The Spirit Lovers – Chapter Five : Remembering Time

The Spirit Lovers – Chapter Five: Remembering Time

5-6 November 2015

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Imagine if you were to sow in your past clues to your future, in a subtle creative way to ensure that from Twin Futures, only the best would survive while you keep Balancing Worlds, concentrated on Building a New World where you may say Rise and Shine O Hearts that Love; Rise From The Dead Realm. Ghost Wanderer with etheric messages planted within the coils that bring life to a new budding Peace Profound.


Imagine those clues like Thumbelina’s crumbs with only bread, The Bread of Mercy, left to replace the stones and birds eating away at most of them as you walk guided by Heart’s Rotating Light, In Memoriam, Journey of a Soul, In Trails of Feathers until you reach the I Flying Phoenix


Imagine that if words were not enough, visual clues were also given through images and videos so that you would finally work your way towards the Truth knowing that perhaps “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream” and that we are ultimately, Only Breath ( in Dreams ( )

Those confused words and images kept playing in her mind as she recalled the events of the week before. Upon waking from the dream, she had known with the utmost certainty that this was her life she was talking about and that these dreams were in fact leaps in Time both frontwards and backwards. Something or someone was enabling her to do this as she doubted that she had such a capacity on her own. She quickly looked up a few images of the movie “The Time traveler’s wife” again and realised that this was so familiar but she had never thought of it as applicable to herself. She recalled the spirit as she had coined it who visited her when she was 5 and told her that only Love was the most important thing in this world and without it the world would perish. The incident had been so similar to the movie’s scene where Henry and Clare meet when she is 6 and Rita realised that although she had not seen it before but merely chanced upon a few videos several weeks back, this was uncannily what had happened between her and the spirit. She had been too young to understand then but the recognition of its meaning thanks to the other clues was starting to dawn upon her. A New Dawn, a New World to build as she had penned it in Building a New World, in hope of averting one future and realising the second between the Twin Futures as she had also penned.

Slowly but surely, Rita started realising that everything she had been writing had in fact been a coded message that was being passed on to her through Time so that she would wake up. She recalled the synchronicities such as the persistent 11.11 that she kept seeing everywhere and how it had then transformed to 777 that she kept seeing in cars license plates and on magazines as well as phone numbers. She also thought back to how effortlessly the words had flowed to her and how she herself at times puzzled at their meaning, all the while with the feeling that this was something she needed to understand although the key to that understanding eluded her. As she later discovered, there was never just one key and to avoid misuse or theft of the codes, they always came with a twin code, carried by a person whom she then was told would be called a twinflame. Together, after sending each other coded messages that the forefathers transmitted etherically to them, they would finally decode all the messages and set out for the task they had been given.

She was not sure whether she should call them forefathers really. It was true that they had somehow conceived her but this was merely an act in retrospect of Time and she thought amusedly to herself that it was they really who were her offspring despite them assisting to her birth and facilitating it. What an odd situation where you are the “lost-in-great”-grandmother of your future “forefathers”.

She laughed nervously then sighed and sat back in her armchair, slowly rocking herself as she pondered over the whole matter. She had thought she understood the mission but she realised that she was only beginning to understand the emerging portion of the iceberg and that a lot still remained hidden from her. For some reason Kayla was not giving her all the knowledge, as if she was afraid of what her reaction would be. She merely had told her cryptically those few lines that kept playing again and again in her head.

Suddenly Rita jumped to her feet and ran to her laptop. She logged in feverishly to her account that she had closed just for a while as her elbow was still hurt and started revisiting all the poems that Kayla had strangely emphasized though saying that some others mattered too. The more she looked, the more images and choices of videos suggested themselves to her and she watched them increasingly dismayed at what she saw. The one that sparked her attention the most was the hollywood Trailer of Noah, describing the biblical flood and while she watched it, with the superimposed image of the Phoenix popping out from the tab above, she knew in an instant what it was that had been gnawing at her mind for so long. They were all going to die but it would not be in the waters unlike the biblical myth of Noah; it would be through flames. She realised that somehow, somewhere things were going to go horribly wrong and that humanity as a whole would be wiped out in a sea of flames.

