Peach in him

Peach in him

5 December 2019



Wasted time
A circus that wound
Colours blind
To the Grey
A path leads under waters
Thundering in skies

Hark to tell
What ears comprehend
Through the well
Of light streams
Stories uninterrupted
In the mind that flies

The lips spell
Tonalities fused
Peach in him
Orange hue
Cobblers mend uneven shoe
One a pair of none


Memories – Maroon 5

Master to pleasure

Master to pleasure

5 May 2019

Courtesy Fiveprime


Shadowed skies

Glow in sunlit moon

The closed palms

Open soon

Twist and turn to hidden rune

Heaving written lies


Silent start

Journey in the wake

Slave in part

Teacher’s art

Ice he laid upon my heart

Never to depart


Steep the cost

A pound no measure

In the frost

Words were lost

Riddles once all my treasure

Master to pleasure


Reading of the poem:

North – Hammock



(Ode to an unrepentant bitch. A nonsensical journey in seven veils taken over 7 days. A jab in the rib for those who can see themselves here. Did I say jab in the rib?)

23-30 September 2016

mermaid 8 loscuatroelementos com by Luis sirena-y-delfin-3
Courtesy Luis on


And when she danced with seven veils

The scales and gills she then revealed



I turned around to Sam’s son

And told him that he’d better run



You know my darling my poor hun

Delilah’s after your little bun



But poor Sam’s son could hardly speak

His knees were quaking really weak



She pounced upon him in a streak

A morsel tender and oh so meek



She chewed well chewed then chewed and chewed

Her face all gory red and lewd



Oh no no


She’d make your white hairs grow


Oh no no


She’s rotten to the core



And that my friends was the way

That little Sam’s son went astray



She was an ogre she could eat

Those little morsels nice and sweet



They said seize that enchantress

We’ll lock her in a fortress



She showed them of what she was made

The gills and fin of mermaid



They said this is some witchery

We’ll execute her with most glee



They took her to the tower’s edge

They would now push her over ledge



Oh no no


She’s on a trial’s show


Oh no no


Her poor frame they’d throw



They said if witch you will bounce

Or all your dark spells now renounce



She said maybe I’m a bum

But ain’t for sure some bubble gum



They called her little twat and whore

They locked her in forever more



In ivory tower she did die

As the years went passing by



They nailed her coffin oh so fast

Put her in the ground at last



She pleaded bit and scratched and cried

Her face just withered as she lied



Oh no no


She’s now lost her glow


Oh no no


Yet her hair’ll still grow



And when the gravedigger came

To pluck her jewels with no shame



She said sweet meat you will be

The last meal of my journey



She chewed yes chewed Oh chewed and chewed

And morsels to her teeth were glued



Her real face showed it was so crude

Her character so flawed and rude



And with her last meal it had come

The mark of her lost kingdom



She flew out haunting all the west

She brought more havoc and unrest



Oh no no


She’s caught on though slow


Oh no no


You’re her food to sow



Singing of the mock poem (no hatemails required, thank you): 

Karahunj (The Prelude) – Armen Miran & Hraach

Aldebaran – Armen Miran & Hraach

Inevitable Ending – Armen Miran & Hraach

In the Earth’s stillness

In the Earth’s stillness

2-3 May 2015


The seagulls mewed on

Melancholy in their voice

Mere semblance of choice

Bodies may misrepresent

Inner choice of mind and soul


Tides renewed highs, lows

Ever returning to source

Where deep meets shallow

Inward, outward, light and dark

Weak, strong; one coin two faces


Sand seeped through my toes

Neverlasting steadiness

Of fading times’ strength

Wills willed hard, souls clung, boughs broke

Earth shivered out of motion


In the Earth’s stillness

Sand hovered and waters flowed

Winding winds rose high

Carefree thoughts wound down my mind

As summer’s whispers blew strong



I am

I am

3 March 2015


I am no token in your dreams

Towards a bridled emancipation

I live a life full and in my streams

There is no governing consideration

I am no lollipop-doll batting eyelids

To the tune of some Pied piper

The path I walk on rolls and skids

I am of the cast fruit the riper


I am the girl who one winter night

Walking through the dark alley

Met those who knew not left from right

And guided her bones to the gulley

I am her soul that slept no more

Trapped in a dark inhuman space

Where cold pervaded her to the core

As heart lurched towards her battered face


I am midsummer wars’ brittle whore

Who one day spread her legs like a fence

Ridding herself of the monster she bore

And brought forth the birth of indifference

I am the child she let out with no pain

Among many a bewildered yet sullen face

For whom there was nothing to gain

In rekindling a lost sense of solace


I am the splintered boy on the beach

Surrounded by what once used to be a home

Whose broken hands a toy would never reach

As his homeless soul would now ever roam

I am the witness of a war born of folly’s pretext

On the primal right to protection of space

A land to house years’ unhappiness next

Acquired through a knitted political lace


I am the grey and forlorn widow

Whose tight sealed lips mourn no more

A husband gone from mind like a blow

Leaving only body and heart sore

I am born from wedlock of no nation

No borders will beckon to my mind

My only name’s calls are in alienation

Where infinite beholds infinite behind


I am a withered yet full green leaf

That looks upon a hurtling tree

That once was like to coral a reef

I am all that once danced free

I am the moon when it meets the sun

And kisses it with ice clad passion

I am the sun for which moon comes undone

As ice melts down with compassion


I am the many and the one

I am tomorrow’s anger and today’s quiet

I am listless loss for there is semblance of none

I am today’s wrath and tomorrow’s riot

I am a taut belly’s writhing hunger

I am through with what’s not right

I am tomorrow’s path lying yonder

I am of the broken weak the might

 I am