10 August 2011


And as the wind like a banshee blew

Wailing along with my spirit that flew

Across heathen lands that I once knew

In tense of a past as you and I acknew

And shrill came the lone seagull’s mew

Lost in the mind’s eye, such lonely view

My spirit so free you would see askew

You would to your mind my mind hew

The seeds of memory in time slow grew

But I boil no wrath and no hate can brew

Find ye in my truth something too new

That it with hasty hand to my tomb slew?

Of mellow fragrances I hold but a few

The kiss of a tear in some morning dew

The birth of a raindrop growing anew

A lurch in the heart as I bid you adieu


Memory’s kiss

9 August 2011

Memory’s kiss


Memory’s kiss would a life recall

One spent walking on an eggshell

In tales untold for mind do appall

A hidden realm for spirits to quell

A truth come hither that did befall

Aligned checkerboard of wane cell

From dark night to wistful dewfall

A tale between a heaven and a hell

On endless journey of a downfall

That an open mind could foretell

But with a heart, a bond does thrall

And plunge into a bottomless well

Of lost innocence on comes the call

For infants within our souls do dwell

Though treasons change spring to fall

A faith in heart with love would swell

A jeering mind with nerve and gall

Of lurking secrets would never tell

But pelting stones like black rainfall

Would leer and peer while they fell

And as they pour my soul they spall

Though faith my heart does indwell

A wanderer in fleeting justice’s hall

My life turned hue of bluest bluebell

Great hopes a dreary mind enthrall

Wondrous times their secrets spell

A light would light however small

As joys in aches a mind would sell

True seeker of core I stand now tall

Though all recounts he did misspell

No wicked one could my heart stall

Hear ye not chime of parting knell?

A life like footsteps under snowfall

Fades as I hear yonder deathly bell

And all that would now be left of it all

Is a stark withering note of a farewell