The multi-petal Lotus

The multi-petal Lotus

6 April 2017

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Whirling void

The mind to avoid

In heart cries

The bee flies

Towards destiny that lies

Beyond strange borders


New orders

Rearranging Time

Within rhyme

Wiping grime

Recreating the seasons

The need for reasons


Mapping stars

Compounding the flowers

Winding clocks

Hanging stocks

Christmas early in heart talks

The multi-petal Lotus


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A Map Of Your Secret World – Kaipa/Sattyg

Without Time Beyond Time – Kaipa/Sattyg

In the Heart of Her Own Magic Field – Kaipa

There is more to clutter than meets the I

There is more to clutter than meets the I

24 December 2015

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My lover

To greet a life

Blowing in a dream

Dandelions that prance

Withering in scorching flames

The core’s reduced to nothingness

Fiery wisps descending from the skies

There is more to clutter than meets the I

Forgotten, unkempt strange lullabies

Wane smiles and forced willingness

Smothering burning wings tames

Tango of minds that dance

Requiems supreme

Death in a strife

Fort giver



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Chinawoman – Show me the Face

Chinawoman – Lovers are Strangers

This essence of you

This essence of you

28 August 2015




I feel your heartbeat

Like a time bomb ticking fast

Within my own veins


Your ethereal touch

From stealthy to strong

Awakens tremors


Your urge, your hunger

Exposing every small spot

To your devouring


Blinding light flashes

Disguised memories of your face

Swallowing me whole


Your unnamed features

Recall to mind unseen bonds

Familiar and strange


How will we tame us

When free in wild recklessness

Our every inch soars?


When spent I feel you

Shivering and exhausted

Yet yearning for more


It trickles down slow

Pervading all my senses

This essence of you

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