La mort du petit frère

La mort du petit frère

27 décembre 2011

Un défunt absent qui habita mes pensées

Me fit témoigner d’une bien étrange veillée

La justice aveugle qui dans le noir erre

Se battant le cœur pour la perte de son frère

Fascinée j’observai ce cortège étrange

Cherchant frénétiquement ce mort qui dérange

Hélas ce bon sens demeura évanescent

Et elle comme moi pleurions tant cet absent

D’un délai à l’autre elle prolongea l’agonie

Recherchant en vain le corps fraternel sans vie

Et moi, prise dans cet infernal tourbillon

Assistai impuissante à ce double abandon

Des larmes versées durant cette nuit funeste

Il ne resta que les traces d’un droit indigeste

Le jour blanc succéda à une nuit de pâleur

On étouffe aussi les plus grandes douleurs

La justice éplorée sans son frère ni sa canne

Explore à tâtons un monde où elle se damne

Car ses vieux doigts et son cerveau peu intuitifs

Ne lui laissent de clarté que des instants furtifs

Le glas sonnant accomplira donc son règne

Entraînant mon cœur qui d’autrefois ne saigne

Comme un tapis de neige qui habille l’hiver

Le froid silence étreint mon cœur en dévers

Le silence qui épouse mon cœur tel un carcan

N’entend plus ni les voix ni le souffle d’antan

Il est des jours sombres où ni le bruit ni la joie

Ne peuvent pénétrer un monde sans foi ni loi


A brook of life

A brook of life

December 23, 2011

Frail mermaid with a tail to shed

To join the land of walking dead

Shrugging off a wild roaring sea

Silently kissed, parted with me


Walking along on many a thorn

Her new feet crimson and torn

She turned and gave me a smile

As I walked behind her a while


I walked behind, beside and along

With a heart heavy but so strong

And as I kissed her softly goodbye

Many a tear would fill her eye


Streaming past her pieces of me

Reached out in shredded agony

On I walked though hearing her cry

The heart sometimes chooses to die


They cried and raved but alas

Silent and still she left me pass

A dark shadow her face did cross

As we both sighed, cried the loss


The path went winding and steep

From waking walk to sullen sleep

Puddles of rain, a brook, a river

But the ocean had  left me forever


I carved my life in running water

On wooden trunks with a splinter

And all that is there now to see

Is a sense of a fading melancholy


Collecting me

Collecting me

Scrambled across the universe

Like a jigsaw puzzle scattered

Amongst thoughts so terse

While a snake soul flattered

Behold the leaves of destiny

Unfold in myriads of shapes

Twining, escaping all scrutiny

Disguises, pretences and drapes

Watch closely as mirrors shatter

From darkness by none alit

Pieces of memories to scatter

A thorn in rose, a wrist ne’er slit

Life roars with a hundred calls

Desperation is but a feeble’s hue

Fear not for what rises too falls

And what falls will rise anew

Prayers remain unanswered

As two will not be blended one

For a voice that is unheard

Feels not the glow of the sun

Gathering the essence to my chest

I dance to tunes of slow solace

Birds fly free but seek their nest

As sundown earth’s kiss does grace

Sortie du recueil de poésie française / Publishing of my french poetry book

Bonjour à tous,

Voici le lien pour mon recueil de poésie. C’est le seul endroit où on peut se procurer le recueil car il n’est pas encore sur Amazon. Merci de votre suivi qui a rendu possible la publication de ce recueil. Dans environ 8 à 10 mois mon recueil de poésie écrite en anglais sera publié.

Above is the link for my french poetry book. The link leads to the only website where the book may be ordered as it is not yet present on Amazon. Thank you for following the blog and making the poetry book project possible. Within around 8-10 months from now, a poetry book containing the English poems will be published.


