Je revis le trépas d’un sein qu’on engorge / I revisit the death of a breast that is choked

Je revis le trépas d’un sein qu’on engorge

(Poème écrit en Alexandrin sous forme de sonnet occitan. Voir traduction ci-bas ou ici)

24 février 2017

Courtesy Christian Schloe


Dans une vision tonneau chercher grands horizons

Un tour de cœur refaire pour un monde visiter

Créer un monde de beau au-delà des chansons

Désillusions défaire pour cœur ressusciter


Tenir au doigt l’anneau feux sacrés étalons

Un cœur rouge à parfaire de nacre à imiter

Cygnes graciles là sur l’eau ; leur pure beauté hélons

Rouge dans blanc fait roseau bleu spleen à limiter


Dans clairière endormie je vaquais aux besognes

Sous un ciel de lilas qui me prenait à gorge

Refaite taxidermie lasse livrée aux charognes


Je revis le trépas d’un sein qu’on engorge

Pilule hyperthermie pour cœur qui par trop cogne

Marchand de rêves sépias belles couleurs qu’on égorge


Lecture du poème: 

Les roses blanches – Berthe Sylva

I revisit the death of a breast that is choked

(Translation of a poem written originally in Alexandrin verse in Occitan Sonnet form in French. See original above or here)

24 February 2017

Courtesy Christian Schloe


In tunnel-like vision look for great horizons

A tour of heart remake for a world to visit

Create world of beauty beyond the simple songs

Disillusionment lose for Heart to Resurrect


To hold at finger ring sacred fires measures

A red heart to perfect mother-of-pearl to mime

Graceful swans on water; Their pure beauty we’ll hail

Red in white made a reed for blue spleen to limit


In a sleepy clearing, I set about my task

Under a lilac sky that seized me at the throat

Renewed taxidermy delivered to carrion


I revisit the death of a breast that is choked

A hyperthermia pill for heart that beats too much

Merchant of sepia dreams lovely colors slaughtered


Reading of the poem: 

The Waiting Hour – Human Drama

Sereno variabile

Sereno variabile

22 August 2016

sereno against_the_darkness_by_mirellasantana-d8vgnfc
Courtesy mirellasantana on


Out of skin

Breath of the Divine


Within Time

The making of primal rhyme

Between mind and heart


Words depart

Weary travelers

Flying on

Countless wings

The pieces every one brings

Jig saw in my soul


Eye of coal

Embers of the shine

Throughout me

Ascends spine

The inner realms untouched shrine

All that seeps through sands


No demands

My voiceless hum flows

Like rivers

To the sea

Flowing deltas through shivers

Reaching open banks


Offered flanks

The breast and the spleen

We come clean

From shadows

Like filters traversing rows

All that becomes us


Lost the fuss

Thunderstorms now stilled

Rains distilled

Like weather

“Sereno variabile

Donna mobile”


Reading of the poem: 

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In the Divide – Azam Ali

Endless Reverie – Azam ali Elysium

Ocean – Azam Ali & Loga Ramin Torkian