New blog / Monkey business

Hi all,

Thanks to all of you for visiting from time to time or subscribing. When I started out I did not expect to have more than a couple hundred hits and we are actually nearing the 10,000 mark by the day. It is wonderful to know someone appreciates what is written so I would really like to heartily thank all of you who take the time to read my posts.

I wanted to say that I have created a new blog for advice and tips on various matters deriving either from personal or professional experience. I decided to do this as pursuant to my own personal experience I realised that some people were very happy to email me and discuss issues related to my real-life experiences section and ask for advice on specific matters related to child custody, to issues of abuse and on how to find the information that I had found. I am not a professional but I have recently heard from two such ladies that they have been able to make huge progress in their personal battles thanks to the tips provided and this in itself makes the whole matter worthwhile to me.

Feel free to  have a look at I just started it so there is nothing much but I will be updating it regularly with small tips, suggestions and sharing of interesting videos/other material that I personally found useful or amusing.

If you need advice on some specific topic, you can leave me a comment on the blog there as this one is just for poetry and art works. I will be writing both in English and French on that blog too.

I will try to be a little bit serious when I post professional advice but knowing my sign, it will also have a lot of monkey business.

Meanwhile, enjoy life and remember not to be too good to be true.