Kayla! She shrieked out and soon enough Kayla was there, her essence appearing smaller than usual with Kalen by her side, seemingly reduced as well.

“What do you wish to know, Rita?” I said nervous as I realised that she had understood at least partly what we had been attempting to hide from her though we had told her most of the remaining Truth about the heartpath and the Essence.

We have all died, is it not so? You like us are also dead and have just come back to try to prevent us all from dying a most horrible death, Rita says so slowly that it seems she is spelling out her words.

“I feel your pain Rita. I am sorry. You are right in a way. We are all dead in some way or the other. You are all completely dead and we are partially dead if you take the physical description of being alive but our soul lives on through the essence” I tell her looking at her face and wondering whether she is getting it.

You mean that you have found a way to save yourselves but have chosen not to save us? Rita almost barks at Kayla.

“It is not that simple, Rita” I tell her understanding her anger and pain as that too was partly what I had felt when getting to know from Mother the Truth. “You see, the people of your time were incapable of being synthetised into an essence of what they were. They were too complex and had a spectrum of emotions and we did not know how to code all of that so we decided to trace back your encoding using two main factors which we felt would then be able to create in turn the whole spectrum of other emotions by applying derivatives to those root factors. Basically we decided to encode using both Love and Fear as the main roots.”

“Unfortunately, we realised that encoding fear as a root code was a very bad mistake and we had to pay for it with our own lives. Thank goodness that up the river of Time this had already been provided for by Mother who then made sure that Fear was removed out of the coding equation and that only Love would be encoded to be transported into the future” you add.

I don’t understand, Rita says her eyes starting to well up with tears. Do you mean that you died in the physical because you transported our fear into your coding of us so that we would survive with you.

“Yes” I say softly.

“With your fear-based coding you manifested the same reality all over again. Our beautiful haven that we had created was turned in no time to a war zone and then you had again torched our beautiful Nova Gaia killing all of us in the process” you add grimly.

Rita is profusely crying now. Her tears all over her clothes and laptop which you slowly ease out of her hands.

“Slow on that” you say. “You know how it is with water and fire. They don’t go to well and you can’t be buying yourself another laptop losing all the information of images and messages you have stored in here.”, you add.

I feel so bad really. I can’t understand how we ruined our own world and then went ahead and ruined your world after you rescued us.

“You had never mastered your fears during your Time. We did not understand what they were as Source had not told us about fear then but when he uncovered your universe within the multiverse and decided to let us rescue it as a game we would compete in, Source had never known we would be able to achieve that but using a means which would ultimately destroy us as well. I guess that Source was too keen on knowing the result of the experiment to think of its dangers” I add slowly. I look at you and think that any one of us could have made the same mistake, mostly both of us compared to the other archetypes as we were always so curious about everything.

You look back at me and smile agreeing implicitly with my reasoning before looking back at Rita and saying “Rita, you have to collect yourself now. There is still a lot to do and a lot for you to understand. The main part now to understand is that your mission is to Love and teach love all around you, whether it is with your twinflame or not. He have given you the decisive code whether he wanted it or not. In whatever way it manifested, it was encoded in his DNA to transmit the code to you at the time that you were ready for it and you would understand the message as it would reach you in a way that allowed for the final click to be in place” you add.

I have already decoded part of it, Rita says before adding: The initial part was to go beyond the illusion and understand that the Truth was something else, that it was vaster than just our individual selves, that it was something at the level of the Universe and something really important to take care of. That is how I reached this final conclusion, she concludes breathless.

“Yes my darling” I say. “You understood that it was about universal love and not about the love between two human beings although that message too was important. You see, we needed not only to encode pure love without the interferences of other emotions that could eventually ruin our world, we also needed all of you to become pure love so that you could then be transported within our world without tainting it”

Rita whispers softly, Become Love my Love.

“Precisely, Rita” I say. “I know you will have a lot of difficulty getting around this as we did ourselves in the beginning when Source taught us how to encode so that we would avoid our own destruction again but we are basically all encoded as archetypes which are compressed into a remnant of physical tool to enable our expansion and compression as we flow through the rivers of Time and Space. That remnant of physical tool is air, which is why we often are defined as Breath by some who see us or feel our presence as we visited them during our attempts to win the competition.”

