I See You Baby

I See You Baby

2 February 2017

Courtesy fifthdimension.org


Ma’s cradle

Always in the shade

No needle

Neither blade

Only mama’s white Sunshade

Baby everglade


Baby’s lost

Running in graveyard


Green backyard

Hearts and guts are beating low

Lost in dusty flow


Inky glow

Uncovering deep

Maidens sleep

Do they weep

All you see is frightening teeth

Perhaps none beneath


Ma’s paddle

Tells you what to trade

The weasel

Says the grade

All love by which you’ll abade

Losing the parade


The soul’s cost

Trimming in billard


Green orchard

Stunts and brunts are beating brow

Death is costly blow


Pinch me slow

Awakening sleep

Husbands creep

From wells steep

Now they see the edge of heath

My life now bequeath


He crawled out

In tatters from thorns

His head bled

Bloody red

Mama Dove shows blue in me

I See You Baby


Courtesy fifthdimension.org

Reading of the poem:  

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Semblance of the soul

Semblance of the soul

1 April 2016

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Courtesy Kaitlyn Page on flott-online.com


Silly girl

I followed your steps

Winding down

Dead orchard

The wells were brimming with noise

Of the green apples


They mature

Skins a green-blue hue

I had lost

Every clue

My foreplay a silent pawn

In the game of thrones


Day will dawn

Upon the questions

Of the night

They spin dark

Answers in tale of two minds

That carelessness grinds


Apple pie

Bittersweet raw taste

Sugar waste

I serve it

To the awnings of needy

I shun hands greedy


Bright red lips

They soaked in apple

Of my eye


Fluttering eyelid pictures

Flight of the vultures


Silly boy

He soars me to skies

His arms weak

Feathers torn

His mind with lies more than worn

Semblance of the soul


Reading of the poem: 

observer flott online com Kaitlyn_Page_flott 1
Courtesy Kaitlyn Page on flott-online.com

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