Suspended moments

Suspended moments

31 May 2016

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Silent sheep

Wade in waters deep

Murky flow

Darkens glow

Bravado an empty show

Those who walk and sleep



The bleak opponents

Of white peace

Golden fleece

Their ultimate goal torment

Their daily treasure


The third kind

They walk in between

Neither here

Nor found there

Snarling lion turning hare

Twixt hope and despair



Triangular stance

On balance

Within frame

Life is but a dying game

For those who walk blind


Outside worlds

We walk in nights’ calm

The dark balm

On our soul

Shades of stillness that console

In churning waters


You and me

In twilight’s purple

Vows exchanged

Hearts unchanged

Dots between us rearranged

Suspended moments


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Sommerregen – Schiller

Einsamkeit – Schiller

Vergangenheit – Schiller

Träume – Schiller

Stille – Schiller

Moments – Schiller


Together again

Together again

30 May 2016

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The coastline

Shimmers under sun

Wanton gleam

Daylight dream

Some things are more than they seem

Compounded interest


Your shadow

Crossing over mine

Dark omen

Of chances

Piercing looks replace glances



The story

Reads infinity

Tags misplaced

The soul braced

To your bedside I had raced

The shivering Tides


Silver moon

Overlooks the creek

Where we speak

Silent thoughts

Petals of flowers in pots

Manure of morrows


They will grow

The fading whispers

Of past Times

When we dreamt

All that dissolved and was meant

To be or to waste


Broken haste

Picking up pieces


Songs playing

The soul to soul obeying

Together again


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29 May 2016

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Into red passion

Mirrored stairs

Marble squares

The chest more than bosom bares

Naked enchantment


Mind fragment

Lost in broken tides

Twin dances

Take chances

With the rhythm of futures

That the Heart nurtures


Winding tree

Gathers momentum


Locked heirlooms

Fluttering in hidden rooms

As the veils unfold


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Tango D’Amor – Tango Jointz

In Grid – In Tango

El Unico – La Caina

Paced footsteps

Paced footsteps

29 May 2016

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Lonely times

Gathering instants

Cast battles

Shades of scars

Revisiting lost ventures

In twilight’s shadows


Cancer grows

Where the truth falters



Foundations of cells shaken

By the rampant lie



The past shielded fruit

Covered space

Brittle lace

Icings falling off a cake

Of mouldy sweetness


Bitter taste

Of stale emptiness


Surging bile

Opposites in mind beguile

The waning sweet smile


Lost a while

In the frenzied pace


Of resolve

The tides of rebirth absolve

Every living soul


Scent of space

Time immemorial

Renewed grace

Paced footsteps

Walking down the hedged lane

The trees exhale scents


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Song of the Stars – Dead Can Dance


Memory lane

Memory lane

29 May 2016

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Shadows flee

Across wilderness

Icy fires

Light their frames

Bearing weight of twisted games

They run in sleek pairs


In between

There stands rubber tree

Its bark runs

Wild and free

With the blood of forgiveness

Token of freedom


Every step

Twirling on itself


Tidal wave

Absolution washing up

On the bare soul shore


I stand lone

On brink of kingdoms

Screeching past

Present times

Future of retreating crimes

My staff pierces doors


The ripples

Call out to temples

Giants leak

Children speak

We replicate our doom’s days

Carelessness our ways


Memory lane

Etched in the stem cells

Swirling voids


The inner voice suppressing

Power of black holes


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How Fortunate the man with none – Dead Can Dance

Xavier – Dead Can Dance

In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated – Dead can Dance

The garden

The garden

27 May 2016

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Inside us

Swallows and larks sing

Open beaks

Coursing sound

Promise by which we are bound

To golden rivers


Shades of green


Purple sheen

Light so keen

Pervading the sunburnt lands

The growth always wins


The garden

Survives all bleak storms

Only norms

Lie in Love

Unadulterated choice

For Hearts to rejoice


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Agape – Dead Can Dance

The endless waters

The endless waters

26 May 2016

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Waking up

To a sleeping world

The words hurled

Weak symbols

Unmoved zombies barely stir

Hearts lost in idols


The mind whirled

In between Twin Times

The spaces

Give me rhymes

With shaking tongue I ring bells

Lost their ghostly chimes


Mothers weep

Their withered breasts hang

Unto grounds

Lost babies

Strive through caves of Netherworld

To pick up the whiff


Barren wombs

Replicate nothing

The free mind

A wild thing

Creation is in the thought

The seeing of blind


Fear the wrath

The priests shriek strident

The breath stale

They inhale

Emblem of love they impale

Downfall of mortals


Breathe the love

Says the inner self

Its stillness

Warm river

Coursing through my veins shiver

The endless waters


Reading of the poem: 

