Healing prayer

Healing prayer

28 December 2015

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As the New Year approaches and the old one fades into space somewhere in between atoms, I thought we should welcome the New Year with Healing wishes for the Earth and for all of us so I decided to recite another Dreamtime prayer.


I am publishing it early because I am not sure I will have time to write blogs before the New Year although I suspect I just may find enough time to do that. Let me elaborate a bit more on what I mean by Dreamtime.


For those who are not aware yet, most of my poetry flows and I feel like I am not fully the creator of the images and stanzas that flow on their own somehow (a strange sensation) and I feel very much like what I imagine could have spurred Rumi (one of my favourite poets) to write the poem “Who says words with my mouth” that I have also shared on this blog.


Perhaps all poets have this strange sensation when they write poetry that simply flows out of them and will not be contained. A lot of my poetry flows to me after a night’s sleep or a short nap with some even spurred by daydreaming. I have coined this as Dreamtime art because it is so linked with the sleep mode of my brain or sometimes the extremely relaxed mode (paradoxically extreme emotions can also cause the same flowing reaction but not always on the positive side).


In the same way that most of my poetry is connected to Dreamtime, I often dream about prayers with positive intent. Originally the prayers were mainly in French, English or Arabic but of recent I dream in other languages that I am not normally familiar with. For some reason I am certain they are prayers because I have been able to retrace some of the words to actual meanings on the web though I am not sure the other words are from the same language because the web simply comes up with nothing when I google the other words. Another reason that makes me feel this way is because I also get a wonderful, powerful feeling of a presence that identifies as the mother of all and indicates to me this is a positive intent prayer. Of course the rational mind’s description of this would be completely different I gather but for now we will stay with the irrational mind of the Heart.

Regarding this prayer, what I can say is it is meant to be a healing prayer. If any of you bloggers reading can make sense of the prayer as recited below and translate it, I would be much obliged. Else just enjoy it and allow the words to pervade you and heal you if possible 🙂


Healing prayer read by me

Rumi poem translated and read by Coleman Barks – Who says words with my mouth

20 thoughts on “Healing prayer

  1. I feel the same way about my work, Geetha. A lot of times I really am sitting outside the conversations being held there. Especially the ones in Pantheon and the other works that have come from those poems.
    Who else but a poet gets to illustrate what it’s like to talk to his own heart, right?
    Love all of this, Poetess and I am glad to know you. Looking forward to the years we will spend as friends! Peace.


    • Hi Stormwise. Which cultures are those? Thanks for the calming compliment. I have been told by some that I have a very soothing effect on them. As long as nobody falls asleep while sitting and looking at me I guess I am fine with that 😀

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      • I don’t fall asleep to the sound of fascinating people 🙂 As for cultures, your prayer’s meter takes on a chanting quality, which alone is common enough around the world, especially when it comes to magical workings (which I consider a prayer, an appeal to a higher power, to be). The words, the way they sound, remind me to some extent of listening to American Indians speaking … there is definitely a dream-like quality to your speech, as there is (at least in my opinion) when American Indians speak (even in English, it can be heard) – a quality of being connected to something greater, almost as a conduit.

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        • Hi Stormwise. WordPress at its peak of bugs again. I did not get the notification of your comment and what’s more when I did see it earlier on my blog I could like it but could not reply to it. Thankfully there is a back door for these things so I am answering you now from my dashboard 😀 😀
          I like this idea of being connected to something greater because that is completely what I felt during my dream. I say dream although I must say that it seemed very real but some dreams can make you feel like you are actually awake and experiencing everything.
          I also like the idea of this being an American Indian prayer because I love that culture and have a lot of respect too for it. I will try to probe that way then for the possible meaning of the words. The only problem being that I am not sure my accent actually gives the correct wording and though I have transcribed it, I actually initially related it to the Egyptian culture because Noot which kept coming in more than one prayer is an Egyptian deity, the sky goddess also known as the mother of all and in my dream I was in the company of the mother of all 😀
          Knowing your background I am guessing this will appeal to you 🙂

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