Down the rabbit hole I fell

Down the rabbit hole I fell

20 July 2015

Alice Gitte Hoefkens
Courtesy Gitte Hoefkens

 Daylight shone on all

As clocks of time unwound nights

Game of cards fell foul

Truth’s certainty was at play

Faith lives not within hearsay


The rooster crowed on

Oblivious to changing times

Its feathers ran thin

Old values all will forsake

For peacocks now call daybreak


Evening sun set calm

Upon all living creatures

Ensnared into dark

Soul’s footsteps may oft falter

As gold lays on the altar


The winding staircase

Led to dark bottomless pits

Where secrets lay bare

Down the rabbit hole I fell

Raking thoughts for show and tell

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In dreams I live our spent lives

In dreams I live our spent lives

20 July 2015

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Dark waves washed ashore

Seashells that glistened to moon

Cast out like orphans

Roaming soul without a kin

Outcast like banshee I wail


Twilight highlighted

Lost landscapes that lived within

Lands of nevermore

Exiled into wilderness

My heart parted from yours froze


Ice-clad watches ticked

To arms that pricked through time’s watch


Thoughts etched in timelessness gleamed

With new meanings that sprouted


An owl hooted once

His call an omen of when

Fantasy world lights

In dreams I live our spent lives

Neverlands’ hopes of times scars

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All the sanity in me

All the sanity in me

20 July 2015

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Birds wrapped in the mist

Flying to dead tomorrows

Shrill are their voices

Thoughts of yesterday like stabs

Come to mind that seeks healing


Sun set in mourning

Pulling dark veils across skies

In black receded

Darkness would try to withdraw

All the sanity in me


Stillness in the night

Washed over darkest symptoms

White rose budded slight

As dawn, timid, peeped smiling

In waking hour I pray


Light filled my body

As the sun rose in blessing

Daybreak’s miracle

Mind renewed effortless peace

As I breathed in the Love waves

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