I See You Baby

I See You Baby

2 February 2017

Courtesy fifthdimension.org


Ma’s cradle

Always in the shade

No needle

Neither blade

Only mama’s white Sunshade

Baby everglade


Baby’s lost

Running in graveyard


Green backyard

Hearts and guts are beating low

Lost in dusty flow


Inky glow

Uncovering deep

Maidens sleep

Do they weep

All you see is frightening teeth

Perhaps none beneath


Ma’s paddle

Tells you what to trade

The weasel

Says the grade

All love by which you’ll abade

Losing the parade


The soul’s cost

Trimming in billard


Green orchard

Stunts and brunts are beating brow

Death is costly blow


Pinch me slow

Awakening sleep

Husbands creep

From wells steep

Now they see the edge of heath

My life now bequeath


He crawled out

In tatters from thorns

His head bled

Bloody red

Mama Dove shows blue in me

I See You Baby


Courtesy fifthdimension.org

Reading of the poem:  

City – Jain

Say my name – Jain

Makeba – Jain

Bad Day – Jain

You can Blame Me – Jain

All My Days – Jain

De l’entrain à mourir naît vie éteinte / From spirit of death a wane life is born

De l’entrain à mourir naît vie éteinte

11 février 2016

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L’étude de mes maux le cerveau éreinte

Une vie pour pécher sur rivière radeau

J’invente mélopées de fiévreuses complaintes

Saisir par les tripes de vie mon cadeau


De l’entrain à mourir naît vie éteinte

Allumer bûcher, étreindre fourneaux

Elaguer douleur par pores je la suinte

Couper tout menu empiler copeaux


Silence observé n’est point consentement

J’habite en des lieux de déni de vie

De l’offre assurance elle sans qu’on sente ment


Le dos voûté lourd le cœur dans l’oubli

J’invente un futur stellaires scintillements

Dialogues pour les sourds chaos anobli


Lecture du poème: 

vie alittlemarket com
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English rough translation here


From spirit of death a wane life is born

February 11, 2016

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The study of my woes tires the mind

A life spent fishing raft on the river

I invent chants of feverish complaints

To grab by life’s guts take charge of my gift


From spirit of death a wane life is born

To light a bonfire hugging furnaces

To prune off the pain oozing out of pores

To cut all tiny and stack the shavings


The silence observed is not consent sign

I live in places of life’s denial

Guaranteed offer none knows but she lies


Heavy the arched back heart in oblivion

I invent future of stellar sparkles

Dialogues for deaf and knighted chaos


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Dream 3 (in the midst of my life) – Max Richter

Path 5 (Delta) – Max Richter

Dream 13 (minus even) – Max Richter


I heard Spirit’s Heart

I heard Spirit’s Heart

18 September 2015

ark gaiaonline com
Courtesy gaiaonline.com

The will was shining

Shift in intention pursued

Weary traveller


A call from below

Winding steep into the guts

Set a new quaking


Life stretched out wanton

It laid ahead gifts of Toil

That grade men of Dark


All pieces showed bright

Last remnants glimmered daunting

Shimmering treasures


In frenzy of loss

My body feasted on them

Muted gate awaits


Snake slithered on all

Grey tasteless pieces of rock

Lay them back to sands


None adorned me now

Naked soul all to forsake

Transcending pleasures


I trod desert lands

A sheen robing my light’s frame

Flying with the winds


Spirit walked behind

His shadow extended, see!

Lighting path ahead


“Walk on hidden path

Forsaking worldly matters”

I heard Spirit’s Heart


“Save for innocent

Free the mind from Earthly ties

Time has met its Soul”


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