There beside your heart

There beside your heart

25 March 2020

Courtesy pexels

I will bend

Like flower swooning

Into arms


Three moons now replicating

Urgency of you


Grace within

The moments’ magic

Powdered dreams

Where it seems

All my yearning set aside

In mornings confide


Look at me

I am in two suns

Shadow struck

Awe within

Revolution of bosom

There beside your heart


Reading of the poem:

Melody Gardot – Les Étoiles

Before the silken reed

Before the silken reed

13 March 2020

Photography by me


I looked at growing weed

Where two swans glided peacefully

Before the silken reed

They beckoned it seemed up to me


Had they heard my unspoken sighs

Thoughts of you, my solace?

Water hen flew across the skies

In criss-cross drew your face


I knelt still upon the boulder

That had the ice withstood

In love we could grow much bolder

Could we? I thought we should


Photography by me

Reading of the poem:

Song of Return – Saint of Sin

The Spirit Lovers – Chapter Eight: Martin’s return

The Spirit Lovers – Chapter Eight: Martin’s return

29 November 2017

Christian Schloe
Courtesy Christian Schloe


Martin wakes up in his hotel room with a strange feeling of not knowing where he is and of having been separated from something he cared about dearly without knowing what it was. His head feels heavy and his eyes feel sore. He gingerly puts a foot down to step off the bed and his head reels. It takes him a few minutes to adjust and be able to put the other foot down and stand up without feeling queasy. He takes in his surroundings as calmly as he can but cannot remember how he had come here. He slowly figures out it is a hotel room and as he goes to the phone to start dialing he remembers that he had left his wife at home after their quarrel and headed towards this hotel.

He dials the number of his wife, not realising that he has forgotten all about his true love.

  • Helga, good morning. I wanted to say I was sorry. I don’t know what came over me
  • What do you mean it took me six months to come to that conclusion? I have only been away for a couple of months.
  • I am not sure what you mean by that but I don’t remember what happened in those other four months. Can I come home?

Rita thinks back to how you had described the scene to her and how you had realised from the smile of relief on Martin’s face that his wife seems to have forgiven him. She remembers you describing how you watched him starting to pack his suitcase before you orbed back to where I was standing with her trying to console her as she wept Martin’s disappearance. She wonders why the couple of nights that they had passed together in that alternate reality appeared as a distorsion of several months in this reality. She feels a surge in her heart like every time she thinks about Martin but tries to overcome it. Tears well in her eyes and she bites her lip trying to contain them before they spill over her cheeks profusely.

Martin winces while carrying the suitcase down. It seems like something is wrong within his ribcage and he feels like a strain in his heart. He continues carrying the suitcase down and asks the receptionist for help with the other larger suitcases left upstairs. He also enquires if there is a doctor as he is not feeling well. The receptionist enquires and soon a doctor is made available to Martin who by now is convinced that he might be suffering a heart attack as the pain grows in his chest. The doctor who examines him tells him that he finds nothing wrong with his heartbeats nor anything else but that to be on the safer side he should go to the hospital.

Martin rings his wife again to inform her of the news and sets out to the nearest hospital in the hotel’s chauffeured car. When he reaches the hospital, they too find nothing wrong with him but decide to keep him under observation for the day. Martin looks at his wife who has come and realises that he is relieved she is with him but he feels nothing towards her now that she is here. He tries to reproduce the longing he had experienced that morning but it is not there. He wonders what made that change and why it is that he is not longing for her anymore. Is it because she gave in and came so easily to his side, he wonders.

Helga puts her lips softly against Martin’s a few tears falling from her eyes as she does so. Her lips freeze as she realises that he is not reciprocating. She pulls back noticing that he does not seem moved by her kiss and realises that he seems to be in the same frame of mind as when he left several months ago. He had mentioned an excursion he wanted to make to take time off from being with each other and to think about the future. Martin looks into Helga’s eyes and all he can feel is friendliness and gratitude that she came to be by his side.

  • You are a great woman, Helga, he says
  • I am your wife Martin
  • I know. I wish I could change things but somehow the magic is gone
  • Just this morning you were telling me you wanted to come home, you seemed to have rekindled that love you had for me
  • I’m sorry Helga. I felt like that this morning when I woke up but I don’t anymore

Martin does not tell Helga that he still feels that impression but simply not directed towards her. He prefers not telling her as he does not wish to hurt her but also because he would be at a loss trying to explain towards whom he has these feelings. He stands up and decides to discharge himself from the hospital as they can find nothing wrong

Rita wipes away the tears from her face and decides to start her mission at the House of Love. She opens the doors to the visitors and graciously answers all their questions about the great love between Nina and Harold the rock star. As honeymooners and couples pass by admiring the various emblems of love she feels her heart warm up to them as she can feel the love surging from them and towards her, pacifying her.

