Tombstones seal

Tombstones seal

2 May 2017

memory deviantart com tears_of_stone_iii_in_memoriam_by_aphostol
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Skies that rise

Forgotten the wise

Set sunrise

On demise

The nothing in glaring beam

To be what they seem


Birds that mock

Seasons out of stock

Set the lock

On havoc

Desolation way of stream

In the human dream


None to stand

I let go Her hand

Cattle brand

In the land

No power left to rewind

Destiny of blind


Sands that grind

Rising seas unkind

Stars that wind

In Her mind

Death oncoming theirs to find

Earth in crust to bind


Dust piling

Thunder beguiling

Ropes filing

Times riling

Unshed the voice of the meek

In the desert streak


Ceilings peel

Pillars downtown reel

Tendrils feel

Tombstones seal

Winds of raging death that reek

Of destruction’s peak


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memory deviantart com tears_of_stone_by_aphostol
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Dream 1 (Before the wind blows it all away) – Max Richter

Frozen Times

Frozen Times

11 September 2016

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Pitch black hurts

The sensitive eyes

Reeling move

On blackboards

Revealing tempo of groove

Distilling the whites


Flying kites

Hover above me

Thin slices

Of glories

They regenerate delights

Of childhood stories


Hold with me

My grasp on them weak

I dare not

Even speak

As the ropes pulsate with throb

Of the blackened mob


Body loss

Puppeteers rewind

In twin peaks

Riddled streaks

Measures of hue man eat he

Shredded dignity


Lines to cross

In between jigsaw

Puzzle me not

We forgot

The clear-cut lines of the law

Lesser of evils


Weigh me down

Burden of anvils

Beat upon

Lost forlorn

The making of the sword less

Soulful from soulless


Talk to me

From withering caves

Your mouth shrine

Frozen times

The words fed to the wordless

Soul forever mine


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Death is not the end – Nick Cave

Into my Arms – Nick Cave

Till the End of the World – Nick Cave


Inside hopes flourish

Inside hopes flourish

24 January 2016

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This body

Holds on desperate

The lost home

Mere memory

Sinking in silver clad dreams

Ocean of glitter


These strong hands

They built blue castles

Scented roads

Lilac words

Forget-me-nots that murmured

Under reddened skies


The minds strings

Latched upon grey beads



The sprinkled glass of knowledge

That you and I broke


Reaching out

Tendrils spread tender



Spaces blackened by self wish

Thoughts huddled in dark


Ignite spark

I see you within

Where blood flows

Your face glows

Shining echoing through frame

Sustaining my gait


Wizened said

Keep the faith in bloom

Better late

Than never

Forget the count of seconds

The first is trial


Blind wolf wails

Heart in denial



Time folding and space bereft

The dust it calls so


hope archeefeudor com


The grazed knees

The weight took over

Ticking bomb


The shards a landscape of hurt

Heart covered in dirt


Pieces blink

Edge of tomorrow

Timeless brink

Where we sink

Initiation a cross

I carry alone


In dreamtime

I built once a house

Made of glass

And glory

Spent in countless arguments

With me, mine and mind


You hammered

I clung to rooftops

They shattered

Caving fall

The walls the red chimney’s flanks

My insides splattered


Grim inking

We face our regrets

Without shame

Only pain

Surging through the corpses lain

The hope that shines through


Sour faces

The hearts worlds apart


Red inks spots

On blue plains of silence smart

Wincing wish hovers


Free me now

The dust it calls so

Winds tearing

Earth writhing

I have no more seeds to sow

The desert hushes


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Fairies died

Chains smashing on moon

She winced once

Every chain

Her blue face in pelting rain

Ropes and souls dragged on


I will walk

Into the dead ends

Where we ride


Double talk a way to spin

Stardust and iron


We are more

Though our hopes run thin

Our hearts beat

In our feet

Journeys of thousand battles

New dreams we will build


Now you know

All that is bonded

Only flies


Shackles one’s own demons’ cries

Come forget all sighs


Build a nest

I will fly through skies


Wings flapping

Crossing through dreamtime’s hissing

Darkened lullabies


The sun shines

Where darkness low hides



Its ink in slow tides

Secrets lark confides


Heart compass

North faces the South

Soundless words

Endless rhythm

And though the dust it calls so

Inside hopes flourish


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hope pinterest Jonathan Earl Bowser
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432Hz The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build a Home

Ludovico Einaudi – Nuvole bianche

Ludovico Einaudi – Time Lapse/Life A4=432Hz

Ludovico Einaudi – Experience

Ludovico Einaudi – Fly 432 hz

Ludovico Einaudi – Run A4=432Hz

Ludovico Einaudi – Divenire

Run through the light maze

Run through the light maze

11 September 2015

veils dailymail co uk


Shaking Truth casts stones

In souls that live in between

Fires and waters


Send me your love chants

I will spin them winter’s fleece

Stitch them spells in souls


veils pinterest com


Written words will fly

Spreading dark ink within sky

To paper planes bound


Where do you now look

Your eyes cast upon you dark

Building you shadows


Darkness will build creed

Faceless and blind without Love

Fears will surround Heart


veil 15minutenews com


Ropes in the mountains

Can guide you through thick and thin

Or bind you to grounds


Run through the light maze

Through the fog that all traps hides

Seize the flying veils


veils sargammishra wordpress com