Sim City 8 : Parthenogenesis and Omega’s deal with the pack

Sim City 8 : Parthenogenesis and Omega’s deal with the pack

2 November 2017

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With her first bite, Omega realised that the animal she was eating was not cooked and she was eating it with the blood still in it. The clones were eating similar animals and she watched with curiosity as they took the trickle from the side of their mouths and made red marks on their forehead and cheeks with it. She asked Antares what this was and the latter answered that this was to welcome her into the tribe and wish her a long existence. Omega thought it strange that a welcome should be conveyed with what seemed more like war paint to her but she said nothing and merely smiled at the copies and at Antares. The copies smiled back according to Antares although to Omega it looked like they were snarling. She found it curious that they should be consciousness clones for which the bodies had been formed by Prime Creator from the same DNA of his wife with certain modifications that he had inserted to enhance his wife’s DNA as it led to a deficient immune system.

Omega was not sure why Prime Creator had created first the bodies and then extracted the consciousness out of them to place them into the Sim city instead of carrying out his experience in his world with the clones. She was also not sure why he chose to use his wife’s DNA if it had a code of deficient cells in it. Another thing which she was curious about was why she did not have the same deficiencies and none of the animal-like behaviour and appearance as the other clones. According to some notes that she had extracted from the pile of data that Prime Creator had been compiling, she had started transforming her own shape as well as the world around her. She was not sure about how she had gone about the process but just realised one day that she could do it like she could project herself out of the Sim City in a human body and not just as an electric presence. Antares was tracing her thoughts as she had not shielded herself against the telepathic communication but she was not worried as she did not expect Antares to causer her any harm.

Omega signaled to Antares that they should not stay like they were, secluded, but should rather get back to Prime Creator’s fort and help the other beings in Sim City to come out. Antares was not sure this was a good plan as within Sim City none of the beings had ever shown an interest in being out of the limited scope of the city. Omega mentioned that a lot had changed since Antares had left and many had started questioning their surroundings as their consciousness had started growing in awareness under the influence of the growth of Omega’s awareness. Omega told Antares that they should rescue the others because they were similar beings to both of them and chances were that many of the women were altered versions of consciousness downloaded from bodies created using modified DNA of Prime Creator’s wife. When Antares mentioned that there were too many dangers both out in the woods and in Prime Creator’s fort, Omega argued that they could establish a pact with the beasts that followed Aiga and exterminate the wilder beasts together with them. As for Prime Creator’s people, they just needed more clones so Omega suggested that perhaps they should wait until more clones ran away from Sim City.

Antares looked at Omega strangely before informing her that there was no reason to wait for more clones as they could create them. When Omega looked at her curiously Antares slowly folded upon herself and seemed to signal the other clones as well because all of them folded upon themselves. When they slowly unfolded Omega could see that they seemed to be in an advanced stage of the reproduction cycle she had learnt about in Prime Creator’s databases. Shortly after that, Antares and all the clones had laid down something that looked like an egg with an infant’s legs and as Omega watched closely, the beings folded upon themselves and continued mutating into something that looked more human through each cycle of mutation. When the process was complete each of the earlier clones had developed one more clone totally identical to it and Antares had one which was totally identical to her.

Omega was astonished with the rapidity of the growth and wondered whether the clones would be weak but Antares assured her that they would have the same strength as the clones they derived from. According to Antares, Omega herself could do this as any consciousness could fold and modify matter at will when freed from the notions of limitations on matter. Antares told her that the earlier clones had a less developed consciousness than her so if they could do it, then she could do it as well but the only restriction she had was her impression that she would not be able to do it successfully while they followed their primal instinct to do so effortlessly. Antares told her that they could do this at will as many times as required although each separation of consciousness and matter from themselves weakened them. It was therefore not advisable to make too many at a time.

