Forget me not

Forget me not

17 January 2012

The winds sail too when blown away

A thought in mind may dwell to stay

The sweet memory of an imagined day

A giant ever tripped by two feet of clay

A recount of a hidden tale to be told

A story of hidden treasure ne’er gold

A tale enacted when a soul was sold

Fire is but ashen embrace to the bold

Whisper my heart for thy cry is yet loud

A raking desire does a judgment cloud

On walk the dazed sleepers in a crowd

Yet spirit unbent stands free and proud

Gaze at the waning moon little sister

Sun in waking brings a mood sinister

Walk on truth’s path heed no blister

Weather changes, chase the twister

Your path may lead to forgotten hue

Of a past to which so few held a clue

Old wisdom buried under tales untrue

For rebirth of a monster you once slew

Forget me not, though the winds blow

Your forgotten seeds again we will sow

As a light of love in darkness will glow

The walking sleepers will wake and know

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