The Watcher

The Watcher

1 October 2016

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Singled out

Phrases from the book

Of shadows

Seeping through

Sand of the desert landscapes

Plaintive muted tapes


Sorrows pour

Drink of the numbness

The duress


Dilution mindset of Hope

Renewed way to cope


We bear hurt

Anguish a blemish

The Watcher

Dissolves slow

Restoration lifetime’s Art

Renewing the glow


Reading of the poem: 


Summoning of the Muse – Dead Can Dance


In the ship directions sail

In the ship directions sail

30 September 2016

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Stilted featherlight

Wandering through inner skies

Blooming waterfalls


Days of glory set

Inside the boats of childhood

Dreamland distant fog


The ship seeks lighthouse

My flanks a mountainous plain

Blinding sight for mind


In between a pair

A single spark in gardens

Dotted lines redraw


Eternity’s map

Flowing from my icicles

Seeking waters tip


Retrospect a mast

In the ship directions sail

Hindsight foresight trail


Reading of the poem: 



Sjöjungfrun och konungadottern – Gjallarhorn