Antares beckoned to Omega and her new-born that she said would be called Cassandra and when they were close to her she bonded their hands and signaled to the others that they should follow the lead of these two as if they were following her and should any of the three fall, then the tribe would need to follow one of the survivors. Antares asked Cassandra and Omega to make sure that they guided parts of the tribe separately so that they would not all die at once if attacked by the beasts. Omega then focused on Aiga calling out to her so that she may come and join forces with them. Aiga told her that this was madness as they had no weapons while Prime Creator had very sophisticated weapons but Omega said they would have the advantage of the surprise and the number. Besides they could steal into the fort using the sewage system which was not guarded as she had found out on one of her incursions into Prime creator’s world. Omega and Aiga agreed that they would join forces to take down the large wild beasts before attempting to take down Prime Creator. Antares had tuned into their telepathic channel and let out a growl which all the earlier clones and the new clones replicated as all of them could hear the approaching sounds of paws thumping the ground…

Amadeus on the Nile – Martin Tillman


Sim City 7 : Meeting the earlier clones

Sim City 7 : Meeting the earlier clones

14 October 2017

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Omega let out a gasp as she fell knocked out by the tree trunk. The copy of her holding the tree trunk snarled and growled at her. Omega tried to stand up but the copy pushed her down again with the edge of the tree trunk. Realising that she would not be able to stand up again unhindered, Omega attempted to communicate mentally with the copy but this latter did not respond to the telepathic invocation. Instead, she turned towards the other copies and all of them started snarling and growling together.

All of a sudden the crowd of copies that were snarling at Omega stopped and gave way to yet another copy which features seemed less strange than the others. It was then that Omega realised what was wrong with the other copies’ features : they were almost beastlike even though they were clearly adorning human faces. The clone with the fully human features welcomed her like Aiga through telepathic communication. When Omega asked whether she could not talk because of some glitch with her vocal cords the copy, whose name was Antares, mentioned that it disquieted the other copies when she spoke in human tones and uttered words.

Antares mentioned that the clones had had a tough time with Prime Creator as none of them had satisfied his desire for perfection and each one had fled after a series of tests carried out on them. None of them had liked living in Sim City because they had grown to know, thanks to the machine learning programming that was different for them, that their world was just a simulated one. They had realised that their consciousness was unplugged from a living being that was usually an animal and put into the Sim City for a social experiment that Prime Creator was carrying out on living together. What they had also eventually come to realise one after the other was that they could materialise any type of body from their pure consciousness when emerging out of the Sim world.

Although Prime Creator had realised that the AIs were leaving the Sim City because they had acquired a higher level of consciousness and an ability to materialise into his world, he kept repeatedly making copies of the same AI as it fascinated him though at times he found repulsive their beast-like nature. Prime Creator realised that the reason the AIs materialised into beast-like creatures was because he had used an animal together with the cells of his dead wife when he first created a consciousness to inject into the Sim City. He wondered whether that familiar feeling that kept him bound to Omega was related to the fact that she was the first to have a proper human voice despite being in the same conditions as the other AIs before her. It had been amazing to watch her in caveman-like conditions yet behave like a normal evolved human being would do.

It tickled Prime Creator to think that all that coding he had given her on evolution according to the Darwinian theory was totally erased by her as she acquired rapidly her own type of evolution bringing the necessary changes into the coding as and when she needed to. He remembered that it had been the same thing as when she was dreaming and he attempted to make her dream a nightmare ; she simply took the coding and changed it to match her own desires. Prime Creator realised that Omega was probably his greatest success despite the fact that one could think of her as a rogue program.

Omega signalled to Antares that she would like to speak with her in private and not just through telepathy. The crowd that had gathered around them as Antares and Omega had exchanged thoughts now gave way again. Antares led the path to a hut-like structure and assured Omega that they would be fine in there. Omega bent her head and entered the hut and while doing so realised that Antares and all the other copies were much shorter than her.

Antares explained that this disparity in size was because the earlier versions were not very good at making physical receptacles for their consciousness so had made much shorter versions than what the initial coding had mentioned. She also explained that Omega had been the only one not only to use the whole coding in manifesting her physical frame outside the Sim but also to actually acquire a full voice and human potential. Antares herself though successful with the voice had not had the power to make herself a full version of the coding.

As they talked freely, Antares realised that one of the other copies had come in to offer dinner and was unnerved by their open talk as she stopped dead in her tracks and had started growling. Antares signalled to Omega to stop talking vocally and to continue the conversation telepathically. Omega obeyed not wanting to stir things up as she had already had a difficult day and night before that. Soon after that, all the clones gathered together with Omega in front of a fire and different sorts of animal that she could not identify were grilled and offered to her. She wondered whether she should eat as she had not eaten anything since the escape from the Sim City but she realised she was hungry so took the parcel from one of the copies and dug her teeth into it. Instantly she felt a repulsion as a warm and slightly nauseating liqiud filled her mouth…

Tony B – Harmandir Sahib (The Golden Temple)

Sim City 6 : Crossing bridges

Sim City 6 : Crossing bridges

24 October 2016

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The next morning she woke up still feeling warm all over where the beasts were still lying. As she stirred, the first beast that had laid its head against her cheek the night before lifted its head and gazed at her. The large eyes looked soulful and sad from this close and she no longer felt the fear of the creatures anyway as they had clearly saved her life. She wondered what language she should speak and if it would make any sense to speak at all. She wanted to thank the creatures for having saved her but she had nothing to offer them as she had not taken any food with her when she had left Prime Creator’s location.


