Give in to waters

Give in to waters

17 March 2016

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We struggle

Breathing through ether

Distilled rain

Scent of pain

Fear and hate make essence boil

Barren now our soil


We are made

In love’s wet caskets


Our life’s bone

The exit harsh time to hone

Skill of two flowers


Beaten live

Into this dry world

They sky dive


Falling into a parched land

Decomposed atoms


The time spent

To learn equations

Of still life

That blooms slow

Replicating inner glow

Preexisting light


Random fight

We pick up with else

Is but clone

Of our own

Inner turmoil decanting

Sediments of self


Free the mind

Give in to waters

Learn to breathe

Through raindrops

They are life that flows through heart

They are Time’s secrets


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Our Love is easy – Melody Gardot



20 December 2015

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Blinked hard


The Momentum

It would take a lot of blinking to speak



Parched hoarse


Its caverns deep

The voice muffled by distance emerged slight



Pricked up


The heart flowed quick

Within the blink of an eye it emptied

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This poem follows the Tetractys form 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 syllables

Imagine Dragons – Demons

Don’t cry for me for heavens will now smile

Don’t cry for me for heavens will now smile

16 August 2015

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When you loved me then I became all Love

So I may feel fires in your bosom

I was your moon and your sorrow-filled dove

I was your flower never to blossom


When your heart ached I became all heartache

So I may be one with all of your pangs

And none of this could ever make me quake

Not even the thoughts of death’s sharpened fangs


Divided by such a thin paper wall

Between the nothingness and everything

Absorbing Love lessens shock of the fall

My Love, my light, my prince, nay say my King


As I wither into eternal sigh

My arms heavy cloaked in loss of morrow

Your Love lends me bliss and hopes oh so high!

Of more time, just time that I could borrow


Time still marble would not lend me a while

And as I croak, throat parched by your absence

“Don’t cry for me for heavens will now smile”

Again I choke on your renewed fragrance

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Hollow Earth breathes loud

Hollow Earth breathes loud

24 June 2015

parched earth 5

Cool wind is mirage

Tricks produced by thirsting land

Hunting of shade starts

Minds search for shadow in thoughts

Find no source of inner peace


Heat wave dries up land

Parched territory stretches

Hollow Earth breathes loud

Devoid of content mind shouts

Words gushing forth like lava

Kenya, mirage in desert, sunset