The moment – Vargo

Dark castles

Dark castles

25 May 2016

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Ghostly trace

Of a million sighs


Bleak efforts

Toppling over heart denies

As the Earth rumbles


Small pittance

The remains of hay

Thrashed over

Wane thresholds

Thunder starts stomachs grumble

Craving grains of wheat


Dark castles

They prepare red soils


With the spoils

The heads to one side tumble

Precision in cut


Lost the day

When future was bright

The choices

Follow fork

Right or left no in between

Twin future unseen


Turn around

Time flows up and down

The middle

A loophole

Breathing space from where we stole

New moratorium


White castles

Contrasting landscapes

From bosom

Sigh escapes

For the narrow encounters

Brink of destruction


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Angel of Sorrow – Arcana

Prétendre à l’insondable en échange d’un vernis / To claim the unfathomable in exchange for a varnish

Prétendre à l’insondable en échange d’un vernis

(Poème écrit sous forme de sonnet Occitan en Alexandrin, traduit en anglais ci-dessous ou ici)

23 mai 2016

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Le cœur habite souvent en lieux à découvrir

Moiteur pale et silence sont ses lieux favoris

Entre moulins à vents et combats pour s’ouvrir

Irréelles recouvrances pour cœurs amers aigris


Je scande un vœu plaisant qui mon cœur fait sourire

Que fin d’ambivalence se retrouve aguerrie

Hélas chemin faisant elle ne semble que rire

Las en guise de balance m’offre espoir amoindri


Il n’est de cœur capable d’offrir lieu infini

Des royaumes étoilés pour un brin de terre dure

Un goût impérissable pour un zeste de déni


Nous voici donc hélés par celui qui s’assure

Prétendre à l’insondable en échange d’un vernis

Raisonnable morcelé en lieux de démesure


Lecture du poème: 

Qui nous aime – Miossec


To claim the unfathomable in exchange for a varnish

(Poem written as an occitan sonnet in French and in Alexandrin form. See original above or here)

23 May 2016

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The heart often lives in places to discover

Clammy pale and silence are its favorite places

Between windmills and struggles to open up

Unreal recovery for bitter sour hearts


I chant a pleasant vow that makes my heart smile

That end of ambivalence is finally emboldened

Alas along the way it only seems to laugh

Sadly in lieu of balance offers diminished hope


No heart can offer an infinite place

Starry kingdoms for a bit of hard ground

A lasting taste for a zest of denial


So here we are now summoned by one that ensures

To claim the unfathomable in exchange for a varnish

Reasonable fragmented where excess resides


Reading of the poem: 

Talking one language – Vargo


Touched untouched

Touched untouched

22 May 2016

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Strange feeling

Floating in limbo


Caring strong

For the tribes where we belong

Intricate crisscross


Sense of loss

The bosom a rock

Twining strength

With frailty

To have and never to keep

Fluttering yet deep


Maidens weep

While the knights battle

Humans then

Or cattle

The answer is suspended

In between the breaths


Quest ended

Beginning in end


Curtain falls

Encore says the crowd cheering

For a new replay


Lost in hay

The needle of hope

The three Norns

Threading bare

Precision of unkempt hair

Fate chance encounter



Fluctuating point

Limbs collate

At the joint

Emotions bubbles in air

Love fear joy despair



The forces at work

Patchwork feel

Divine quirk

The chore handed down with smirk

Opposing contracts


Cast me net

The fish are lively

Their gills shine

Mirth divine

Repopulate holy shrine

Phosphorescent nests



Energies shift fast

Faith steadfast

Touched untouched

All is in blink of the eye

Peace profound balance


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A thousand times good night – Abel Korzeniowski

Song of Time – Abel Korzeniowski

Terra – Abel Korzeniowski