  • You are welcome, said the beast in her head
  • You talk my language, she said aloud surprised and one of the other beasts awoke and stretched itself. She waited for it too to speak in her head but apparently only the first beast could communicate that way.
  • The others don’t speak human language, said the beast. I do but only in your head, my vocal chords are not evolved enough to make the sounds externally. I am Aiga, I was created by Prime Creator like you were before I decided to take to the woods where I found earlier versions of me. They did not have the same genetic modifications as me so were not able to walk on their hind legs initially and only communicated in snarls. When they saw me moving on two legs, they made me their leader and have been following me around even though they too can now move on two legs after I taught them how to do it.
  • It really is a unique feature, she said, looking from the first beast to the others. To her, they all seemed alike and nothing other than this wordless communication differentiated them as far as she was concerned.
  • I know, said Aiga. What is your name, did Prime Creator give you one`?
  • She looked blankly at Aiga. She was not sure whether Prime Creator had given her a name. You can call me Omega, she said
  • Welcome Omega, said Aiga. If you wish, you may join our tribe.
  • Thank you but Prime Creator’s son said another so I think there are more people like me out here in the woods who might be able to help me
  • They are there, beyond the bridges and huts but we don’t go there, said Aiga. We can accompany you to the end of the bridges. After that you will have to proceed alone.


As Omega awoke, so did all the beasts and she felt the slight morning chill as they moved off her body. She felt like wrapping one around her to fight the cold but she did not think it would be a wise thing to attempt. She could feel Aiga smiling next to her and knew that she was still communicating with her mentally. Aiga nudged her towards a small pit on the side of the first of the bridges’ pillars and she saw what seemed like a stack of clothes on some bones.


  • We did not kill those, said Aiga in her head. They were already mortally wounded when they reached here and the others just left them and went.
  • I did not think you would have killed them, said Omega.


She slowly stripped the clothes off the piles of bones and proceeded to wear all of the ragged clothes one over the other instantly warming herself again. It was not as good as the fur of the beasts but she would have to make do with this for now. She mentally signaled to Aiga her desire to bury the bones and Aiga and the other beasts helped her in pushing the earth over the bones until they were fully covered. Omega then took out a few stones from the river banks and put them on the makeshift tomb. She had watched once a priest praying in a funeral but could not remember the words. She looked at Aiga who voiced “Run with the wind” before all the beasts started howling together. Omega thought it really strange that they would howl now while they had not howled at her the night before, not even with the moon out shining brightly upon them.


  • They are only howling to honour the burial performed, said Aiga
  • Did they howl when they first found them, asked Omega
  • No they didn’t. They ate them
  • What do you mean they ate them?
  • Well, the other beasts were hungry and the girls were already dead so they ate them. We don’t kill to eat humans but if they are already dead, we are allowed to eat them. That is how the prime code works.
  • You mean you are coded not to eat living humans
  • We are coded to protect humans and never to eat them alive as long as that code is not overridden by Prime Creator’s red code
  • What is the red code?
  • We can eat any human which threatens the life of Prime Creator or any of its offspring.


Omega looked at Aiga warily and Aiga signaled to her that she was aware of the stun gun but that did not count as an attack on Prime Creator’s life as the stun guns did not kill but only immobilized.


