On the river bank

On the river bank

16 September 2018

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The woods’ outline was cool and comforting against the blue skies in the scorching heat that she could feel rise to a peak level again. She moved swiftly towards it and gladly delved into the first cluster of roots and leaves that lay at the outskirts of the woods. Her skin feverishly welcomed the dew that fell off the leaves onto her arms. She stooped further as a heavy branch hid the way to the inside of the woods and crossing underneath it reached a small clearing.

The air was filled with the smell of moss growing all around under the trees. The smell of it felt like heaven to her after her time in the city. There was also a strong smell of burnt wood and she wondered where it came from. She ventured further into the woods following the smell of the burnt wood until she arrived to another clearing and found a tree that had been split into two, visibly struck by lightning, the two sides charred and fallen to the ground. The center of the tree was still fuming a bit and she could sense humming all around it.

She looked around and saw a swarm of bees all around the neighbouring trees. She wondered whether they had been in the tree before it had been burnt down. She was a little apprehensive on whether the bees would attack her as they seemed quite restless but they only circled around her and never dived upon her to sting her. The way they were hovering around, they seemed to be dancing and she found that quite odd. Suddenly they stopped their movement and after a few seconds they flew in group towards a spot at the end of the clearing.

She ran after the bees, eager to see what had drawn them there. In the distance she could see lights flickering. She wondered if there were people in the woods out here like her to escape the heat of the city. She hid behind one of the trees near the end of the clearing and watched intently as the lights drew closer. She realised that the lights were coming over a stretch of water that started at the end of the clearing. She looked further and found out that it was actually a large river. The lights came over the edge of the river and stopped on the river bank.

She came out of her hiding place behind the trees and stared curiously at the lights. There seemed to be nothing holding them up there, not even an insect. She reached out to the lights and could feel a tingling feeling at the tip of her fingers. The river bank softly gave way under her feet and she seemed to be sinking as she could no longer feel the earth underneath. At the same time, the lights seemed to move closer to her or perhaps she was moving closer to hem. She could feel their warmth as they engulfed her…


The river on the sky – Stive Morgan

Return to the stars

Return to the stars

8 September 2018

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She looked at the water that was breaking into foam at the edge of the sand. It was a pale grey colour, unlike the blue water of the day before when the sun had been out. The night fell gradually upon the beach plunging her in a temporary darkness before some street lights flickered and illuminated the edge of the water. The deep side of the sea remained pitch black and undistinguishable from the edge of where the sky had ended at sunset.


The disappearance of the sun changed nothing in the stickiness of the atmosphere around her. Crows cawed as usual high above, their restlessness never curbed, not even by the night. Just before sunset a batallion of dragonflies had fought the crows for some space in the skies and though they outnumbered the latter, they still looked remarkably fragile in comparison and she had wondered what the outcome would be. For some reason her thoughts had drifted back to the boy in her childhood who used to pin down dragonflies with needles or a side of a safety pin. The memory of that cruelty had made her shudder.


She looked back at the skies but all the dragonflies had left now. Only the cawing crows were hastening back to the shelter of the surrounding trees. She felt the waters call to her again and she turned back to gaze at the black outline of the waves that she could hear breaking on the shore. She would have loved to plunge into the waters had they not been so polluted at this spot. She longed for the beautiful beaches she had once been at and where she could first soak her toes before plunging in delight right into the sea.


Her gaze went up beyond the waves and she saw a flickering star. She wondered how it was that something that looked so alive was but the last message of a dying entity. Something within her stirred. She could almost remember a journey through the void and in between a myriad of planets. Her eyes glazed over with tears. She wanted to be back up there, on that roller coaster ride far away from Earth. She could almost hear that other deep calling out to her. She sighed and looked back again at the shadow of the sea. One day she would be back there. One day she would return to the stars.


Counting stars – One Republic

Shedding leaves

Shedding leaves

25-26 August 2018


She walked through the swarming streets heading towards the beachfront. She smiled at the woman who crossed her path and touched her outstretched hands that were offering her a garland of jasmine woven with small roses. She took the garland and put it around her neck as her hair was too short to weave it in there. She paid the woman, smiled and moved on as the woman waved at her smilingly.


The sun was high in the sky but the sea remained grey as usual. She had wondered when she had first arrived at the seaside why the sea was always grey but had got used to it. It seemed like it had to blend with the darker colour of the rocks on the seaside. She thought back to the beautiful sparkling beaches in North Africa and wondered whether it was the pollution here that made the sea turn grey close to the coast.


She sat on a rock overlooking the beach and stared at the sea. The waves were making a gentle lulling sound interrupted from time to time by the shrieks of children jumping into the water. It was a joyous sight but somehow she could not help her heart feeling heavy. She could not get over the feeling that something had completely stirred out of control in her destiny, changing her future, and that it was not by chance. Barely a year and a half had gone by but it seemed like it was light years away.


