Domino effect

Domino effect

1 April 2016

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Puzzle me

Let me rotate you

Into frames

Whirling flames

The mind often will play games

Lonely hide and seek


Seeker meek

Daffodils fly high

Yellow bred

Sun’s colours

They seed the roots of worship

In heart of summer


Your mind whirls

A pool of blue fears

Swim with sharks

I with larks

Sing the rise of morning dues

Prayers of lifetime


Silent rhyme


They pile ash

In graveyards

Bones a structure of sketches

That mind remembers


Red embers

They surge with the need

Within chest

Built unrest

Sandalwood buried in vest

As I disrobe you


Leaves of past

They gather rubble

Soothe toothache

Summon snake

That coils up my spine in love

Domino effect


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Bei Mir Bist Du Schön – Waldeck

Semblance of the soul

Semblance of the soul

1 April 2016

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Silly girl

I followed your steps

Winding down

Dead orchard

The wells were brimming with noise

Of the green apples


They mature

Skins a green-blue hue

I had lost

Every clue

My foreplay a silent pawn

In the game of thrones


Day will dawn

Upon the questions

Of the night

They spin dark

Answers in tale of two minds

That carelessness grinds


Apple pie

Bittersweet raw taste

Sugar waste

I serve it

To the awnings of needy

I shun hands greedy


Bright red lips

They soaked in apple

Of my eye


Fluttering eyelid pictures

Flight of the vultures


Silly boy

He soars me to skies

His arms weak

Feathers torn

His mind with lies more than worn

Semblance of the soul


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Courtesy Kaitlyn Page on

Dope Noir – Waldeck

No One Here – Waldeck

Fallen Angel – Waldeck

Accidents on tracks

Accidents on tracks

1 April 2016

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Whisper soft

Bathe me in cotton

Breathe me in

Breathe us out

Garlands of smoke on a cloud

Coursing through your lungs


Stay revel

Under mists of fate

Cast the spell

Show and tell

Like children discovering

Seal the iron ring


I will bring

Yesterday’s anthems

Cast again

Nations’ song

We flock to where we belong

Birds of a feather


Steel leather

They bind but the frame

The mind free

The soul high

I wish upon highest skies

Over green valleys


Show me maps

That I may seek you

In journeys

Of resolve

We broil more than we solve

The mind a weak tool


Stay in six

Pleasures confuse me

Like railways

They split us

Carriages roar North and South

Accidents on tracks


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I keep having to choose again sometimes different videos as people keep blocking videos for whatever rights on music and images, leaving me and the reader/listener/viewer with an empty video link. Sometimes the video blends in still with the poem and is meaningful but often only the sound experience remains. Apologies for that but I can’t help people making their videos private or youtube just censoring everyone. I had to replace Nu – Man o to and Floater by Waldeck. Sometimes I don’t even know what to replace as I was not writing the names before and therefore don’t remember which video conveyed my groove at that point in time when I was writing the poem

Nu – MAN O TO (Original Mix)

Memories – Waldeck

Jamaican Bistro – Waldeck

Floater – Waldeck