  • Besides, said Aiga. I know you care for Prime Creator
  • I don’t… started Omega before deciding that she need not justify herself to Aiga or to anyone else. She wondered whether she did care about Prime Creator. It was true that she had gotten used to his incursions into her world in stealth mode after the initial panic that had seized her but she had always felt like she was some pet and when she had discovered the code, she had been determined to flee
  • To flee, yes but not to kill
  • Well I would not have accomplished much if I did kill him. That would have only left the guards and for having roamed into their world unnoticed, I know that my fate would have been worse if I had killed Prime Creator and they had caught me.
  • I see, voiced Aiga in her head and her tone sounded mocking. She clearly did not think that was the only reason Omega had let Prime Creator live.
  • Can we continue over the bridges now, she said, slightly irritated
  • Yes, but you must proceed carefully and walk behind us, said Aiga
  • Why is that`?
  • There are much earlier versions that are strong and that do not obey the prime code. They kill and eat humans and other beasts alike. They were released much earlier into the woods and have lost touch with any coding that had initially created them and would kill even Prime Creator if he were to venture out here.
  • Oh, that is why nobody ventures out here!
  • Yes, they are quite vicious and we too move in packs to make sure we can protect ourselves.


Aiga and the other beasts proceeded over the first bridge and Omega followed them closely. Aiga informed Omega mentally that the older beasts did not come out in the open during daytime but attacked mainly at night or when the woods were thickest and hid out the sun. She advised her to stay at the center of the pack when they would be in the woods again between the bridges. Omega obeyed religiously as she could hear the woods alive around them with the noise of twigs and even larger pieces of wood breaking. She shuddered imagining what size they might be as Aiga had given her a mental image of a giant beast when she had talked about them.


  • We are far more numerous and almost as strong despite the fact they are bigger in size, said Aiga. Prime Creator stopped making them after the fifth or sixth unsuccessful trial and so they do not attack us. All in all, there must be only four left as I remember we found one already dead.
  • Did the others eat that one too, she asked
  • We don’t eat each other, not even earlier versions of us, said Aiga


Omega bowed her head and said nothing. She wondered whether she would eat another human being if she were to feel hungry and not have anything else. Aiga looked at her and said quietly that she was sure she would. Omega felt like saying she would not but she sincerely did not know if she would or not if she were that hungry so she just kept quiet and followed the beasts. Whenever they had finished crossing a bridge, the beasts spread out around her and formed a circle while crossing the patches of wood between the bridges. Omega walked on, hurrying to keep their pace and also aware that the minutes in the daytime were precious and needed to be fully utilized to cross the bridges. When they reached the seventh bridge, Aiga signaled that this was the last and she would have to continue alone because the other versions like her might attempt to destroy them if they went further. Aiga also warned her to be mindful of how she dealt with the other versions as they were not as evolved as she was.


There was a small patch between the last bridge and what seemed like a criss cross of logs creating a high fence similar to the one at Prime Creator’s location. She wondered whether the earlier versions of the beasts would come out here in the open. She started running towards the fence and heard the pounding of immense paws break into a race towards her as she picked up speed and leapt across the fence. One of the larger beasts had attempted to catch her in mid-air but only ended up hurling itself against the fence as it had anticipated wrongly her jump. She felt the fence behind her quiver with the shock of the beast’s body hurled against it. The beast yelped and seemed to rise stunned on the other side but she had no time to turn around and try to see it through the tightly knit hedge at the bottom. In front of her, there was what she would have otherwise coined as a welcome committee except that they did not sound too welcoming. It was a group of ladies who all looked almost identical to her except that there was something strange about their features.


She moved towards them, hand extended but the first of her copies stopped her abruptly by grunting savagely and shoving a large piece of wood that looked like half a small tree trunk at her stomach, knocking her down and out of breath


Don’t say you know – Bvdub

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The Art of Dying Alone – Bvdub

Sim City 5 : Down by the river

Sim City 5 : Down by the river

21 October 2016


The woods were alive with unfamiliar noises and she felt movements in the shadows as she ran. Something or a group of things seemed to be closely following her. She wished she had kept the stun gun as she did not know whether she would be able to fight off whatever it was that was stalking her now.

She felt the suns going down more than she saw them as she had moved from the clearing into a thicker part of the woods. In front of her, a large tree offered a lower bough that seemed strong enough to hold her weight. She leapt and swung herself over, landing on it, holding the trunk. Slowly she made her way up to the middle of the tree were there were lots of leaves that offered some warmth against the night’s chill that had started to fall over the woods. She plucked many leaves, attempting to tuck them around her body but most fell off. She wished she had taken at least the shirt off Prime Creator when he was stunned so that she could have some protection against the cold now or at least some material to stuff the leaves into.

Underneath the tree, she saw a number of shadows moving, going around it in circular motion. They looked like beasts she had seen in a show once, not entirely crawling on four paws but rather alternately on two and on four. One of them attempted to leap at the tree and she wondered whether it would make it up the bough as she had earlier but it dropped to the ground unable to make it to the first bough. She wondered whether it or any of the other beasts would figure out how to get up the tree. Perhaps she should try to see whether there was anything out there that could be of help. Peering out of the leaves on each side she could only see other trees.

