I count my blessings

I count my blessings

8 March 2012

Winds blew once so strong in my face

With many a chilly thud in their race

Towards shutters that shrank inside

As my very thoughts they would hide


A rise from some deeper fall in disgrace

As this my very core one did misplace

Yet within, remnants of an older pride

Took stillness to peak of a rising tide


Sanctifying thoughts that burn within

A faith glows from ashes strewn thin

The shepherd forever his lamb guards

Through the thistles, thorns and shards


Walk on sweet lamb shedding thy skin

Forever healing as your soul you’d win

From a game not unlike a hand of cards

As skinned hide a cloud of soul discards


I count within my bosom my blessings

In manner of daily quiet happenings

In caress of tree that softly whispers

In shimmers of a light that murmurs


I count within my shell my blessings

In rapture of mine redeemed wings

In resolute end of fall that hampers

In awe of feathers growing from furs


Youtube reading: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJYHuyYy25I&list=UUJappIJtcZMFw_r1svW-UZg&index=1&feature=plpp_video

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