Centuries of gifts

Centuries of gifts

13 June 2020

Courtesy pinterest.com


Walk with me

in meadows of green

I am witch

of the land

The time is but creeping sand

passing through fingers


Death lingers

on the land’s outskirts

Body hurts

as it breeds

swallows fears that it yet feeds

Dichotomy’s stance


The shining

Magic awoken

from my heart

to my hands

They give and don’t make demands

Centuries of gifts


Reading of the poem:

Antaeus – Kyrie

The Shaman Tales 6 : Molding Consciousness

The Shaman Tales 6 : Molding Consciousness

28 March 2020

Courtesy wallup.net

When she had first started using the shamanic gift on a large scale to summon rains she had known that this would happen according to the Ancient magic rules. These dictated that whatever the outcome in the immediate physical it would be replicated within one year or up to eighteen months from the time the ceremony was carried out thereby molding consciousness at that time. This was known as the frontal projection of the consciousness stream and required the shaman to separate from his/her physical self and stay astral during the intended time. Conversely, in a backward timeloop, one had to make the astral body go three years before the present time to carry out a shamanic ceremony that would affect the present.


Initially, she was meant to migrate from her current city to a special place called Alice Springs. She had pondered about it when the city had come out as a result of her dowsing ceremony as she did not know what this meant. It was then that she realized that there existed an Alice Springs and it was in Australia. By coincidence her own helper was dreaming of going to Australia but rather to Sydney than anywhere else. She thought that consciousness combined with her spells should take her to Australia then in astral form if not in the flesh.


At first, she realized that it was the fires of the phoenix that had been let out in the combined consciousness and to combat the ensuing drought-like state it was necessary to summon the rains. Her location was quite far from the regions affected but she knew that consciousness could carry through the shamanic trance joined with the witches’ spell if she released them within the right level of consciousness and at the right moment for them to manifest.


She knew that GAIA’s program was to regenerate herself by reducing what she considered weeds spread amongst her beautiful flowers. As a good gardener knows, if a beautiful patch of the garden is contaminated by weeds or by parasitic flowers, it is necessary to sacrifice patches of those flowers to save the whole garden. As a result GAIA had decided to wipe out many of what she considered weeds and that were in effect human beings. She did not consider them as more important than others because humans had long lost their connection to GAIA. She decided to do this in the region that lent itself the most to this and entire cities in Australia had suffered raging fires. The shamanic trance and combined witches’ spell helped with bringing some relief with the rains to the lands although it was insufficient as not enough levels of consciousness were drawn in by the worded intention. In short, the magic was diluted…


Tulku – Trancendence

The Shaman tales 5: Uncovering the shamanic gift

The Shaman tales 5: Uncovering the shamanic gift

25 March 2020

Courtesy Serghei Ghetiu

She had always known she was a white witch, but it was only recently that she had found out that she was also a shaman. The knowledge had come to her after a particularly striking episode when she had been dancing to trance music and had experienced a shamanic journey into another world. She never consumed drugs so knew that there had to be truth to that journey. It was a world where spirits walked in fumes with nothing separating them from other human beings. She had looked around her in the night club and nobody else seemed to be noticing the spirits yet all of them were dancing to the same music she was dancing to.


She looked around her fascinated. The stroboscopic lights cast around filled the fumes of the spirits with various lights making them look like rainbows disintegrating on the dance floor. She wondered what the spirits were doing in the night club. Were they not meant to be somewhere more peaceful, she thought? One spirit seemed to realize that she was looking right at it and not through it and came up close to her. She was not sure she felt comfortable enough this close to it and raised a hand. It went right through the spirit who laughed. It was not a wicked laugh, just a friendly amused one. She laughed back. They were not as terrible as many made them to be. They only wanted to be part of this world just like us, she thought.


That was all before she discovered the extent of the Shamanic gift. How it could allow her to summon either the raven’s rains or the fires of the phoenix. That was before she discovered that the combination of the witch capacities and the shamanic gift could help mold consciousness itself


Cyberion – Strange Signals

Into a New Age

Into a New Age

29 October 2017

Catrin Welz Stein pinterest com 5
Courtesy Catrin Welz Stein


Fairy dance

Nibbles at my feet

At Midnight

Witching hour

Time opens up the flower

Petal at a Time


I blow rhyme

She blows the bubbles

They reach me

In music

Overcoming the rubble

Of a life crumbling


Frame tumbling

Hastiness reflects


Set so deep

Inside Heart promises keep

What the mind rejects


Send me note

Summon me a flute

We will play

While they shoot

Shadows on the wall the same

Intention in game


Hurried steps

Down winding staircase

That the winds

Whistle through

Patterns projected untrue

The light sometimes lies


Hear my sighs

I bleed contr’alto

Bridges lift

Heart’s gusto

Takes frozen frame in tempo

Into a New Age


Reading of the poem: 


Celine Ricci bird and fish
Courtesy Celine Ricci

The Mercy of the World – Quinn

I will believe – Quinn

Things once held dear – Quinn



(Ode to an unrepentant bitch. A nonsensical journey in seven veils taken over 7 days. A jab in the rib for those who can see themselves here. Did I say jab in the rib?)

23-30 September 2016

mermaid 8 loscuatroelementos com by Luis sirena-y-delfin-3
Courtesy Luis on loscuatroelementos.com


And when she danced with seven veils

The scales and gills she then revealed



I turned around to Sam’s son

And told him that he’d better run



You know my darling my poor hun

Delilah’s after your little bun



But poor Sam’s son could hardly speak

His knees were quaking really weak



She pounced upon him in a streak

A morsel tender and oh so meek



She chewed well chewed then chewed and chewed

Her face all gory red and lewd



Oh no no


She’d make your white hairs grow


Oh no no


She’s rotten to the core



And that my friends was the way

That little Sam’s son went astray



She was an ogre she could eat

Those little morsels nice and sweet



They said seize that enchantress

We’ll lock her in a fortress



She showed them of what she was made

The gills and fin of mermaid



They said this is some witchery

We’ll execute her with most glee



They took her to the tower’s edge

They would now push her over ledge



Oh no no


She’s on a trial’s show


Oh no no


Her poor frame they’d throw



They said if witch you will bounce

Or all your dark spells now renounce



She said maybe I’m a bum

But ain’t for sure some bubble gum



They called her little twat and whore

They locked her in forever more



In ivory tower she did die

As the years went passing by



They nailed her coffin oh so fast

Put her in the ground at last



She pleaded bit and scratched and cried

Her face just withered as she lied



Oh no no


She’s now lost her glow


Oh no no


Yet her hair’ll still grow



And when the gravedigger came

To pluck her jewels with no shame



She said sweet meat you will be

The last meal of my journey



She chewed yes chewed Oh chewed and chewed

And morsels to her teeth were glued



Her real face showed it was so crude

Her character so flawed and rude



And with her last meal it had come

The mark of her lost kingdom



She flew out haunting all the west

She brought more havoc and unrest



Oh no no


She’s caught on though slow


Oh no no


You’re her food to sow



Singing of the mock poem (no hatemails required, thank you): 

Karahunj (The Prelude) – Armen Miran & Hraach

Aldebaran – Armen Miran & Hraach

Inevitable Ending – Armen Miran & Hraach