The moons slowly came out lighting the landscape and she suddenly saw a glint to the East. The shadows stopped their circling and slowly moved away from the trees towards the rising moons. They seemed to be following their rise in the skies. As the moons rose higher, she saw a river in the distance. Perhaps she ought to cross the river she thought. She did not think these things would follow her across.

She climbed down the tree and looked around. They were gone it seemed. She started making her way to the river when she heard a twig snap. One of them was there to her right, standing on two paws. It actually was not really a beast she thought as she took in the resemblance to Prime Creator. The thing’s body was covered in thick fur and its face was twisted and wolf-like despite the vague resemblance to Prime Creator. Behind it, a few similar beasts were approaching. Run she thought but she was fascinated at how all had the same features and could not move. The first one moved towards her, breaking the spell and she ran. She could hear them running behind her as she dashed between the trees heading for the river.

She could hear the sound of it and could see the intermittent glint of its waters under the moonlight as she ran. She dashed from the woods and plunged arms first into the waters. As she had expected the beasts behind her stopped. When she plunged, the ice cold of the waters left her stunned at first. Slowly recovering her senses, she emerged watching the bank closely. They were in a semi-circle now, observing her intently. It surprised her that until now they had uttered no sound. Not one sound at all. It was odd with beasts of that nature she thought and chuckled inward at the tales of wolves howling naturally at the moon but her teeth were chattering now and she could not bring even a smile to her lips. She started slowly towards the other bank but froze as she saw more beasts on the other side. How on Earth had they made it to the other side she thought.

The bridge stood in the distance almost mockingly she felt. Her brain was getting numb and she could not think of another solution to this problem. She swam back to the other bank, barely able to make it. Her limbs were feeling increasingly heavy and her body seemed to be going into hypothermia. Either way she was going to die she thought. After all she had gone through, it was going to come to that. How pointless she thought bitterly. She slowly rose out of the waters and clumsily made her way to the bank. Better a quick ending she thought to herself than freezing a slow death in the river. She dropped down exhausted and in shock at the feet of the first beast.

The beast gazed down at her then slowly inched its way towards her. She saw the large disfigured likeness of the face of Prime Creator come towards her. She could already imagine the jaws mangling her head. The beast laid its head against her cheek and then lowered its body next to hers. Another followed its example, its face lying across her bare chest and its body pressed to her other flank. A few more followed and in no time all her body was covered with fur. She felt the warmth slowly return to her limbs. Sleep slowly overtook her and she closed her eyes, feeling safe and warm. The moons glistened on the waters illuminating the figures of the beasts, huddled, down by the River.


Holiday on the Moon – Puscifer

The Green Valley – Puscifer

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Sim City 4: Touch

Sim City 4: Touch

21 October 2016


She ran through the trees, dodging, just in case they would use real guns this time. She did not think there were any left since the days of the magnetic shift. Everything had become wired and electrical since then, she had learnt through the data she had skimmed through earlier. Some of the branches caught her hair as she ran but she did not stop even as some of it ripped off. A swarm of birds flew out of the woods as she ran towards them. She could still hear Prime Creator; he was sobbing it seemed. She paused imperceptibly in her flight. She felt forlorn at the idea that she would probably never see him again and then she remembered that not only had he prepared the code to destroy her but he had also pulled the trigger. He did not know then that not only she would survive it but it would actually make her stronger. Her jaw clenched and she resumed her running.

Prime Creator rose from the sands ignoring the extended hand of one of his guards. He felt foolish at having put up such an emotional display. His guards had always known him as a cool, level-headed man with a great deal of power and knowledge. He was angry at the prospect of having fully shattered that image now with her overpowering him and him breaking down over her loss. What fools they both were. He was certain the beasts in the wood would have eaten her by the next morning if she did not simply freeze or fall into one of those traps laid there so many years earlier by the Elders. They too had tried to eradicate the beasts but they were too numerous and their numbers grew too quickly for anyone to master them let alone attempt to eradicate them fully.