Martin accompanies Helga home and goes through his things. He realises he cannot stay with Helga and feels sorry for having given her false hopes again. He wants to understand more about himself and why he is feeling so forlorn for a love he cannot identify. He knows that his therapist is not going to help him much because he only asks questions and Martin knows that he does not have the answers to any of the questions that the therapist would probably ask. While he is going through his things, he sees a brochure for a place called House of Love and notices that he had circled the address and scribbled down a series of dates and a phone number. He calls the phone number and a person responds that it is an agency that organises honeymoon vacations as well as retreats for couples in a place called the House of Love.

Martin parks his car outside the place called the House of Love and realises it seems as familiar as the agency had seemed. He rings the bell and is welcomed by a butler who takes his coat and tells him that he is a bit early but the House of Love never rejects visitors so he would be welcome to stay in the library while the lady of the house gets ready for visitors. After a short while, Rita goes into the library to welcome the first visitors and comes face to face with Martin.

  • Martin! She exclaims
  • I know you, he answers
  • How did you get here
  • I know you. Who are you?

Rita throws her arms around him and in that instant all the other essences of Martin gather again within him and he knows. He turns her face slowly towards him and kisses her with all of his longing realising this was the woman he had been longing for when he woke up in that hotel room.

  • I know you from before Time, he says
  • I love you from beyond Time, beyond doubt…

He kisses her and the visitors who start pouring into the House of Love start clapping. Some japanese visitors among them take photographs or videos thinking that this is a performance which is part of the exhibition. You and I look at each other with delight though we know that this will definitely be sending some more ripples across time.

Le Flex – Kiss Me

Agnus Dei

Agnus Dei

6 February 2017

Opposites against_the_darkness_by_mirellasantana-d8vgnfc


Truth cometh

Feigned in fortieth

Tortured breath

Out of death

Blue narcosis distilled Seth

Call to Nazareth



New mathematics

Spoken once

Through the dunce

We see not through reeking pile

The might of the bile


A wane smile

A truth to beguile

It took while

To free vile

Opposites to reconcile

We rest in the isle


See mistake

No will to forsake

Truth I spake

Wide awake

In perfusing scent the rake

We gardens will make


Time to end

What we can both mend

The curve bend

Torture fend

Disbelief I now suspend

Let us not pretend


Play extract

Time to act with tact

Forsake act

Broken pact

We acknowledge the entr’acte

A chain to react


A stage fright

Staggering the might

Breath insight

Inhale Sight

Talking through the Night

Give up the failed plight


Hen will baulk

The egg snatched from squawk

Heartpath walk

Ibis talk

Strangers in roads the heart stalk

The Soul turning Hawk


Change Within

The Soul bird to win

Veil so thin

Flutter in

Butterfly will renew skin

From dolphins’ grey fin



Power will harness

Contract to redress

More for less

We once gave in forgiveness

Vile theft you would press


Divine Light

Guide Heart bright

Dark will smite

White Unite

The road to bliss we knew right

Twirling in twilight


Promise made

Within Everglade

The handmaid

Stitched the plaid

The Scots were once the lords

Now only discords


We retain

From Mary’s domain

Breathe out Pain

Falling Rain

The wilderness filled the plain

From what we remain


Love word hail

The maiden so pale

She threw veil

A light Sail

For the darkness to assail

New faith to prevail


Wedding dress

To dress and undress

No Duress

Sin Confess

New confessor turned to Mess

Exhales the Darkness


Spun inland

The bird on the land

Desert sand


Falcon landing on the hand

Never made demand


As with He

Be it written plea

Set me free

Into me

Winding through the ecstasy

Sail according Lee


No basis

Accusation is



The Judges around Isis

A game of analysis


Night’s vigil

Waiting for the kill

Death instill

On the hill

I rewind in time on my window sill

Earth to keep so still


Shooting range

Victim to exchange

Extreme Change

Minds derange

Autistic the self so strange

New sciences estrange


Code Eternity

Renewed clock to be

Isis Free

Renewed spree

The judges on lands that see

Renewed mystery


What it is

Soul realises


Through crisis

Burnt once in spring he rises

Through partner Isis


The shepherd

Will safeguard the bird

Sheep heard

Unheard herd

Puzzles looking at the nerd

Power of the word


We once told

A story foretold

Now Behold

Through the cold

We rewrite the ways of old

Mysteries unfold


Spirit Blue

You split me in two

Clever clue

Twin pursue

From beyond the wells I grew

Ivy to renew


Child amiss

No target to miss

Renew bliss

Photons whiz

The feel of oncoming hiss

A new Space to kiss


Agnus Dei

We dilute the grey

Subdued frey

New Pompei

Building the new World

With all that was hurled


Reading of the poem: 

