Ocean of Despair

Ocean of Despair

28 October 2015

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You ruptured the wound

It flowed freely gushing blood

Clad in muddy red


He watched unmoved, still

While mother hastened lonely

Cleansing though scolding


I ran to your side

He silenced my every step

Held you in between


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Hands wrung and helpless

Twin a brother could smother

Chastising, scorching


Confusion roared high

Blue Alice sank in the hole

As the well grew tall


Mother threw me rope

But my spirit cast in stone

Yearned for silent peace


I dwelt low a while

Yearning for twin fluttered

Peace soared through my limbs


Twin futures gleamed raw

More than heavenly pairing

We are our choices


Fools choose with the mind

Arrogance of all knowing

Heart seeing nothing


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Token of eternity

Transformed in goodbye

I hoisted new sails


Ocean of Despair

Beckoned with the Tides Rising

As I set out slight


Ten turning to Twelve

Synchronicities strike Death

For second coming

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Harrowing will be thy shame

Harrowing will be thy shame

9 October 2015

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Blue moon spake to me

Eerie silvery voices

Rang through her waning


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“Repent young blue one

Let the dark souls be your guides

See power in Fear”


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I bid the moon Light

That she may see in darkness

That this Heart dispels


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“Thy Heart be undone

Thy will be forever none

Thy memories spent”


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I pleated love charms

With silver rays from her veins

Gifted them in Love


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“Hark!” she bellowed sharp

“Harrowing will be thy shame

In all kingdoms come”


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The Source that created me

Flowed in me silent


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