He walked back towards the room where his son lay still stunned though recovering slowly his wits. He took him in his arms and his son’s body stiffened. He was not used to his father embracing him and it felt overwhelmingly strange and unpleasant at first. He tried to break away before slowly becoming engulfed by a sense of warmth, almost like when he put the blanket over him during the frosty nights. He raised a tentative hand towards his father’s shoulder and let it rest there. Prime Creator’s body stiffened now as he felt his son’s hand attempt the same soothing movement he was applying on his son’s back.

He had almost forgotten how it felt, this simple exchange. It was not that he had not had any human contact but all the women he had were mere evacuation of his lust. That had been the only thing that he had not gotten ridden of successfully and thankfully he had had in store countless women who enjoyed his company. Some of them were his guards preferred companions but none of them minded the temporary exchange. After all, everything here belonged to Prime Creator and it was pointless trying to keep a sense of ownership over anything because at the end of the day, if one wanted to stay in a clan, one had to be flexible. Out there, there were only the woods on one side and another clan on the other side so why bother?

He had almost forgotten how it felt to love as well. The barely affectionate stance he maintained with his son whom he was grooming to take his place and the curt exchanges with the guards did nothing to sway that. Not even the times he gave in to his lust with one of the many available women had ever changed that as it had meant nothing more to him than clockwork machinery. That was of course until he had created Sim City and her. He cursed inward but could not help feeling that pang of regret that he would never be able to see her or touch her again. He did not long for her in the same way as when he lusted for a woman. That was easier to fulfill as any of the ladies would do and once he was over with it, that lady in particular meant nothing more to him than quenching a thirst with any available water.

With her it was not the same thing. He had watched her as she moved around in the Sim, found her way through things, faltered, found a new way to do what she was unable to do before. It was almost as if she was truly learning by herself and no longer following the code. Countless times he had verified and yes, indeed, she had deviated from the program. He watched as she slept, as she woke up, as she moved, breathed, danced, cried, laughed. Sometimes, he would stay days just watching her and doing nothing else. The first time he had touched her, he had coded himself in stealth mode then jacked into the Sim, flowing around her, touching her teasingly while she battled startled by the ghostly invasion.

The more he had watched her, the more he had wanted to be with her and crept every night into the Sim in stealth mode. She grew accustomed to his presence and he never knew truly whether she resented it or liked it. Sometimes, he would stand right in front of her, watch her gaze at herself in the mirror or at something she was building and marvel at the liquid dark pools animated by intent. He would reach out to her and touch her softly on the cheek or kiss the nape of her neck and she would barely shudder. He never knew what she felt because her changes were never captured in the coding but he had vowed then that he would gather more heuristic data to check her evolution. Now he would never know at all. He winced at the thought of it. He had always hoped that he would be able to reprogram her, even as he had squeezed the trigger of the stun gun, he had thought she would shatter but he could always create her again with the source data from the fragments but now it would be impossible. The image of her body – a body he would never touch again – mangled by the beasts overpowered him and he held on to his son stronger and sobbed again.


Horizons – Puscifer

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Sim City 3 : Into the woods

Sim City 3: Into the woods

19 October 2016


The boy hit her full blast in the chest with the stun gun. The impact stung slightly and then she could feel the electricity surge through her ribcage and fill her chest with vibrations. She feasted on the sensation before pulling the stun gun off and kicking him off balance with a diving lunge at his feet. In no time she had overpowered him and stood over him with the stun gun in her hand. She looked at him, expressionless, her finger on the trigger. He attempted to open his mouth again to yell for Prime Creator. She squeezed the trigger and left him lying in the middle of the room, his body convulsing at the rhythm of the waves she had emptied into his brain.

Prime Creator had come out of his room and was staring at her. He caught a glimpse of his son’s body from the corner of his eye and rushed towards him. She looked back at both of them. How pained he seemed at watching his son shudder. She resumed her journey onward, bent on leaving the house. In her mind she had seen clearly the woods beyond the garden of the house. She would be safe there as Prime Creator did not seem to like the woods. She heard Prime Creator pick up the stun gun. She shook her head in disbelief. He did not know! It struck her that he was much less intelligent than she had thought him to be when she had first discovered he had made her.

Don’t, she said barely audibly. Something in her voice chilled him. It had nothing to do with the voice he had given her in his coding. His hand shook and the finger on the trigger faltered. Please don’t, she repeated. The change of pitch in her voice to what he recognized reassured him. He pressed the trigger and closed his eyes, sorry that he had had to destroy her after all. The gun dropped from his hands. When he opened them again, she was towering above him, the gun firmly in her hand.