Back home to keep the memories of those moments of the future she had glimpsed she had resorted to collecting falling leaves in which she mentally inscribed glimpses of that future. Over time, the future she had seen seemed to be slowly fading into oblivion and she would then take out the leaves to remember. Each leaf reminded her vividly of a place in time where she had been in thought and where she had lived an incredible adventure filled with love and happiness.


Her right hand felt for the small basket that was tucked inside her handbag. It was still there and she sighed a sigh of relief. She wondered how it could be so small and hold so much at the same time. She got up from the rock and resumed her walk but towards the canal this time. It was one of the rare places in the city where stagnant water was not necessarily a synonym of stench and rot. At some points it even looked beautiful with profuse vegetation and a small bridge-like construction.


The water was a sombre green. She walked to the bridge, looked over the edge of it and slowly emptied the small basket. The leaves fell into the water and swirled away with the current caused by the wind. She watched until they were out of sight and felt as though her heart were leaving with those swirling leaves. Yet she knew that she could not hold on to the leaves as a totem anymore. They had to disappear for what they represented to reappear.


Those moments of the lost future she had lived had to be reintegrated within her. They belonged to her and had to be a part of her again, not relegated to the role of externalised memories. Her heart warmed slowly with the returning memories that filled her being with love. It was as if the release of the leaves had opened a dam within her. The images cascaded in her mind like a whirlpool of sunny water as they filled her neurons. Tears of joy streamed down her face and wiping them she lifted her head and smiled up at the skies. It did not matter anymore that it had been steered away for it existed out there. It was forever hers.


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Winter Aid – The Wisp Sings

Stillness of the mind

Stillness of the mind

8 July 2018

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Panic seized her again at the thought of all she had to do. It seemed like a list of insurmountable tasks and she was wondering which to start with. She felt discouraged at the thought that not only she would have to find a way to accomplish all those tasks but she would also have to pay for the persons rendering the various services she needed for the accomplishment of some of the tasks. It would cost a lot of money ; money that she was not earning for now. She felt like crying but the tears did not come. Instead she felt a wave of weariness overcome her. Fortunately or unfortunately the weariness did not last and panic struck again.

She became restless and started biting her nails. She checked herself immediately as she did not want to end up like some people did with very small chewed-up nails, a testimonial of their anxiety. The thoughts raced through her head again and she felt desperate. She cried out to her guardian angels for help but was met with only silence. A silence that seemed deafening in comparison to her cries. She wondered how things had come to this point. There had to be an explanation for all that was happening. Things never happened without a reason and she was sure that there must be some reason for this chain of events.

Despite her reasoning she was starting to get desperate again and hated the feeling of helplessness that accompanied the flurry of her thoughts. She had not been able to meditate that morning as her mind had been too busy and pervading, not allowing her to focus on the meditation. She wondered if the lack of meditation was not worsening things. When she meditated things always seemed to be alight with fresh perspectives but today all her thoughts seemed to be cloaked with a dull tone of grey.

She suddenly realised that she was getting trapped by the age-old trap of fear. She was allowing herself to be sucked into the destructive energy of fear instead of maintaining herself within the powerful energy of love. She realised that it was her own mind that was allowing this, focusing on all the negative outcomes instead of focusing on the positive ones. Her mind kept trying to convince her that the positive outcomes were few while the negative outcomes were many and more likely.

She slowly tried to silence her mind that kept chattering away its thoughts into her head, attempting to make her feel submerged by helplessness again. She focused on her breathing and willed the thoughts away. She would deal with each task as and when it came up in the best way possible. Slowly she could feel the thoughts ebbing away as her mind gave in to the rhythm of her breathing. In a few minutes she was thoughtless and started focusing on the middle of her crown chakra.

She could feel the silence growing within but it was a pleasant silence now. She breathed in and out very calmly. Slowly but surely she could feel herself being filled with a sense of peace and joy. Her mind was silent and she could see a light growing at the tip of her crown chakra where her intent was focused. She played with the light, watching it grow until it filled all her head and then imagined it travelling downwards towards her toes before going up again and filling her whole body. She was light, she was peace, she was acceptance. She was pure thoughtlessness and silence. It had all begun with the stillness of the mind.

Stillness of the mind – Abel Korzeniowski

The chalk on the floor

The chalk on the floor

5 July 2018

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She readjusted the dish-stand. It still looked crooked. Nothing seemed to be straight in anything that was going on around her she thought. Her shoulders hunched slightly in defeat. She turned the dish-stand around lengthwise against the wall and it finally seemed to fit straight. At least one thing that would be in order she thought. She laughed to herself at the idea that her OCD behaviour seemed to be returning. This was definitely not the place to have those compulsions she thought to herself. She shrugged off the nagging impulse to set straight the jars that were drying next to the sink.