Featured Image -- 22762

Agnus Dei – Laura

Bob Marley – Forever Loving Jah [01]

Yellow – Coldplay


My Lover Dances

My Lover Dances

28 January 2017

stairway climb 2 Meditation (2)

drowning wifflegif com



My Lover dances

He brings moon

Wedding boon

Our bodies locked as we swoon

Into wilderness


Chiming bells

Dark Time to depart

The pathway

Open I

You can only see with Heart

Forgotten the hells


Wishing wells

They record all hopes

I clung tight

To the ropes

My chest with more breath now copes

Dissolving the slopes


Reading of the poem: 

Courtesy Christian Schloe

Yeh mera deewana pan hai – Susheela Raman

Sakhi Maro – Susheela Raman

Manasuloni – Susheela Raman

Half Shiva Half Shakti – Susheela Raman

Dhamavati – Susheela Raman

Maya – Susheela Raman

Bliss – Susheela Raman

Nagumomo – Mami & Susheela Raman

In between choices

In between choices

1 January 2017

balance community humanityhealing net



Breath of the sorrow

Between chains

Hood remains

Soul that gives all forgives pains

Even red morrow


Truth prevails

Through the jutting nails

Of wolves mask

Relentless task

Some take knowledge to sky heights

Some fleshy delights


Mind hovers

In between choices

Twin voices

Of lovers

The Truth only gives Freedom

To unchained Kingdom


Reading of the poem: 


The Truth – Audiomachine

Red Sorrow – Audiomachine

Ice of Phoenix – Audiomachine


Contrived contraption

Contrived contraption

27 December 2016

Courtesy orki on



Diverging units

Time through space

Lovers knits

Illusions appearances

Unbends distances



Of my nerve’s systems

Bleak anthems

Face disgrace

The ship sinks with all it boards

Waters welcome hoards



The mind that invents


The intents

Recreating reaction

Contrived contraption


Reading of the poem: 


Passage into Midnight – Omar Akram

There is more to clutter than meets the I

There is more to clutter than meets the I

24 December 2015

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My lover

To greet a life

Blowing in a dream

Dandelions that prance

Withering in scorching flames

The core’s reduced to nothingness

Fiery wisps descending from the skies

There is more to clutter than meets the I

Forgotten, unkempt strange lullabies

Wane smiles and forced willingness

Smothering burning wings tames

Tango of minds that dance

Requiems supreme

Death in a strife

Fort giver



fly chicquero wordpress com



Chinawoman – Show me the Face

Chinawoman – Lovers are Strangers

The Spirit Lovers: Chapter Three – Initiating the Heartpath

The Spirit Lovers

Chapter Three: Initiating the Heartpath

11 October 2015

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Rita wakes up her head still full of lightbeams crossing the dark space behind her eyes where the retina still shivers to the remnants of the Essence’s trails. Slowly she picks up the reality of her surroundings, the beautiful rainbow coloured soft couch underneath her naked body and the pleasantly heavy arm of the man of her dreams lying across her midriff and squeezed into the tight space between the couch and the curve of the small of her back. She stretches and yawns like a cat, partially waking Martin up with her movements as her body pushes against him. Mmmmhhh he grunts softly accentuating the pressure of his hand on the small of her back.

Martin, she whispers, we have to wake up and go change in the bedroom upstairs. Nina said we would find Harold’s and her clothes up there and our sizes pretty much matched theirs so it should be fine.

Mmmmmmh, he merely grunted again his other hand reaching out for her shoulders slowly attempting to pull her back again fully within his arms

She laughs and shakes off his hand. If we don’t get up right now the first visitors will come and find us here still making love and naked, she says grinning

He lifts his head up and looks at her half grinning half dreamily. Is this not supposed to be the House of Love? Why would they be surprised to find us here making love?, he teases. Now half upright on his elbow, his eyes moving all over her body lovingly and teasingly he says: We could always say we are actors hired to represent the all-encompassing urgency of Love and that is why they see us here making love as a living art form dedicated to the House of Love.

She pushes him and stands up laughing. Don’t be silly, I would not stand people looking at me making love naked like that. I am quite timid you know.

Aha, he says. I did not quite get that impression yesterday nor the times before, when we had not met in the flesh yet.

