My sins are washed clean

My sins are washed clean
4 June 2023
Hear now hark
My voice brings lustre
To gateways
Within Earth
Igniting throughout the dark
My body a spark

I am stark Angel 
Rebel son
To the bright seat contender
Holy pretender

I may lean
Both sides admit me
I foster
My wings are repelling blades
My sins are washed clean

Reading of the poem: 
Dimash - SOS | 2021

The heart grows weary

The heart grows weary
2 June 2023
float by as I sit
on my knees
in prayer
The bosom silent slayer
of my withered dreams

Weaving streams
my lids’ waters flow
The heart beats
as they grow
Mind knows of timeless defeats
as it caves down slow

Death repeats
riddles of my spleen
Now washed clean
they glimmer
in incandescent shimmer
revive the unseen

impossible time
I woke up
to a rhyme
it rang within me a bell
solitary chime

I lived lives
etched in galaxies
cosmic rings
shaking me
Wedded to the law of three
sacred in me sings

whisper that arrives
when mouth drives
widowed wives
As the eye watches teary
the heart grows weary

Reading of the poem:
Vitas - Heart | Витас - Сердце (2016)

Between two rivers

Between two rivers
7 May 2023
I cast rope
fishing for other outcomes
My heart hope
beating drums
to mathematical sums
the curse overcomes

It distends
beyond body sends
knowledge tool
Special school
star born generations rule
the circle extends

My mind’s slates
horizons dilates
pushing through 
Eye’s quivers
stories the soul delivers
between two rivers

Reading of the poem: 
Messages From Above :: Joel Kanning

In Heavens’ voices

In Heavens’ voices
6 May 2023
Courtesy fine art america
They offered
a wane chance to go
beyond Time
back before
when the seedlings were no more
and clocks conjured space

They compel
from dark clouds revel
The rain fell 
in Bahrain
drawing circles of my pain 
tattooed in my wrists

Mind desists
from chance to relive
I forgive 
past choices
The soul in me rejoices
in heavens’ voices

Reading of the poem:
Ascetic mood – Dhafer Youssef

I dwell within grace

I dwell within grace
21 February 2023
Stormy times
The lightning runs free
breaks the tree
slow exchange
From wilderness will to change
rainbows cover me

I give light
A token of peace 
within me
reaches out
A stirring fills me throughout
budding gift to flout

Eyelids stir
remembrance of days
when we were
twined relays
My feathers offer solace
I dwell within grace

Reading of the poem: 
Falling Back to You - Delerium

Universe to see

Universe to see
7 April 2023

Reeling head
Visions of morrow 
I now fathom what this is:
message to translate

Lightning scars
Stormy weather speaks
Fledgling reeks 
of unsettled heaviness
on journey to stars

I seek Truth
Straight knowing journey
leads to source
shining course
I float within a new me
Universe to see

Reading of the poem:
Beautiful Chorus - Infinite Universe (Official Visualizer)

Spiritual progression and Aura report

Spiritual progression and Aura report
2 April 2023
Over the years, between my time in Dubai where I first engaged in healing and then Pranic healing and my time in the UK, I had experienced a sense of evolution feeling myself disengage slowly from material considerations and aspire to higher realms of consciousness.

I remember first arriving to the UK in December 2018 and then going for an Aura report in 2019 to determine at which level of my journey I was. At the time, my predominant colour was green and I was expectant of a continued journey into healing. During the years I was healing other individuals in Dubai, I had come to the understanding that this was probably one of my life purposes, if not my main life purpose. My work life took over, however, and I had little time to think of anything else. Regardless of these snags, I had undertaken to continue on my spiritual path through meditation and incantations and prayers from ancient Egypt, which I felt connected me very deeply to the cosmic energy.

I recently decided to have a second Aura report this weekend and was very surprised and pleased to see that I was progressing in the right direction with what I was doing in my daily life. To those who are able to get an auric report done, I would really recommend it as it shows you where you are in terms of your chakras, your overall energy and the level of progression you have made either in the material or spiritual world.

I am providing below snippets of the reading I had done for me by the lovely and always smiling Sankar.
Birds Canticum "Birds Requiem" Suite – Dhafer Youssef

The Cleopatra Tales 11 – The Everlastingness of soul

The Cleopatra Tales 11 - The Everlastingness of soul
30 March 2023
Behold Geetha cometh forth on day this in the form exact of a soul living.
Their soul is in Geetha. Standeth thy soul among the gods.

Hail, Geetha this! cometh to thee the eye of Horus, it speaketh with thee. He hath plucked his eye from himself, he hath given it unto thee to strengthen thee. Therewith that thou mayest prevail with it among the khus

Cometh to thee thy soul which is among the gods. Pure is thy soul among the gods.
As liveth Hathor, and as liveth the soul in Netat, so liveth Geetha this.
It placeth thy soul Geetha this among the greater and lesser cycles of the gods in the form of the uræi [which] are on thy brow.

Behold Geetha this, thy soul is the soul of Annu; behold thy soul is the soul of Nekhen; behold thy soul is the soul of Pe; behold thy soul is a star living, behold, among its brethren.
I am Shu [the God] of unformed matter. My soul is God, my soul is eternity

Reading of the Egyptian prayer/incantation:

Ancient Egyptian Music | Songs of the Pharaoh

In scent’s memory

In scent’s memory 
17 March 2023
Snowdrops wilted face
Hidden thoughts of forgiveness
Frostbite a habit

Elongated shades
Lifetimes of togetherness
corpses of morrows

Musketeers battling
My eyelids a moist valley
Future renderings

My mind sits so still
in flutter of a heartbeat
I hear thousand drums 

Lilies in the night
sixty-six and six hundred
sacrificed in flight

Bottomless terror
Roots of nothingness prevail
Heart in black to sail

Pantomimes dance wild
I harbour within me child
of golden years dreamt

I scale back horrors
Endings rewind beginnings
Magic soars within

In scent’s memory
I can smell the spring coming
oozing out of trees

Tomorrow’s leaves fly
Crunch of green lift my feet slight
Windows heed doors’ cry

Reading of the poem: 
Messiah Project – Error Maya Life Goes On

Hush hush now

Hush hush now 
1 March 2023
Hush hush now Mama will build a boat
Just to keep you and me afloat
And if we were to never meet a land
Mama would build a castle made of sand

Yesterday was full of lights in the sky
From ground they reached a burning tidal high
And when the flames seared higher than my cry
I watched them run wilder than hopes would die

Hush hush now Mama will fill your throat
With cries to fly beyond the highest note
The flags will rise above the waving hands
The music will break through the dancing bands

Tomorrow’s crops are burnt for ever more
The gaping hedges drizzling in downpour
And when the wheat’s prices were to soar
She gave them fields of seeds that many bore

Hush hush now Mama will knead the bread
So gently when you’re a million dead
The fallen hark for every word she said
An emblem lost from mind of every head

We once saw the Earth burning like a pyre
From each dark cry their lips would expire
And when I lay beside you on the fire
We rekindled flames blazing higher and higher 

Reading of the poem:
Singing of the poem:
Poets of the Fall - Daze