On the floor a cockroach was running towards shelter under the sink. She gritted her teeth and tried to swat it with the broom but it was too fast for her. She re-positioned the broom but it had already disappeared under the sink. She did not feel like going to search for it. The mere idea of pursuing the insect under the sink nauseated her. She looked for the chalk she had bought earlier and that was said to keep away ants and roaches. Slowly but surely, she began drawing straight lines all across the floor, around the sink, the granite topped cavities that acted as makeshift cupboards and the small wooden cupboards.

After she had finished drawing the lines she stood up and gazed at them. Some seemed slightly crooked and she bent down to draw straighter lines after she had rubbed away those that seemed crooked. She repeated the experience when she felt the result was unsatisfactory. After a while she was far more pleased with the result of her drawings. She stood up and gazed at the drawings from above. They were indeed very straight now with the intersections giving forth clean right angles.

From the corner of her eye she could see one of the huge ants that had been there earlier run towards the cupboard and then stop before the line in front of it. She was extremely pleased to have bought the chalk. It seemed like her ticket to sanity in this insane circle of huge ants and roaches that had been taking turns in attacking her stock of groceries. She looked at the lines again beaming at the idea that they would finally protect the groceries. Under the tube light it seemed to her that the chalk on the floor beamed back at her.


Opa Tsupa – Les deux Guitares

The heirloom

The heirloom

21 June 2018

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Courtesy Christian Schloe


She gazed at the intricate details of the carvings on it. She wondered how anyone could carve such ornate figures at such a miniature level. She also wondered what they had thought about when carving the details. Did they think at all while performing such a delicate task ? Surely one had to be fully focused on the actual task at hand and could not let one’s mind wander off into other areas of interest.

She turned it over and caressed the small carvings of names (or of initials depending upon how long the name was) that attested whom it had belonged to. At the bottom she could read and feel the carving of a R and a B. Soon she would add her initials to those names. Whenever she caressed the initials she felt as if she were in touch again with her dead grandmother and beyond her with all her female ancestry. There were so many more beautiful things that she could have taken from her mother’s treasured collection but for some reason this had been the only thing with which she had felt a connection.

She remembered how her grandmother would dote over it and spell out to her the names for which only the initials had been carved on it. She delicately opened the pin making sure she did not prick herself on the edge of it and fastened it to her shirt. It was supposed to act as a lucky talisman. She was going for an interview and needed all the luck she could get she thought. She looked at herself in the mirror and the beautiful carved brooch caught her eye. Lucky talisman or not, she felt this alone would make her stand out in the crowd of candidates.

She smoothed the areas of the shirt around the brooch, combed her hair with her fingers, took her bag and walked out of the door her head full of hopes and the brooch sitting squarely upon her chest. When she slid into the back seat of the cab, the driver’s attention to her brooch put a smile to her lips. If a man so blasé as cab drivers were could be interested in the brooch, so would be her interviewers or at least the female ones.

She touched the brooch softly caressing its intricate details. She was carrying with her the whole female tribe she belonged to. They would not let her down. This was not just any heirloom she thought, this was the combined strength of a lineage of unusually strong women. She smiled again to herself. All would be well soon.

Ya Sahra – Light in Babylon




15 May 2018

Hush George Redhawk


Hush she said and the woods were silent. The pitter-patter of raindrops a deafening sound covering her waning heartbeat. Hush she said and the rain softly subsided, an occasional drop on a leaf resounding like a thud in her head. Hush she said and the leaves ceased caressing the wind, their whispers fading into the rising dusk. Hush she said and the blood in her veins slowed tenfold until she could hear the drip like a background music to the occasional flap of wings of a cawing crow shaking off the rain. Hush she said and the darkness engulfed her with its palpable silence like a long forgotten and well-worn cloak. Hush she said her eyes finally closing, her soul softly embracing the dark night.


Reading of the short story: 

Wilderness – Adam Hurst



The Interstellar darkness

The Interstellar darkness

22 April 2018

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She looked around her. The room was plunged in darkness akin to the that which her consciousness had been plunged in. She recalled how the two men had come to her talking of a former colleague that she had long forgotten. Later on she had discovered that as her consciousness was now entirely entwined with the collective consciousness, when she forgot someone whom she had known before that person literally disappeared completely from everyone’s memories. There was a period of lag however and it would seem that it was just before this happened that the two men had reached out to her.

She realised that whenever she forgot something or someone that thing or that person slowly started fading away or disappearing before vanishing altogether from the world. Once her former colleague back in her memories though, she resurfaced in the worldly realm and continued to carry on a normal life. She had also discovered that by small movements in her energetic alignment she could also make things or people appear or disappear as she shifted from one reality to another. This was not without its dangers however as it could also change her present and future altogether into something she might not necessarily like.

