Queen of my kingdom

Queen of my kingdom

24 May 2020

Courtesy Stefan Gesell


When dawn wakes

Meet me in valleys

Where kings walk


The look of love a token

Riddled with the night


The stage fright

Through loss of the mind

Settles score

With the past

Memories hidden to last

Beyond the probing



My frame enrobing

When I walked

In the fields

Renewed I am now revealed

Queen of my kingdom


Reading of the poem:

B – TRIBE – Suave Suave

Within mind

Within mind

24 May 2020

Courtesy Christian Schloe


Blackbirds fly

In the summer sky

Forests glow

In my chest

Bosom upon which to rest

Your body awaits


Flailing lungs

Gasping for the air

Broken nights

To repair

Toiling with my daily care

Replenishing days


Dreams to sow

In my memory

Within mind

Count me in

When the hope is running thin

The bliss I rewind


Reading of the poem:

Yann Tiersen – Porz Goret

Only you I loved

Only you I loved

22 May 2020

Courtesy Stefan Gesell


Within me

I now find myself

Within out

Without in

Travesty of innocence

I know my own dark


The true heart

She wells inside me

Now she says


Everyone I laid eyes on

Only you I loved


Morning’s lark

Wakes in me the light

The nights’ cull

Comes undone

Weaving in chest none to fight

Soul ne’er black nor white


Reading of the poem:

Maksim Mrvica – Hana’s Eyes(HQ)

Under your bright sun

Under your bright sun

21 May 2020

Courtesy Stefan Gesell



Spilling in the rain

The garden

Now awash

Flowers and fruit all laden

A feast for your eyes


Your features

Bright and definite

Like the love


Gushing through the sentences

Composed by the heart


My shadow

Under your bright sun

Towards which

I now run

Happiness is not mere word

Expression unheard


Reading of the poem:

Half the Perfect World – Madeleine Peyroux

Trickle of honey

Trickle of honey

20 May 2020


Flatter me

With your attention

Raw passion

To ignite

Teeth invitation to bite

Into fleshy sides


Seek and hide

Secrets to confide

I roam free

In your soul

Neither of us to control

Outcomes of the love


Your kisses

Trickle of honey

Embalm me

With sunshine

Your love is the only food

On which I could dine


Reading of the poem:

Norah Jones – Will you still love me tomorrow

Like seal on my lips

Like seal on my lips

18 May 2020

Courtesy unsplash


I see you

Emblem of true love

You hover

In the space

Between me and hidden face

Redesigning worlds


The truth hurled

From voices of birds

Song from dark


They join the merry lark

In fusion of genre


Sit with me

I am now breathless

From your love

High above

A kiss so delightful slips

Like seal on my lips


Reading of the poem:

Norah Jones – I´ve Got to See You Again

Deep within my heart

Deep within my heart

17 May 2020

Courtesy dance poise


Dance with me

In moves sensual

To the beat

In our feet

Rhythm of the waves chanting

The soul enchanting


Heart singing

The melodies slow

High and low

Move bodies

The backdrop a scenery

Of spring’s greenery


Take my hand

To fairy tale land

We move fast

Soul steadfast

The music flowing in art

Deep within my heart


Reading of the poem:

Sierra Maestra – El Son Hay Que Llevarlo En El Corazon

Of Love’s wilderness

Of Love’s wilderness

16 May 2020

Courtesy Stefan Gesell



Green foliage

Covering the ground

Seeking eye

Now spellbound

I breathe in the summer’s dew

Seasons brought anew


Clouds gather

High above in skies

They rumble

With the seed

Of water mingling with salt

Life breeds a new creed


Falling rain

Shimmering raindrops

On my head

They sparkle

They point to a new cycle

Of Love’s wilderness


Reading of the poem:

Sam Smith – Fire on Fire

Rumbling in my heart

Rumbling in my heart

15 May 2020

Courtesy Stefan Gesell

Music set

Melodies thriving

In my blood

As they flood

The synapses of my brain

Through journey in ear


Parting point

Rhythm now disjoint

Like my knees

As they ease

Into postures of dances

Of my wild prances


Summer slow

Eases into spring


On the hills

Where I hear your echo ring

Rumbling in my heart


Reading of the poem:

PALO! “Al Monte” • Musica Cubana Salsa Jazz Funk

Fleshy taste of strawberry

Fleshy taste of strawberry

13 May 2020

Courtesy creativemarket


The rancour

Now melting away

Mind knows night

Heart knows day

The soul in between to sway

Springtime steps astray


Summer bloom

Moves springtime too soon

Into past

None to last

Watching bearded chin to groom

Lost in the whiskers


Hidden fruit

Shielded from the eye

In darkness

Your lips curl

Fleshy taste of strawberry

I unearth slowly


Readng of the poem:

Iyeoka – Simply Falling