Only the heart knows

Only the heart knows (lyrics inspired by Chris Geith’s piano composition “Only the heart knows”)

16 February 2012



Only the heart knows

Only the heart yearns

The passion in me grows

Your love’s pyre burns

Breathing and dreaming of you

To your memories I am true

In waking I would chant your story

In remembrance of your love’s glory



Only the heart dreams

A day dream it seems

Only the heart feels

What the soul conceals

I take your hand walking into tomorrow

Walking this path forever by your side

In your love we are free from all sorrow

By you the moon will rest all tide



Only the heart knows

Only the heart shows

All its love in pure delight

Your face is my morning light

Whenever I see your face I feel secure

Only your heartbeat can be my cure

Your love allows me all to withstand

Till the end of time I hold your hand



Walking hand in hand with your breath

Softly blowing silk against my cheek

I fear nothing not even death

Oh Lord with this love I’m no longer weak



Only the heart knows

Only the heart grows

As I travel in your light’s trail

You strengthen my heart once so frail

Reaching out to you high above

I feel your hand like a satin glove

Nobody can hold me back

Your love keeps me on track



There will never be another love for me

There will never be another face to see



Life comes often with challenges

But your love all efforts avenges

For love lifts you to the skies

A lover your heart never denies



There will never be another love for me

There will never be another face to see



Walking hand in hand with your breath

Softly blowing silk against my cheek

I fear nothing not even death

Oh Lord with this love I am no longer weak

Fenêtre sur femme

Fenêtre sur femme

15 février 2012


Fenêtre sur présent, fenêtre sur passé

De tout vocabulaire un futur trépassé

D’un temps inconsistant dix mille verbes brassés

Fenêtre ventriculaire, fenêtre froid glacé

Fenêtre sur clinquant, fenêtre sur Byzance

De traversée sans son corps en déliquescence

D’un seul pas hésitant tirer sa révérence

Fenêtre sur poumon, fenêtre sur silence

Fenêtre sur le jour, fenêtre sur une âme

Qui vous dira enfin en quoi consiste le drame

A pion son pion toujours à cavalier sa dame

Fenêtre sur la fin, fenêtre sur femme

In memoriam

In memoriam

11 February 2012


Silence for a tombstone becomes her

As wane heartbeats struggle for sound

In muffled world that no beat can spur

While dark ink skulks and floats around

Words drop a drop come forth in patter

I watch them as they form, spellbound

From inky droplets shaping into matter

As their echo in my head does resound

Drop-a-drop oozing like forcible chatter

Hesitant, meek as they drop to be found

Yesterday a vein full that would splatter

Today a dried-up puddle on the ground

Drip-by-drip goes the painful murmur

Memory’s trail helps a ruthless hound

A tune to sing with dark voice in a slur

In memoriam a music box I unwound

In the beginning

In the beginning

6 February 2012


Cheek in the ground, ashes to ashes

Splintered life most lived in flashes

Body’s weight to ground smashes

Red ink on frail body splashes

Wane light despair squashes

Hands clasped, it is not over


Time may stretch yet here it shrinks

Yearning to reach forever’s brinks

From a myriad of missing links

Living is but a few stolen winks

The captain with his boat sinks

Though sailor’s hope will hover


Gather with me so many a loose hair

As whirlwinds collect more despair

Stranded in this dark empty lair

While minds a heavy soul impair

So expect not a fate to be fair

Destiny is but a fickle cover


Autumn renewed face rosy to flaunt

Summer a shade of yellow did haunt

Spring witnessed a cheek so gaunt

Winter in two minds would taunt

Yielding everything I could want

In the beginning time was a lover


Forgotten face

Forgotten face

30 January 2012

The bosom in starry content

Yields promises of wonders

To infinity love does consent

A still heart never wanders

To the core of me leads no trail

My truth lies hidden in stark light

And though the soul seems frail

It shall not sink without a fight

Hope may flicker ever so thin

Though its words stay unsaid

For peace comes from within

Yet steely lies the way ahead

A mask for yet a day to wear

Stolen from past blissful place

A pretense to bear and tear

A residue of a forgotten face