“Source advised us to use only one archetype in encoding each of us although some of us may have two or more archetypes when they are able to carry the code effectively within their breath” you add.

So you are all just air now, Rita says looking at us blankly.

“So to speak yes” I say with a half-smile. “We are the archetypes that are placed within us and we are able to modulate the frequency of that or those archetypes in order to manifest into the physical what the archetype would look like if it had a physical form. In our case I was initially created as Love, Truth and Creation while Kalen was also Love but additionally Deceit and Destruction. We were created as such by our Mother and Father before Source realised that the best encoding was to keep only Love in order to avoid any problems in the Future. Our Breath or Essence was then reprogrammed to exclude the negative elements such as Deceit and Destruction but with our usual warping into each other and our trails in Time, we somehow have picked up a bit of those archetypes back and sent them back to Source which now recognises that we will remain individually unique and more than just Love. “

“Source had explained though that Destruction was merely creation looked at from a different perspective in Time and when we got to no Time or zero-point within him, we then understood what he meant.” you tell Rita looking at her intently

“You can think of it as when you watch a movie in reverse for example when watching a glass fall to the ground and shatter” I add. “The glass un-shatters, then goes up back into your hand and you look at it with some feeling of contentment as you are happy to have that glass and that contentment, crystallised in time bears the coding of Love which then governs both the shattering and un-shattering of the same glass, explaining both its creation and its destruction as being the same thing, Love, when looked at from different perspectives in Time.”

“A mere matter of viewpoint” you say before adding “Now you need to know Rita that there are also other competitors within this competition to change the Future that Source initiated for our own personal experience and among them some who have actually turned rogue. Instead of continuing the competition to save your world, they have actually chosen to enter it and make it a closed Universe disabling most of the connections to your kind. Somehow, they have been able to stop the destruction mechanism by creating loops of Time just before the disaster that scorched your world. We believe that they are using your moon as a basis to channel your essences which are then sent back to your world within the loop and they are able to harvest your love in a way that enables them to keep the loop never-ending. Instead of continuing the competition to fully save your world, they are just using it as a means of achieving personal power. It is those of the archetypes that are not pure love and that did not want Source to reprogram them into the pure archetype of Love. Mother and Father are still looking at how they have done this and soon enough we shall stop them from doing it. Meanwhile you must continue your progression towards achieving pure and Universal Love so that we may perhaps avoid the disaster altogether and then be able to remove this loop so that you are then able to walk fully into this alternate Future that we are living in. Remember that loving one another and avoiding killing each other is key to that future.”

Rita looks again blankly at us. I feel dizzy she says, I need to get some air and we both laugh at the idea of its eventually cannibalistic reference as we warp into each other and help her to the balcony so that she may get some fresh air. Rita walks slowly towards the edge of the balcony looking at the city which stretches before her and thinking of how she can stop the impending disaster. She now knows that there was a good reason why she came from a mixed marriage with parents not only from different continents but also from different faiths. She also understands how this then ties up with her upbringing that enabled her to concentrate more on tolerance, mercy and compassion for others rather than hatred and selfishness.

I am also Truth, she says with a half-smile as she turns towards Kayla, as I am creation. Thank goodness Source did not have to remove those from us, she adds with a pained look, I don’t know what I would have done without those to bring me comfort.

“Those of you who have been selected by us for encoding have had to lead lives that shape your thoughts and then bring you to the heartpath or the recognition of Universal Love as that is the determining factor in allowing us to reach the right future” I say.

“What you do with that selection is merely up to you really” you add. “We have made a choice to encode you and follow your progress as you work on the heartpath mission and as we made such a choice, we have been inclined to allow you too to make choices on what you do with the gifts we have given you. Those of you who do not wish to accept the responsibility can then just go back to sleep and forget the whole matter. The connection with them is then reduced to dormant and they do not receive messages anymore except if something within the etheric landscape changes to revive that connection, such as a different choice in future” you conclude

For those The Time will never come back I guess, Rita says softly as she continues watching the city below while the skies suddenly split with lightning and thunder growls in the distance before shimmering, gorgeous life-filled drops of rain start pouring from the Sky.


Only Breath


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