11-13 November 2014

illumination (1)


The sparrow flies low

Clouds gather in wake of rains

As sun sets to sleep

Scent of moist creeps into mind

And floods memories of coals


Thunder wakes the soul

Splitting dark blue skies above

A bolt wakes the heart

The lost memories surface

Into the deep of the night


The rains in splinters

Watch the glistening steam arise

As embers sizzle

Mind slicing in desert sands

Gush with remembrance of Time


Silken downpour flows

Streams of relief from dark skies

As night slowly breathes

Soothing tormented ripples

Of blazing fire in thoughts


Night silent flies by

Stars stand glistening to tune

That Nightingale sings

Do they all feel within dawn

That wakes in us light of day?


Still horizon sights

Bejeweled sky of white lights


Morning has woken from sleep

Lost story within so deep