Wave me numb, wave me a crumb

13 March 2011

Wave me numb, wave me a crumb


She waves her hand at the past

This again wasn’t meant to last

The hand like the smile steadfast

While iron on her soul was cast


She waves the arms so weary

From lost potential now dreary

Stubborn stint of a will so eerie

Willing a while the heart teary


She waves off memories’ foam

On her mind too ready to roam

The heart dies without a home

Gnarled or skulking as a gnome


She waves to a crowd’s merry

On the deck of a passing ferry

To light of a sun kissed cherry

To the promises of strawberry


She waves away all past grief

As spring turns her a new leaf

Into her heart’s den crept thief

Stealing sorrow bringing relief


She waves to the end of numb

To his heat she shall succumb

Tingling pressure of his thumb

Wiping off lips a cake’s crumb

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