Les changements là bruissaient nouveau monde en écrin / The changes there rustled new world in jewel case

Les changements là bruissaient nouveau monde en écrin

(Poème écrit en vers Alexandrin sous forme de sonnet occitan. Traduction en anglais ci-bas ou ici)

3 March 2017


Invoquer les abats dans un rôle de défiance

Chercher bruit assourdi dans le rythme des tempêtes

Prolonger les combats au-delà de confiance

Plonger en Coeur de nuit jusqu’à ce que bruit s’arrête


Il résume les ébats quand survient le silence

D’une clameur alourdie par les pas d’épithètes

Jour consume branlebas de la nocturne science

Fête par-delà l’ennui l’émergence des prophètes


Connais-tu désormais la couleur des lumières

Les nuits définissaient jusqu’au moindre recoin

Quand toujours et jamais se fondaient en clairières


Les obscurs finissaient dans un monde de déclins

Il fut vieux que j’aimais comme un souvenir lointain

Les changements là bruissaient nouveau monde en écrin


Lecture du poème: 

Courtesy Jegatharsan on deviantart.com

Horizon of Gold – Ben Leinbach


The changes there rustled new world in jewel case

(Poème originally written in French in Alexandrin verse in Occitan sonnet form. See original above or here)

3 March 2017


Invoking the offals in a defiant role

Look for muffled noise in the rhythm of storms

Prolonging the fighting beyond the confidence

Diving into the Night’s Heart until all the noise stops


It resumes the frolics when appears the silence

Of a clamor weighed down by steps of epithets

Day consumes the alerts of the nocturnal science

Feast beyond the boredom emergence of prophets


Do you finally know the color of the lights

The nights used to define up to slightest corner

Forever and never blended into clearings


The obscure were ending in a world of decline

He was old that I loved as a distant memory

The changes there rustled new world in jewel case


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Khumjung – Ben Leinbach

Heart shaped Polly gone

Heart shaped Polly gone

26 August 2016

Courtesy pinterest.com


Handed down

Jewel of my Crown

Endless heads

Flower beds

Prairies tall as gardeners reek

Generations leak



To the mindless eyes

Decisions weigh

Mass unwise

Prairies fall as gardeners reap

Generations leap


Hands many

The traceless is One

Bring me back

My emblems

Shadows your darkness totems

From my dance all stems


Eyes cast down

Heavenly choices

The mind own

Heart bonded

Skies when questioned responded

With my purple hues


Speak to me

Of ageless morrows

Give me rhythm

Of your Heart

Wisdom my soul will impart

Into your twined suns



Flight to the placeless


Inside Frame

New geometry the game

Heart shaped Polly gone


Reading of the poem: 

heartpath zengarden com

Mandara – Vas & Azam Ali

Saphyrro – Vas & Azam Ali

Prayer for Soleil – Vas & Azam Ali

Conflagration of Senses

Conflagration of Senses

9-10 February 2016

fire adayinthelifeoferikreyman blogspot com
Courtesy adayinthelifeoferikreyman.blogspot.com


The wild at hearts flare

Like masterpiece of summer

Scorching the dried woods


The wildfire a blaze

Best pick of the century

A view nonpareil


Trophy of brightness

Uninterrupted by rocks

Moss shriveled by sun


Flaming pearl jewel

They attempted taming it

Flushing flash of fire


Like stone ornament

Of precious roots uncovered

Sparkler’s crystal light


No glass contained it

Conflagration of Senses

The infinite heat


Reading of the poem: 

fire diaforetiko gr fire-woman-felice-monda
Courtesy diaforetiko.gr


Written for Ronovan writes Haiku challenge. Ping back and rules here



Yeh Mera Deewana Pan hai – Susheela Raman

Mahima – Susheela Raman