Talk to me of bliss

Talk to me of bliss

15 March 2015

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Talk to me of bliss

Where the trees welcome the birds

Homecoming branches


Talk to me of bliss

When the waves don’t break on shore

Pursuing moonlight


Talk to me of bliss

Of why the ants lift castles

Heavier than lives


Talk to me of bliss

Of how the nightmares recede

When our footsteps join


Talk to me of bliss

Because this is how I start

To carve my grammar


Talk to me of bliss

Until I know not the lines

That fuse me in you


I will teach you words

To express inner glories

In letters of sheen


I will teach you words

Which cobblers use to patch souls

Their hands keen full stops


I will teach you words

Oozing out the emptiness

With weight of meaning


I will teach you words

Of when innocence danced light

In pathways of age


I will teach you words

Of how you complete my dreams

With broken phrases


I will teach you words

Of the odd one out who found

Little worlds of bliss


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A Quiet Conversation – Bliss

Of foreign conquests in lone lands now forsaken

Of foreign conquests in lone lands now forsaken

14 March 2016

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Milky Way over Grand Teton courtesy


There is a bird in the sky waiting in silence

For the winds to return so it may fly up free

There are nests that commend stories of remembrance

Begun in emptiness, ending with you and me


There is a note in music that speaks of difference

It reeks of flat Earth decentered harmonic tree

Of raising frequencies over old reference

Like an alcoholic wasted in drinking spree


Whisper to me answer to riddles of three flags

They flutter over the fort that is now taken

Like vanquished Queen whose robe in tatters on floor drags


Master and servant in these grounds now mistaken

Time passing in between knows the surges and lags

Of foreign conquests in lone lands now forsaken


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Shades of inhumanity

Shades of inhumanity

14 March 2016

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Locked glances

Diving into you

From your eyes

Through your soul

We speak the language of love

And Humanity


Our ribs hurt

Over throbbing hearts

They stretch out

Burnt desires

Smouldering coals in fires

Of the brightest red


We gather

Memories of lost stars

Lights’ remnants

Pearl pendants

A meek girl turned masterpiece

Of pain and sorrow


Love is spent

In pennies for lives


Bloom cut short

As pieces of tinsel roll

Between grubby hands


Somewhere dark

A candle was snuffed

Five small puffs

Blew it out

Each breath a string of our sins

Perplexing choices


I cradled

A deep sense of loss

Stark futures

Scribbled grey

Shades of inhumanity

As lilies withered


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