18 January 2015



The bee tasted wine

And gone was scent of honey

As it fled flowers

Bitter thoughts invaded them

As I watched their conversion


Dewdrops rolled tearless

On stems of flowers drooping

From lack of pollen

Minds captivated by fear

Will nourish not any frame


The woodpecker hopped

On ground hardened by the sun

Rain had come fruitless

On went the beak lost in thought

All was wood for each fire


The butterfly sat

On bark of tree drenched in moss

And forgot to fly

Mind stilled by chaos around

Sought no roots for its penance


The nightingale crowed

In wake of day it renewed

To changing times’ art

Wavering thoughts break habit

Do miracles come from change?


The crow lost its voice

To challenging bird of night

And flew skies listless

Crowds gathered under false flags

And burnt fear into cities


The leaves flew in wind

While their boughs caught them tearful

From parting’s sorrow

Hearts split from minds’ adventure

Ventured not to mourn anew


The Universe rocked

As stars revealed hidden grace

And galaxies reeled

Lost souls spun out of balance

Insanity beheld Earth





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