Rebuilding Gaia

Rebuilding Gaia

2 February 2017


Courtesy Christian Schloe



Shun me not

Everlasting light

Let the night

Seep so slight

From my fingertips delight

Purple twined my pot


We forgot

Meanings of the stems

All problems

Unstitched hems

Withered in the night the gems

We thought we begot


We were lost

Yearning for the void

Hearts avoid

Breath buoyed

By true love’s special steroid

Retrieving outpost


We are back

Spun out of axis

Fire praxis


Venus showed the hair flax is

We are back on track


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We talk stakes

Old discourse rewind

Not unkind

We remind

Freedom never undermined

As the mind awakes


We drive cast

The what and the who

Neglect shoo

Bee to woo

Our kingdom twined into two

Forgotten the past


None to blame

All thunder to hush

Forward rush

Bride did blush

Lightning’s strike King with a brush

Dawn undid the shame



Holy messenger

Light bringer

Bow stringer

Now only thought to linger

Rebuilding Gaia


Reading of the poem: 

earthstillness14earthstillness15 largest


Everlasting Light – Mono

Pure as Snow – Mono

Yearning – Mono

Moonlight – Mono

Nostalgia – Mono

Requiem for Hell – Mono

Lost Snow – Mono

Follow the Map – Mono

The Battle to Heaven – Mono

Dream Odyssey – Mono


The inner voices

The inner voices

10 September 2016



Hunger spins

Fabric of demise


The crowds rise

Like the specks of deserts sands

Blow into new lands


Castles built

Upon edge of Truth

The minds free

Seek no glee

Within artificial gems

Pillars of the dark



Born of the foresight

Hidden light

Pervades me

Millenary waters breed

The birth of my creed


Complex rings

Gather to anthems

The light brings

In lanterns

We roam inside minds’ circles

When dark encircles


Waters heal

Touch of the darkness


To harness

The pathways to Heart reveal

New Kingdom to come


Silence breathes

The inner voices

Soul to soul

Talk to feel

The touch of fear to repeal

My staff my Heart weighs


Reading of the poem: 


The Voice – Celtic Woman

Nella Fantasia – Celtic Woman

Walking in the Air – Celtic Woman


All matter alike

All matter alike

6 June 2016

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Race behind

Lost moments in Time


Of hopeless

Time exists but in the mind

Stillness births present


Lay thee down

In tatters or crown

Time sees not

Time heeds not

Its only master the heart

No item for sale


The rebirth

Illusion of thought

Prison mates


The willing fierce consensus

Energy’s game pawns


Ebbing life

Isolation’s stance

The bleak death


Dark conclusion heart-rending

The self-centered choice


Look again

The sand is but streams

Heaven born

In the dreams

The joyous fountains appear

When the thirst lingers


Wasted piles


Golden spoons

In black mouths

Imprint of bile on the lips

Of hidden treasures


The saviours

They come from within

Mirrored souls

Precious gems

Fine tailoring known from hems

All matter alike


Reading of the poem: 

matter youtube com 2

If will come tomorrow – Stive Morgan

Close to Heaven – Stive Morgan

Song for Life – Stive Morgan