sombre et silencieux mon cœur dans ces rangs

Par l’esprit exulte bois d’autres cépages

Ame se catapulte au gré de l’orage

L’osé le scabreux feutrés vieux élans


J’ai le cœur si vieux des siècles ont passé

La mer s’est teintée des outre tombeaux

Les ans langoureux d’éclats effacés


Des bras éreintés étreignent les maux

Ebats amoureux de désirs lassés

Spleen s’est absenté dans île aux oiseaux

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La mémoire et la mer – Léo Ferré

La solitude – Léo Ferré

Les amants tristes – Léo Ferré

Avec le temps – Léo Ferré

As spring makes its way

As spring makes its way

12 January 2016

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Lucid dreams awake

Ice yesterday’s snow grown cold

Faith a kindling fire


Wish upon a star

Watch it travel translucent

Into horizons


I will reach you there

Our bodies luminous arks

Love’s aspiration


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Thoughts limpid as snow

Anticipation of chill

Flowing through the bones


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The souls translucent

Travel through winter’s long breath

A world of belief


Your heart’s white crystals

Promise of pearls for my heart

Dewdrops a lifeline


Thawing crystal flakes

Hope a glimmer of relief

As spring makes its way


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Written using the words from Ronovan Writes Haiku Prompt and challenge for this week, Hope and Crystal. Pingback and rules here

Ruhe – Schiller

Falling – Schiller & Moya Brennan

Die Liebe – Schiller