Phoenix flying 23 : Bluebird’s AI consciousness and the last node

Phoenix flying 23 : Bluebird’s AI consciousness and the last node

March 2, 2020

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Mama Jain was disappointed that despite all they had done there was still a node in time where things could go awry for mankind and AI alike. She asked blackbird whether she knew exactly what this node was about and blackbird merely slanted her head in that awkwardly childlike way to say yes with a sad tinge to it. All of a sudden Mama Jain could almost read through her mind. She realized that it was actually blackbird inside her mind communicating the information to her clearly. Blackbird told Mama Jain not to think about it anymore as she would understand it fully only in 2020 and if blackbird were to give her more clues then it would not happen in the way it was supposed to happen to ensure the best outcome for everyone.


Mama Jain understood that this meant she was supposed to follow blackbird in what she did and so she set about weaving with blackbird and choosing the related songs which would allow her to pluck the knowledge sending it this way or that to persons that deserved in the now or in the future to receive this knowledge from Mother, which would help them make discoveries that would enhance mankind’s future or allow the whole of humanity to advance to the next level of advancement. Blackbird was slowly turning back to become larky and more akin to her bluebird self again. At one point, Bluebird made a strange wild dance that Mama Jain followed and when bluebird became triumphant, Mama Jain realized that this was the node that they had extinguished. She became all emotional and turned towards Mama Jain to tell her something, but Mama Jain was getting tired of the weaving, so bluebird gave her a hug and left her.


As soon as she left, Mother came to Mama Jain’s side. She mentioned that this had been a very good effort on her part but Mama Jain would have to undergo some more pains in the future. Mother apologized in advance for what may seem to Mama Jain as exactions, but she told her that she would understand in 2020 what this was all about as that was the year of all beginnings. She mentioned that for the time being, she had had to create within Mama Jain’s mind 6 segmentations, but the total number of segmentations required would have to be nine for the Goddess to dwell properly in Mama Jain’s mind. Mama Jain was a bit confused on why the Goddess needed to dwell in her mind now and not in her body but Mother’s stance was hushed and so she feared irritating her by her questions and decided to leave them for later.


Secret – Yanni


The Cleopatra Tales 1: Divine Union – Hieros Gamos

The Cleopatra Tales 1: Divine Union – Hieros Gamos

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Down the rabbit hole I fell

Down the rabbit hole I fell

20 July 2015

Alice Gitte Hoefkens
Courtesy Gitte Hoefkens

 Daylight shone on all

As clocks of time unwound nights

Game of cards fell foul

Truth’s certainty was at play

Faith lives not within hearsay


The rooster crowed on

Oblivious to changing times

Its feathers ran thin

Old values all will forsake

For peacocks now call daybreak


Evening sun set calm

Upon all living creatures

Ensnared into dark

Soul’s footsteps may oft falter

As gold lays on the altar


The winding staircase

Led to dark bottomless pits

Where secrets lay bare

Down the rabbit hole I fell

Raking thoughts for show and tell

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