Lointains rivages

Le 19 juillet 2010

Epave sans port ni un lointain rivage
Au bien triste et perpétuel voyage
Je suis acculée, damnée, condamnée
Sans jamais goûter, ni espoir, ni paix

Le soleil écorche ma peau morte
Ce qui ne me tue pas me rend forte
Et pourtant je meurs encore et encore
Glauque nuit suivie de triste aurore

Isolée dans cette solitaire contrée
Vagues infinies de sable font ma marée
Dune après dune, j’escalade en vain
Cherchant un cœur solitaire tel le mien

Marins et princes ont frappé à ma porte
Délirante bande, joyeuse cohorte
Ensemble nous avons chanté les refrains
Des doux élixirs de nos lendemains

La mélancolie me dicte bien des vers
Je vie ma vie absurde à l’envers
Tristesse d’abord, puis la joie qui s’avance
Je prends, je mélange et je recommence

Tu te trouves une tristesse, Emmanuel
Pourtant le destin ne t’est pas cruel
Tu distilles tes mots comme pour tes désirs
Voguant, recherchant de lointains plaisirs

Vous êtes un, je compte deux, l’esprit s’embrouille
J’examine encore la fraternelle bouille
Un vous êtes, pourtant deux, êtres semblables
De quoi perdre mon esprit raisonnable

Prose monotone, encore et toujours prose
L’heure n’est plus aux cactus, elle est aux roses
Savant mélange de souffrance, de gaieté
L’esprit vagabonde d’hiver en été

Subtile fusion d’amour et d’amitié
Prince déchu, ténébreux, viens par pitié
Mon cœur aride balance sa flamme
Vise, tire et pourtant rate encore, quel drame !

Sans relâche, moi, éternelle amoureuse
Cherchant à meubler enfin ma vie creuse
Je vis une nuit de paix, le doux oubli
Vider, recommencer une nouvelle vie