She flushes deeply as she thinks back to the night before and the height of their exchanges. It had reached a point such that they had felt the whole room expanding and igniting with light and they had been briefly in touch with Kayla, Kalen, Nina and Harold again with other less clear forms emerging in the outer circle beyond their gaze. Her gaze softly goes over his body, so familiar yet still so unknown that she would like to spend the rest of her life studying every inch of it, memorising every birthmark and the incredible amount of freckles all over it. Her mind wanders back to the times when within dreams her body had locked with his confused yet happy and giddy with the pleasure of their merging feeling only his essence but not seeing his body. She thinks back to the times when it was no longer in the dreams but during the waking hours that she felt him come to her, instantaneously when she thought of him and desired his touch and how she had had microscopic glimpses of his body and face. She feels the giddiness overcome her again as his energy is drawing her to him. Her arms extended to attempt keeping some distance she lays them on his shoulders then, careful not to touch his body with hers so that she may control the surge, she presses lightly her lips against his.

We really must get up and get ready, she whispers against his mouth, her upper lip tingling with the effect of the bristles of his moustache and her chin begging to rub against the stub on his chin.

Okay my love, he says letting her go at regret. You owe me a thousand and one lives of ecstasy from now on though, he adds his hand stroking her thigh as she extracts herself from his embrace half-heartedly. Don’t shower alone, he whispers. I want to come and shower with you like when we were meeting secretly between the spaces of Time and I would hold your body and lather it with soap before kissing you all over. Do you remember the times when we made love in the shower, you totally incapable of letting go of me yet still scared and wondering what was happening.

I remember everything, every little moment, every flush of heat, every energy surge, that unexplainable giddiness and its aftermath when we merged in Love, she says smiling at him softly, her eyes full of warmth and love. I was both afraid and unafraid because I knew somehow that it was someone I knew from before, someone I knew from a very long space ago.

I cannot believe we are together already, he says, continuing to stroke her thigh as she does not move from near him.

Believe it, she says planting a kiss now firmly on his lips. Believe it, know it, embrace it, live it, she adds planting a small kiss at every partial sentence on a different part of his face. Now, move it, she says finally with a small smack on his bottom as she grins wickedly and runs quickly towards the upstairs bedroom so that he may not catch her.

She hears more than she sees Martin rushing towards her as she rushes up the flight of stairs taking them two by two. She has just made it to the bedroom but does not have the time to close it and Martin rushes through it delving towards her knees as he picks her up in one swooping move and falls with her on the bed.

Pity, pity, mercy on me, she squeals as she gasps for breath.

Oh but I am very very merciful, he says as his face draws closer to hers and the energy shoots up in the room as she awaits his kiss while Time freezes around them.

I look at them through the torpedo they have created and laugh but you seem worried.

“They are going too fast” you say with a slight frown although you are starting to quiver with the energy surge they are already producing.

“Just like us my love” I say wrapping my arms around your shoulders.

“Yes but during our times everyone was ready. Besides, they have not yet initiated their mission and seem to be lost in this multiplication of energy exchanges” you say shaking your head disapprovingly

“Like you don’t understand what it is all about and how compelling it can be” I say moving closer inside your essence

“It’s different, we did not have such a difficult mission to accomplish” you say. “Things were different then” you add. “People did not fight the unified Essence. They were flowing within it and eager to be just particles of the Source. They did not want to emerge and do all that is being done today as small isolated particles. What do they expect? What can they possibly accomplish alone? Why don’t they understand that they must reintegrate the flow?”

“Don’t be too harsh” I say softly. “We too were once not very up to date on what Source wanted, even when we had the partial knowledge and could see the flow. We still had isolated desires and we too still loved one to one. Look at us, are we not a living example of that isolated aspiration? Why did it have to be you and me and not you, me and all the other particles of the flow?”

“You are right” he says. “I keep forgetting how much the energy surge can totally swallow you and make you forget the rest. Yet we did come back to source my darling and though we did keep our particles slightly in isolation we are still fully aware and integrated into Source.

“We too have so much to learn still” I say

Despite the eons separating us, I feel her energy drawing me into Martin’s essence as I can also feel his energy drawing you to Rita’s essence as their bodies lock and their Essences begin to merge. Our Essences reach Nina’s and Harold’s before picking up into a tornado of light shimmering all over. Suddenly, a dark beam from nowhere splits the tornado and separates our Essences brutally as a shrill noise emerges from below…

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Lady of shadows

Lady of shadows

2 October 2015

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Spirit Lovers knew

A Time when winged creatures slain

Loved their murderer


Folly of the Night

Dark energies surging led

To leap into void


O what treachery

Winged one forsaking the flight

Into the flesh sinks


blue tango bassedef com


Dragged by the soul strings

Blue lotus Heart’s petals cut

Withers on waters


blue pinterest com 7


Drink not the Essence

Forsake the glitter stolen

Its light all eyes blinds


Blazing I beseech

With eyes sunk into hollows

Uplift the unseen


Lady of shadows

Nailing me to twists of Fate

Set swift my wings free


blue singsnap com