J’esquisse les délices d’un futur qui germe / I sketch the delights of a future that sprouts

J’esquisse les délices d’un futur qui germe

(English translation below)

18 March 2016

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Ecoutez dans mon Cœur souffler le vent

Il en appelle aux lys aux oiseaux des plaines

Du cri de feuilles mortes qu’on ramasse souvent

Au pied de chansons d’amour, vieilles rengaines


Temps des souvenirs, à l’ombre de l’auvent

J’ai enterré vive mémoire de mes peines

Dans les prés vert-de-gris ternes du couvent

Où les saintes eaux des puits ouvraient mes veines


Il coulait rouge gorge d’un tableau mystique

Dans les ruines d’ancienne Rome où gisent les thermes

Filet mince émanant de source Magique


Pointe du Nord vaine étoile, son cœur se ferme

Puisant dans tréfonds d’un élan mythique

J’esquisse les délices d’un futur qui germe


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Le vent nous portera – Noir désir




I sketch the delights of a future that sprouts

(Translation of an Occitan sonnet written in French)

18 March 2016

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Listen to the wind that blows within my Heart

It calls on lilies on the birds of the plains

The cry of dead leaves that one would pick often

At the foot of love songs, beaten old stories


Time of remembrance, in shade of the awning

I buried live the memories of my sorrow

In green-grey meadows of the monastery

Where holy waters of wells opened my veins


A robin was flowing from mystical scene

In ruins of ancient Rome where lie thermal baths

A trickle emanating from magical source


Tip of North a vain star, his heart now closes

Drawing from depths of mythical momentum

I sketch the delights of a future that sprouts


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La Terre vue du ciel – Armand Amar

A form of chaos

A form of chaos

18 January 2016

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The fresh spring breeze

Spreading upon snow clad paths

Ice and weeds patterns


The heart in love’s mode

Flowed into green beginnings

Where sprouts spoke of life


Crisp wind sang aloud

Of flowers’ variety

That splattered springs’ way


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Colourful design

Nature a different painting

Divine the painter


The original

Duplicated in spirit

Replicas’ hot trend


Tone of flesh and bone

The technique impeccable

Natural and raw


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Parrot composer

Recent method of live art

Dreamtime’s wane copy


Cloning every soul

Mimicking style and habit

Late winters’ witness


You and I unique

Freedom our approach in life

A form of chaos


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Written in the context of RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge using the words Style & Fresh or their synonyms. Ping back and rules here


Heartstrings – Yuhki Kuramoto

In dreams I live our spent lives

In dreams I live our spent lives

20 July 2015

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Dark waves washed ashore

Seashells that glistened to moon

Cast out like orphans

Roaming soul without a kin

Outcast like banshee I wail


Twilight highlighted

Lost landscapes that lived within

Lands of nevermore

Exiled into wilderness

My heart parted from yours froze


Ice-clad watches ticked

To arms that pricked through time’s watch


Thoughts etched in timelessness gleamed

With new meanings that sprouted


An owl hooted once

His call an omen of when

Fantasy world lights

In dreams I live our spent lives

Neverlands’ hopes of times scars

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