In Twirling

In Twirling

13 April 2016

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Inside clouds

Upon rim of skies

The trees grow

They flow life

Within fluffy boats’ cotton

Spin of a lifetime


Within leaves

Clinging to the trees

Lies rustle


Voices rumble with the change

That shakes within bark


Over shades

We cast light and dark


The heart spark

We seeded every light heart

The fruit of morrows


Upon ground

The apples fall stale

Like cherry

Picked random

More than crown is the kingdom

We devised in airs


Under breath

We talk to the mind

Voices loud

Pregnant hues

From loans we collect all dues

Time always settles


In Twirling

The dancers spin roots

Of new worlds

Cast in dreams

You cut we sew again seams

Repetition Time


Reading of the poem: 

twirling hipa ae courtesy hamdan bin mohammed bin rashed al maktoum
Courtesy Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid on

Look Within – Rumi

The Exquisite Pearl – Ghazali

Alone with the Alone – Ibn Arabi

Being a Person of Paradise – Shams Tabrizi

The 7 days of the Heart – Ibn Arabi

Shams Tabrizi – Rumi’s sun


Other poles shifted

Other poles shifted

30 October 2015

poppy pine ru



The days hurried by

Grey repetition of beats

But for three red spots


I loved poppy fields

Often most when they touched skies

In red-blue embrace


A rabbit scurried

He bestowed me some nonsense

From bottled malice

shifted aliceinwonderland wikia org


The Earth spun around

Sun’s glorious stray dances

While I composed soul

magic 2


The nightingale whirled

All wheels flew out of axis

Camp descent painful


A tadpole blinked twice

Its tongue caught a fly’s motion

Other poles shifted


I took crimson walk

Between yellow lines but fell

Forgotten in hay

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