Flawless and silent

Flawless and silent

26 August 2015

Courtesy diolex.org
Courtesy diolex.org


The sun set like stones

Over valleys of despair

And sunk into me


Newly found nerves twitched

Endlessly replicating

The agony felt


Pleasure, agony

Through the same circuits altered

Every inch of me


Earth shivers then frowns

What cruelties it beheld

Bestowed upon me


Cutting inch by inch

Separation sliced us both

Into oblivion


Only piano played

Symphonies hushed to nude form

Of faceless sorrow


Stones raised me pillar

Of unswaying devotion

That angels cried for


You cried as I did

My heart bids you not goodbye

I yearn for your hand


You will sail on boat

I will await you on shores

Weaving our new fate


The Earth will renew

Time will stand still as we merge

Flawless and silent


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Blood, this flow in me

Blood, this flow in me

24 August 2015

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Courtesy thingstransform.com


Those light vibrations

They will not reach through this flow

Disconnecting us


Surging, leaking life

Nowhere does it reach wasted

Fertilising none


Your call remains deep

Though electricity wanes

In this raging sea


Your mind whispers Love

Then rages against the floods

That stop you, me, us


Silently I watch

This yearning in all tongues speak

Answer it! Should I?


You hear every tongue

Voices are mere waves you know

Understanding all


Shaking rage and might

Winding, unwinding collapse

Senses move upward


Separation churns

Rips apart like hundred knives

I wane, it will thrive


Blood, this flow in me

A prison for all yearning

Flood all, set me free

Red Blood Cells- medical concept. 3D image.
Courtesy health.harvard.edu

In mutual growth

In mutual growth

3 August 2015

growth Erik Brede advance photoshop co uk
Courtesy Erik Brede on advance.photshop.co.uk

Roots grow spreading out

Blossoms reaching out to worlds

Feeling ways other


Touch ever so slight

Fertility’s miracles

Birth of new wonders


Expanding fibres

Connecting dilating spores

Life grows from union


Seeds rise above root

Rivers of discovery

Separation is


growth Erik Brede fineartamerica com
Courtesy Erik Brede on fineartamerica.com


Boughs darkened lay bare

Life stilled at extremities

Lost nurturing touch


A spark connects ends

Green life sprouts again

In mutual growth


Symphonies sing loud

Promises of distilled births

As touch grows finer


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Les meilleurs ennemis – The best ennemies

Quand l’amour a été décimé, tout ce qui reste à un couple lorsqu’ils ont des enfants communs c’est de les partager sans les déchirer. Les besoins ainsi que les souhaits de ces enfants doivent primer sur les besoins et/ou les souhaits de chacun des parents. C’est sur cette base essentielle que la justice devrait construire ses principes législatifs

When love has been wiped out, all that is left for a couple when they have children they share is not to tear them while sharing. The needs and wishes of these children have to take priority on the needs and/or wishes of each of the parents. This is what justice legal rules should be built on essentially.

29 août 2010 / 29 August 2010

Les meilleurs ennemis

 Il faut de tout pour une vie

Les meilleurs amours, si unis

Cœurs épris  et meilleurs amis

Le partage de tout, des soucis

Le poids des années que l’on vit

La distance qui peu à peu s’établit

Le fossé se creuse encore et grandit

Plus rien, plus personne qui nous réunit

La découverte du réel, enfin le corps du délit

Le désespoir, la déchirure, le pardon, le doux oubli

Pour enfin se regarder et se voir là, les meilleurs ennemis

Et rebelote… ou peut être pas cette fois-ci..on espère, on prie

Best ennemies – why love is blind

It takes sorts to get life lighted

The best love, the so well united

Loving hearts, best friends invited

To share everything, all worries spited

The weight of years that one lived excited

The distance settling, by indifference incited

The gap widens and grows with solitude delighted

Nothing, none to go back, by nature’s rules we abided

The discovery of reality, finally the corpus delicti sighted

Despair, tearing, forgiveness, sweet oblivion sadly decided

To finally look on and see in us the best of enemies highlighted

And begin again ..or maybe not this time…we hope, we pray, blinded