My shadows are within me

My shadows are within me

25 April 2020



Rose wilted

Constant gardener

To rescue

Came along

The rose revived by water

Growing wild and strong



Flowing from the soul

Inhale it

Deep within

For when the hope runs so thin

Darkness to control


Fear no fight

Bow never to plight


The balance

My shadows are within me

They move me to light


Reading of the poem:

Alma – Guitarra Azul

March defunct

March defunct

7 March 2017

march defunct rgbstock com
Courtesy rgbstock com


Exam flunked

Student Methodist

Wood artist

With a twist

Presents trophy panelist

A fan to enlist


Myth debunked

Shadow turning light

Revived sight

Crouching slight

Figures dancing in the fight

Confusion of plight


March defunct

Pulls me to April

Window sill

Peeps on hill

Where the lovers now nest still

Forgotten the kill


Reading of the poem: 

march defunct spirit rising pinterest com

Carolina 1968 – Chico Buarque

Fado Tropical – Chico Buarque

O que será (A flor da terra) – Chico Buarque

What I see now dies

What I see now dies

7 January 2017

Courtesy Christian Schloe

Words spilling

Through intent killing

She takes me

Cherished tree

Withered hearts that beg in plea

Washed in random sea


They walk out

Shadows tall and stout

Souls that winced

Intent rinsed

Rising red from meat that’s minced

Mind no heart convinced


Moons follow

Heartbeats to hollow

Willow’s seed

Murky weed

Choices made on brink of speed

We retain soft reed


Save me sight

Hush the renewed plight

Blinding stare

Whining glare

Flight in seconds we were there

Living in nightmare


Grinding blast

Dissolution fast

Wink you’re gone

On the lawn

Brittle pieces once upon

A lifeline now torn


They crawl slow

Shadows through the flow

Mend my eyes

Feed me lies

I once looked upon the skies

What I see now dies


Reading of the poem:  

Courtesy Christian Schloe

The Sound of Silence – Pat Metheny

Minuano – Pat Metheny

Last Train Home – Pat Metheny

To the End of the World – Pat Metheny

The Truth will Always Be – Pat Metheny

Always and Forever – Pat Metheny


Infinity share as our Hearts unite

Infinity share as our Hearts unite

18 August 2016

come cgfrog com George-Redhawk-Animated-GIFs5

In hidden deep lair lies path to twilight

For the minds of flair guide to lost sunlight

From roots the skies flare to end of the plight

As I lay down hair Times riddle me right


The foregone despair concedes to delight

The now vacant chair of forgotten might

We toil to repair in times of respite

The tear and the wear of lifetimes that smite


No more shields we bear a token of fight

We will resume care for Future so bright

Gone vanity fair in step of the night

Clear Hearts to compare the gift of the sight


When the Truth will bare our Souls to the light

Infinity share as our Hearts unite


Reading of the poem: 

Come cgfrog com George-Redhawk-Animated-GIFs3

Not Broken – Morcheeba

Blindfold – Morcheeba

Love show – Skye




حبيبتي يا خالة يا نور الأفغان

أنجبته و جعلت منه إنسان

و هكذا فعل بك الزَمان

و بالفعل ما ترك لك مكان


 تحمَلت الأوجاع كافحت السَرطان

و كم كان لشجاعتك من برهان

و ما إعتبر الوفاء ما لك من إيمان

 و نزع من حياتك أيَ إطمئنان


أختي الكريمة المكبوتة في الباكستان

أخذك و كان جمالك فتَان

ضربك و نزع الإحساس بالأمان

و ها أنت الآن في سجن من الأسجان


أمَاه أخذ منك العمر والأسنان

بادلك حقدا ما أعطيت من حنان

و ما أحسَ يوما بأنَه مديان

لك منِي تحيَة لك منِي قربان