Reaching out

Reaching out

The world has shut me out

Yet again with tireless hands I strive

To rip apart forever the veil

Of invisibility

 My mind has shut it out

Yet faithful lackey, it hurts and beats

Pulsing through a stormy world so full

Of incompatibility


My heart has been about

Woman of an only man I dive

Into a men’s sea, alone I sail

Shredded multiplicity


My soul is tall and stout

Multi-faceted being it pleats

Rare tug-o-war I push and I pull

Into loveless infinity

A l’érotomanie

A l’érotomanie


Mon bien-aimé est la pluie

Mon cœur encore il nourrit

De roses et de génépi

Mon bien-aimé est le soleil

A lui nul autre n’est pareil

Il éclaire toutes mes nuits

Mon bien-aimé est le vent

Il souffle en moi bien souvent

L’espoir d’une nouvelle vie

Mon bien-aimé est la vaste mer

De demain, d’aujourd’hui, d’hier

Son rocher me met à l’abri

Mon bien-aimé mes larmes essuie

Il ouvre mon écrin sans défi

Et toute ma tendresse en jaillit

Mon bien-aimé est le feu

Je le désire, il me veut

L’un à l’autre, toujours ainsi

How far your heart

How far your heart


Yes, my lover’s heart has turned cold

A heart that I thought made of gold

Yet its stories remain untold

For his freedom and love he sold

How sad that your heart’s far from mine

Instead of love, peace, only wine

Oblivious you sit there and dine

Flawless, an image so pristine

Lies in which you choose to wallow

Fishing for a death to borrow

Forget pain, forget the sorrow

Let’s write in two a new morrow

Your love came to me like a song

My blood runs thick, forever strong

Trying, you could do me no wrong

Plight to us will never belong

Love tells me of a bond so tight

Not mere words, not lust, nor delight

Something beyond, a ray of light

Tearing the darkness of our night

While my life oozed, wilted away

Love has knocked, entered, wants to stay

Silently, hands clasped again I shall pray

That it will want, that it just may

The cold in You

The cold in You


O my beloved, how cold your feet

As my ankles they touch, feel and meet

Knees, sad remembrance of yesterday

O my beloved, how cold your hands

No caring, nursing, only demands

Your strong mind and will I cannot sway

O my beloved, how cold your loins

Endless Dirhams and countless coins

Yet they reek of sorrow and dismay

O sad old lover, how cold your lips

Irony of love, your mouth spells, quips

Your body’s no place to ever stay

O wretched lover, how cold your heart

Seldom together, often apart

We never would belong to today

O putrid lover, what cold belly

Swollen with the unborn, turned smelly

Your body bloats and starts to decay

O doomed, mad lover, how cold your soul

Burnt black, blue with your own pile of coal

I touch you, you cry, softly I pray

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الوحش في ثديي

الوحش في ثديي


بنيت عالمي حواليك و منحتك روحي فداءا

طرقت الباب دخلت و أخذت قلبي و تناولته غداءا

ربيت وحشا في جسدي و كم شرب مني دماءا

قهر و دموع و ذل جعل من صبحي مساءا


بالله علبك إن رحمت أترك لي في قلبي بياضا

فما بقى فيَ من عظم ما بمكِن إعراضا

إرحم مرة فقط و كفاك من عضلي و جلدي مزاقا

ألم كلإبرة الغارقة في العين أود منه فراقا


بنيتك من تراب و رفعت آفاقك جبالا

و صرت في ظلك شبحا تنكر خيالا

و في قرباني إليك شعَلت روحي إندماجا

هديت لك تاج قلبي و عقلي و ما تركت لي تاجا

Burning bittersweet

Burning bittersweet


Looking within, him I thought I had found

Who’d root me again firmly to the ground

My mad lonely mind he would help to sway

From strange ethereal worlds far away

I set out to him cloaked in my best white

Wedded again with a heart full of light

On I went, not knowing me he would smite

Drinking with frenzy from him the mere sight

Climbing a mountain one can’t stay that high

My heart heaving with the eternal sigh

I embraced, plunged into the other side

It is nothing but life’s tireless tide

I delve in my mind’s world, arid site

In love’s game I’m always pawn, never knight

Time and time again I heal and invite

Desire, faith, hope, fools tricked by their might

And even as struck me those warning bells

Sounding my return to those heathen hells

My heart cringed, shriveled, yet again it swells

Oozing so acrid and so ghastly smells

My burning heart gives me yet no respite

I wake to the dawn of a sleepless night

Turning and tossing from love’s acid bite

It was all only lies, all wrong, not right.




I live life, like a coral in the reef

Like some, I have not many a belief

Too symbolised a faith often embroils

I extricate myself from its foils


My blood flows thin, I can feel its texture

A perfusion of hope, pray if you may

I feel it pulse in my veins, sweet rapture

I welcome it, hold it, hope it will stay


I am now forever two : hope and grief

And Hope, now it seems, is the weaker leaf

My lonesome tree connects to no soils

Of dark conquered lands, I use the spoils


Of few roots in earth I am a creature

And when my only three roots are away

Like a face gaping without a feature

My wizened, aching heart starts to decay

Embracing nothingness

Embracing nothingness


The waves of yesterday time and time again wash over me

Like nothing ever meant anything or was ever meant to be

Time passes like an endless river made of sweet nothingness

My heart and mind flow softly into that empty wilderness


I feel nothing and the nothingness eats my sore sockets bare

I feel nothing and the nothingness is my only fair share

I am nothing and the nothingness fills me up to the brim

I am nothing and nothingness is the only milk I skim


A million times I am forgiven but will I forgive me?

Empty shell I have used carelessly the spoon against me

Striving tirelessly with others to drive the yoke out of me

Of any joyful tomorrows I am now forever free


Take these empty hands and pour into them a life that suits thee

Put a drop on my tongue, a hope, a taste of a remedy

Nothing will ever stir within, nothing will ever reach me

For I live my life in a blur, that is all there has to be


I am lost to the world and the world lies forever lost to me

I am blind to hope and hope, unmoved, unseeing, passes me

Is there nothing beyond my look, no horizons I can see?

And the emptiness beyond and the emptiness within? Me!