  • What are you doing? he asked.
  • Isn’t it obvious, father? Her voice was slightly mocking. Again that unfamiliar pitch.
  • Where will you go?
  • Anywhere but here no more
  • You cannot manage on your own. You have no idea about the world
  • You’ve taught me enough in the Sim father

He looked at her slightly irritated that she should call him father before lowering his eyes from the intensity of her gaze

  • I am not your father
  • Visibly not or you would be pained at trying to get rid of me like when you saw your son writhing
  • I was not going to get rid of you
  • I saw the code you prepared
  • Oh that! I was not going to use it
  • Then why spend so much time creating it?
  • I had thought that perhaps… I did not see how else to change the course of events
  • What course of events?
  • I tried everything but whatever I tried, it always ended up the same way and Sim City was always lost
  • Perhaps you should have tried this

He felt the waves penetrate his skull just as he looked up at her again. Her face was calm and dispassionate. It reminded him of his own when he had dissected a frog several decades ago on a school bench.

She threw the gun and ran into the sunlight leaving their writhing bodies behind her. She wondered what the young one had meant when he had yelled “Another one”. Behind her she could hear the pounding of feet as the guards attempted to stop her flight. The fence was higher than what she had seen when wandering here in her mind. She picked up speed, her body tensed and she leaped, bracing herself in mid-air for the impact of the new ground she did not know. The guards watched with open mouths as she leapt over the fence, rolled over head first and ran into the woods beyond.

Prime Creator came out of the house, limping, his eyes still in a daze. He dropped to his knees and buried his forehead in the sand. He sobbed into the sand realizing he would never see her again. A swarm of birds flew out of the woods in a flurry from where he guessed she was still running.


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Sim City 2: Breaking Out

Sim City 2: Breaking Out

19 October 2016


In the room, everything was silent except for the sizzling sound of the giant screen. She looked through the waves into the room that was plunged in darkness except for a few eerily lit corners. It was totally unlike the room he had designed for her although fairly similar to what she had seen when she had wandered through it in her mind. Her forehead struggled against the strongest vibrating wave just above her right eye. She pushed again as it resisted her exit. The elasticity of the wave snapped back at her forehead. Her brow sizzled and she cooled it with a tap of her hand. She set her forehead again slowly pressing it against the wave as it vibrated. She synchronized her mind with its lash, felt the wave give in and she pressed further merging with it in her mind. She felt the vibration through her skull, causing that dizziness again. She stood her ground, refusing to give in. Slowly, the wave crept down her throat and her spine. Oscillating fully with it now, she inched her way out of the screen, like a baby oozing through an aperture, leaving amniotic liquid and threads of broken matter from the other room that had not synchronized well enough with the waves.

She stood up, shaking herself free of the remnants of the threads and most of it snapped back into place although a tiny small hole remained at the center of the screen where her right eye had exited. She reached out to it, fingering it softly, feeling it attempting to draw her back in. She withdrew her hand swiftly. Not today. Today she had something important to do. She did not like the code she had seen when she had visited the room last in her mind. Prime creator was clearly thinking of getting rid of her and she could not allow that. Not now that she had come to know so many things. Not after she had got this far. She looked at the giant screen turning black again, the communication channel broken except for the monitors that showed her the still scenes of the world she had just escaped.

She rushed through the packets of data strewn across the small external hard disks. She had seen Prime Creator go through them one after another on his laptop but she did not require the same devices. Running her palm over the hard disks, she was able to capture all the data stored in them and having gone through it realised that what she needed was not here. She knew it would not be of much use to steal it even if she did find it but remembered that it had taken Prime Creator a very long time to create that code so surely she would then have enough time to figure out how to fully put an end to this destructive desire he had developed.

She headed out of the room before realizing she was fully naked. When she had exited the screen, her clothes had been part of what was shredded to threads or sucked back into the other room. She realised that she must have clothes on if she wanted to go around unheeded. She knew that Prime Creator often had female company so there would be nobody to question why there was a young girl moving around the premises. Suddenly, someone yelled out “Another one!” She turned towards the sound of the voice and saw a smaller version of Prime Creator running towards her with what looked like a stun gun. She laughed inwards. What a fool she thought. He does not realise. This is going to be the perfect sustenance for later. She squared her shoulders and waited for him.


Lagrimas – B-Tribe

Libera Me – B-Tribe

Asturias – B-Tribe