Of Divine Union

Of Divine Union

10 March 2016

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The dawn wakes

Your sleeping form’s sight

From corner

I perceive

You are the light of my eyes

Answer to prayers


Your message

It comes in layers



Forsaken in them the might

They live in the love


All that is

Invented for you

Light giver

Moon lover

You who complete my blue shades

With ink of your heart


The world fades

In between flickers

Only you


Radiance of the core self

You call my lost name


I respond

With every fiber

You stir flames

Sunlit games

Every path leads to your frame

As you hide I seek



To chant your glory

I weave love

And glitter

My heart in beats tells story

Of Divine Union


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Manmohana – Bela Shende

Running in pace with Ghost runaway train

Running in pace with Ghost runaway train

10 March 2016

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The memories of you falling like dark rain

Illusion of white light between its strands

Lost hope’s perfusion as clamour the hands

The chest distorted staccato of pain


Motionless like dream’s running I remain

Grouped atoms in me form nerve that disbands

Particles of sorrow in sunken sands

Running in pace with Ghost runaway train


I scattered your blood acquired in globes

From depths of the Lake where you swam alone

Brought me mock pearls to decorate earlobes


They say sirens with them their chests adorn

Their tongues a mist, their hands a sailor’s probes

Their hearts like Lilith forever turned stone


Reading of the poem: 

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The starlit jewel – Broceliande

Galadriel’s Lament – Broceliande (Margaret Davis)

Lay of Nimrodel – Broceliande (Margaret Davis)