Chalk drawing

Chalk drawing

23 March 2020

Hello everybody and I hope you are sound and safe at home or elsewhere.

This is my new attempt since a while with chalk. With everyone self-isolated or almost, it seemed like a good idea to start with this again.


The last time I drew with chalk was almost 3 years ago so I became rusty again at it. The chalk I ordered was quite small so difficult to maneuver and disappeared quite quickly but I hope you will like this all the same.


Stay blessed, stay safe until this whole thing blows over, hopefully in time to let us enjoy some spring.


The Illusionist Main Theme Philip Glass

The chalk on the floor

The chalk on the floor

5 July 2018

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She readjusted the dish-stand. It still looked crooked. Nothing seemed to be straight in anything that was going on around her she thought. Her shoulders hunched slightly in defeat. She turned the dish-stand around lengthwise against the wall and it finally seemed to fit straight. At least one thing that would be in order she thought. She laughed to herself at the idea that her OCD behaviour seemed to be returning. This was definitely not the place to have those compulsions she thought to herself. She shrugged off the nagging impulse to set straight the jars that were drying next to the sink.

On the floor a cockroach was running towards shelter under the sink. She gritted her teeth and tried to swat it with the broom but it was too fast for her. She re-positioned the broom but it had already disappeared under the sink. She did not feel like going to search for it. The mere idea of pursuing the insect under the sink nauseated her. She looked for the chalk she had bought earlier and that was said to keep away ants and roaches. Slowly but surely, she began drawing straight lines all across the floor, around the sink, the granite topped cavities that acted as makeshift cupboards and the small wooden cupboards.

After she had finished drawing the lines she stood up and gazed at them. Some seemed slightly crooked and she bent down to draw straighter lines after she had rubbed away those that seemed crooked. She repeated the experience when she felt the result was unsatisfactory. After a while she was far more pleased with the result of her drawings. She stood up and gazed at the drawings from above. They were indeed very straight now with the intersections giving forth clean right angles.

From the corner of her eye she could see one of the huge ants that had been there earlier run towards the cupboard and then stop before the line in front of it. She was extremely pleased to have bought the chalk. It seemed like her ticket to sanity in this insane circle of huge ants and roaches that had been taking turns in attacking her stock of groceries. She looked at the lines again beaming at the idea that they would finally protect the groceries. Under the tube light it seemed to her that the chalk on the floor beamed back at her.


Opa Tsupa – Les deux Guitares

Chalk drawing of flower

Chalk drawing of flower

15 August 2017


This is a new trial in chalk of a flower. I am not sure which flower it is. I initially thought azalea but am not doubting it. Unfortunately there was nothing on the name when I saw the image.


I have used smudging as well as direct chalk application. The medium I drew upon is coloured plain brown sheet. My guess is that this would have been better on a lighter colour of the same type of sheet.


I hope you like it nevertheless

Azalea 2

Anni Rose – Tulku

In the Peak of the Darkness

In the Peak of the Darkness

17 October 2015



The years rolling by

Bring to memories lost Love

That stood its own ground


The clouds kissed parted

Intricate weavings of Fate

The moon shone again


What say you and me?

Did you look into the Well?

Penny dropped soundless


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I gathered piglets

Broke their side on concrete world

Tossed in vain wishes


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Through the seen Waters

Looking glass sights dispelled Dark

Wisps of Tomorrow


Dismembered slight thoughts

Turn to agony of mind

Twisted downtrodden


I wiped chalks’ inking

In the Peak of the Darkness

Feathers bore me Light


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I flew to the chalk mountain

I flew to the chalk mountain

18 July 2015

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Desert sand piled smooth

Into horizons stacked still

Call to yesterday

Ring tone of memory box

Unwinds in body of clay

Eyes strayed in yellow

Traces of glory past swayed

To tunes forgotten

A music played in my soul

Humming to spirits unbound

Coils of time swirled

Memory corrected wrong

Darkness settled in

Doom overcame the righteous

Falling in love of the throng

Kings walked in valley

Where shadows never met soul

All but one in line

Irrepressible free bird

I flew to the chalk mountain

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