Of Love and change

Goddess of love, Goddess of wrath

July 28, 2010


Fools lunge at me, they are mistaken

Thinking my love can be forced, taken

No, my freedom can’t be forsaken

My love can only be partaken


My love, complete, is only given

Past hurt and present I’ve forgiven

The mind, by human bonds, is driven

On doubt, fear, despair, hate has thriven


Goddess I am, the Durga you spurn

Consumed with passion, you ache and yearn

I watch, unmoved you blacken and burn

A lesson of pain, you have to learn


Great devourer of many a soul

I burn into your mind’s eye a hole

Burnt, consumed, finally, you are whole

Your heart forever, I came and stole


You come enticed by this free spirit

Yet it is that, you choose to limit

You dwelt a while, a stealthy visit

Free thinking, you may not inhibit


My freedom’s mine, mine are my choices

Following millenary voices

Of total freedom, she rejoices

Words of sweet soothing, she devoices


A thousand years I’ve been put to sleep

Bending willow, forever I weep

Like mine, many other souls you reap

Climbing love’s mountain, a path so steep


I watch forlorn, again, me you fail

My heart is torn as, away, you sail

I cry my heart, a bucket, a pail

Alas why? It is to no avail


Mutating process, no room for mirth

I lay ashen, reaching for the firth

Change, renewal, a painful birth

I sink again into mother earth


Ink, ink, forever, dark and black ink

I watch mesmerized my poor soul sink

I am on the verge, on the sheer brink

Of losing love, that sweet rosy pink


I hold it sinking under my knee

Murder she cries, she asks me to flee

Forever it shall be only me

That is the way it was meant to be


Every night I lay down and I die

A hope of a future glints in my eye

Lifeless, my body strewn there I lie

Silent and still, not even a sigh


I lay waiting for spring, lone sparrow

For dawn, despite the night, black, narrow

Knowing I’ll wake up to a new tomorrow

So full of joy despite the sorrow


Link to the reading of the poetry

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