Hail Queens of morrows servants kept under

Hail Queens of morrows servants kept under

22 July 2016

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Out of the rubble through your Love I fly

A wing to repair paper planes to carve

Time burst air bubble oozing out the lie

Slid from dragon’s lair for the love to starve


Remains of riches in poverty’s cloak

Shone through eyes of haunt in golden thistles

Dazzling white witches the blue fires stoke

The dark wizards taunt layers of bristles


Run me through forces a soul to keep free

As the skies turn black and the widows swoon

Purple blood courses through all that is me

I will three come back now pay me the boon


Hail Queens of morrows servants kept under

Rags of our sorrows stitched into thunder


Reading of the poem: 

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Breathturn – Hammock

You lost the Starlight in your Eyes – Hammock

Still Secrets Remaining – Hammock

Will You Ever Love Yourself – Hammock

Stars in the Rearview Mirror – Hammock

I can almost see You – Hammock



Return to Simplicity

Return to Simplicity

10 October 2015

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Deck of cards in hand

I dealt with little nothings

Clubs, dices and fools


The stakes rose higher

The stacks piled up plentiful

One-eyed King’s Bounty


The riches within

Welled up within my blue soul

That opened its eye


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Your strength within me

More than worldly promises

Spoke of ways to build


Courtesy acupuncture.abmp.com


Energy you left

Shimmering with your essence

Took tool to Heart’s toil


Deconstruction’s art

Tugged on my pack of aces

Built bridges in skies


I let loose the deck

Return to Simplicity

I sail within Heart


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رياح تعوي

( ترجمة إلى هايكو بالإنجليزية تحت عنوان  All winds are howling ) رياح تعوي

٣ سبتمبر ٢٠١٥

Courtesy awesometattoosphotos com329.blogspot.com
Courtesy awesometattoosphotos com329.blogspot.com

أشجار تميل

أقف منتصبة

رياح تعوي


هزَت القلوب

تكاثرت ثروات

عمودي فقري

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