3 August 2017

Humbug merrygoround


The merry-go-round kept taking on new passengers as it twirled around the park, loosened from its bolts. Some passengers stepped gratefully onto it and some were whisked onto it without the intention of being there at all. Sally watched as those who did not mean to get onto the wild gamepod struggled to get out and even achieve any balance at all. It was not a vengeful, baleful or resenting watch but rather one tainted with the inequitable curiosity of the one who had the upper hand in a game with no rules.

As she watched, one or two passengers were able to get off the merry-go-round but for now around 15 remained locked onto its surface which seemed quite akin to a shaking ship’s deck. Most had adapted their composure to that of the pod and were therefore not affected by its mad shaking. Sally smiled as she slowly released the trigger on the pod’s initiate mod and engaged the throttle. The pod burst into a crystal version of itself and one of the passengers turned around to engage Sally in an eye contest as the pod took off.

« I thought you said to the wild in Africa » he said

« The real wild is out there in the skies or down under in the water » said Sally. « We have better material for exploring the skies than the waters which we also believe less apt to provide us with solutions », she continued.

The man shook his head. You are a terrible humbug he said.

Hmmm… Humbug, she said and thought. That is an interesting label. I think I will brace and embrace it, she said.



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The Best of Scott Joplin

Ode to Joy – Sonny May

Bucket’s got a hole in it –  George Lewis and his ragtime band

In beating temples

In beating temples

17 April 2017

Courtesy Christian Schloe


Hawk’s eye stirs

Mesmerised iris

Glaring whirs

Into sight

The shadow behind that blurs

Witnesses of light


Invoke me

A game to dethrone

Casting stone

In rivers

The thought that blind delivers

From mirrors of old


Beat the cold

The breath throbbing drum

In the hum

Tale of two

Passengers that we once knew

In beating temples


Reading of the poem: 

PhoenixFlying2 golden 5

Heart Warriors – Byron Metcalf