In dreams

In dreams

30 November 2011

The paint has worn out

And the dewdrops are freezing

In a heart full of doubt

And a chest that is wheezing

Heaves in pangs of the unknown

The sun is cold

The daffodils are withered

And stories untold

Bustle in voices unheard

That were once seeds sown

I gather and flout

Pale petals like a face creasing

I stifle in me a shout

Of yesterday’s dreams easing

Like a candle that is blown

The thoughts are bold

But the step follows the herd

The flight path is old

And heart in ribs fluttered

Within a cage now outgrown

The roaches are still

The roaches are still

30 November 2011


The cough has strengthened

Summer has now shed its tears

Pallor has threatened

And darker became the fears

The earth sank into its crust

The roaches are still

The day missed another beat

On my window sill

Autumn leaves have come in fleet

To wed the flight of the dust

Sun fights its way on

To the dimmer point of sky

Light fills the grey hood

As birds shrill and strong agree

With a tune in my brain etched

Bright a cloak did don

As light is ever so high

My mind its ground stood

With roots in earth as a tree

And a hope of sky outstretched

From earthen sky

From earthen sky

2 September 2011

Should I not have had it within

I would live now so frail without

A heart to cling from yet so thin

A lung to inhale air and shout

I grope with sore fingers too grazed

From a steel wall so fine and sleek

With eyes that from pain are glazed

Pouring softly rain on my cheek

Dark was the fate that lay ahead

And steep was the winding lane

That lay me down as the undead

Within that shimmering plane

I called upon Gaia, mother

She hears not so subtle a voice

This chest will foster another

A sibling cry of my own choice

I nurse in me many a stab

Like petals of flowers so pink

And as they lay me on the slab

My heart in its lotus did sink

Hail dusk this pink do come and cloak

While I breathe out my living last

And lay me at my crooked oak

In memory of good times now past


The gift of you

The gift of you

26 August 2011

Meditation on water by Lee Anne Morgan


Wrapped tightly against my bosom

Delicately packed in emotion

I hold you in eternal embrace

Like a flower I feel you blossom

I am wrought by night’s devotion

Within infinity I see your face


Time and space join and split

In the wake of your haunting

As my mind follows your feet

Darkness from your face alit

Eases night’s glory so daunting

Is fighting your light’s fleet

I whisper within your teardrops

Your voiceless answer fills my soul

With a thousand words of solace

Destiny’s pace grows the crops

That will tune into you to console

The sorrow worked by disgrace


While the shadows grew tall

And the well brimmed with sand

As the cherry tree fell to mildew

Beckoning to a homecoming fall

I reached and held again your hand

In time I will unroll, the gift of you

A night to devise a day to rise

23-24 August 2011

The moon softly sets

In blue slumber subsides

While the sun rises

In wake of day all regrets

Will weigh you down like anklets

She wears her bracelets

Into the day she glides

Toil surmises

Memories pearls lie in baskets

To string and lay in caskets

Sun high in the sky

Scorches the dying brown grass

While ants move uphill

The leaves now motionless lie

Whispering each other’s sigh

She blackens her eye

With liner looking in glass

At her face so still

A blackened eye does not cry

But holds itself oh so high

Sun mellowed now frets

Descending ball down  it rides

Thousand demises

The stillness all earth blankets

Like a hundred dark carpets

She wipes the droplets

That to her skin sun confides

And brow disguises

Cloak of night she now revets

Painting lips red like garnets

Birds to safety fly

While ants crawl home as they pass

With piping so shrill

We all in our own way try

Reaching what fate would imply

She brushes her thigh

Against the dust that would mass

On her window sill

Craning neck for night to spy

Dusk and dawn into hearts pry

The sun then plummets

In crimson feasts on all sides

On moon’s surprises

Come time of splendid banquets

Feet move in frenzied ballets

Mingling with trinkets

The dark dress to her feet slides

As she arises

Thoughts revolve on like planets

Around this night for poets

New blog / Monkey business

Hi all,

Thanks to all of you for visiting from time to time or subscribing. When I started out I did not expect to have more than a couple hundred hits and we are actually nearing the 10,000 mark by the day. It is wonderful to know someone appreciates what is written so I would really like to heartily thank all of you who take the time to read my posts.

I wanted to say that I have created a new blog for advice and tips on various matters deriving either from personal or professional experience. I decided to do this as pursuant to my own personal experience I realised that some people were very happy to email me and discuss issues related to my real-life experiences section and ask for advice on specific matters related to child custody, to issues of abuse and on how to find the information that I had found. I am not a professional but I have recently heard from two such ladies that they have been able to make huge progress in their personal battles thanks to the tips provided and this in itself makes the whole matter worthwhile to me.

Feel free to  have a look at I just started it so there is nothing much but I will be updating it regularly with small tips, suggestions and sharing of interesting videos/other material that I personally found useful or amusing.

If you need advice on some specific topic, you can leave me a comment on the blog there as this one is just for poetry and art works. I will be writing both in English and French on that blog too.

I will try to be a little bit serious when I post professional advice but knowing my sign, it will also have a lot of monkey business.

Meanwhile, enjoy life and remember not to be too good to be true.