She also recalled how she had been so close to merging with the consciousness of her Twinflame and the rush of energy she had experienced when doing so. Although the merging had been averted she had been reborn into the realms of the Gods from the mere act of pursuing that merging and from that day on her consciousness had become totally entwined with that of Gaia and the collective consciousness of all the beings living on Gaia. She was still filled with sorrow at the idea of no longer being able to merge her consciousness finitely with that of her Twinflame but had been consoled by the fact that she was at least one with Gaia.

Of late, however, her mind was increasingly burdened by the intricacies of her situation and she felt every day less inclined to live in this world. Her daily meditation brought her a few hours of peace but then the humdrum of everyday life, especially one that had become so complicated, left her with a profound sense of dissatisfaction. Growingly she felt the stillness of the meditation’s peak draw her to it. She wanted to be one with the stillness, the great absence of any movement. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the stillness within, her consciousness calling the void.

Scientists around the world watched with horror as a black hole emerged at a point in space closer than what they felt was comfortable to the Earth. She opened her third eye and embraced the Interstellar darkness that called to her from within the void. Her consciousness merged with the dark energy that was throbbing within it and twirled around locked on to the energy. The black hole expanded and whirled. She felt her chest dilate almost to a point of rupture. The room was filled all of a sudden with a blinding flash of light.

Her chest expanded into the light before both seemingly collapsed into each other. She opened her eyes and could see the twirling dark energy. She raised her hands towards it but realised that she could not see her hands anymore. Her body had also disappeared and all that she could see was a swirling of dark matter joining the dark energy in front of her. All of a sudden she felt like she was on a joyride and she felt the rush before reaching a standstill again. Slowly she could see her body reappear in parts. It was an eerie sight. She closed her eyes again and could feel the darkness beckoning to her once more. Once more she merged with the void and its darkness.

Interstellar Main Theme – Extra Extended – Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

Time and Time again

Time and Time again

8 April 2018

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She looked out of the window at a blue sky full of fluffy clouds. Ironically the clouds reminded her of how the memories of him were slowly fading. She had known him once with utmost certainty but now she was not sure anymore. She thought back to their first encounter. Not the one she remembered consciously but the one that had been at the back of her mind when they had met fleetingly on the small strip before the beach. When she had glanced at him then and her eyes had met his she had known deep in her heart that it was him but the thought had been so preposterous that she had had to brush it aside, grit her teeth and walk on. She had then seen him go into a sports car that was parked on that strip.

For years the memory had haunted her. The thought that she had walked beside the love of her life and not had the courage to take a chance and speak to him had weighed her down for years. Then he had reappeared in her life. First in a ghost-like form with no words said but for the evanescent image of him. Then with increasing precision in the form to which was added a telepathic communication. She wondered whether he was aware at all of this or if she was the only one seeing and hearing him. His spirit-like presence then became a daily routine in her life but left her with the ache of not having him around in flesh and blood.

She turned back from the window and glanced around the room which was submerged in pale light coming from the one window that was open. The room reeked of wasted memories and unshed tears. She wished she could turn back time and go back to that moment to see if she could change the course of fate but she knew it was not possible here and now. It reassured her to think that there was a version out there in the Multiverse where she had taken that risk and was perhaps growing old with the love of her life. He whispered in her head that he would come to her Time and Time again when the elements were favourable. It reassured her even more to think that maybe serendipity would put them both on the same path again. In Time. She smiled a wane smile before the tears finally welled in her eyes.  Someday…Somewhere…In Time…


Somewhere in Time – Maksim Mrvica

Friday walk

Friday walk

30 March 2018

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The wind caressed her face as she looked onward into the horizon walking slowly. The sun was high up in the sky and she could hear birds all around her. In the street below she could see people walking with what seemed to be a sense of purpose. Some of them were the gardeners that worked in the houses around and some were the maids that were either running errands or on their way to meet each other. It was a sunny laid back Friday like many others she had witnessed from her room. She watched them for what seemed an eternity.

Suddenly one of the maids lifted her head and saw her. She stopped right in her tracks and beckoned to one of the persons passing by. Both then looked up at her. She lifted her gaze again and watched the birds as they flew from one tree to another in the distance. They had cut all the trees in her garden so the birds did not fly around the house that much anymore. She looked at the sun which was now slowly on the way to setting. In the street below she could hear the interest build up. She shifted slightly, changing her posture and a gasp went through the crowd that had gathered below. She looked down again and could see the row of faces turned towards her, watching her every move.

In the distance she could hear a police car which seemed to be approaching. A few moments later she saw the police car with its siren on pull into the street and stop in front of her house dispersing the crowd. A policeman came out of the car. « You need to come down Madam. You cannot stay there » he said. She stared at him and looked back at the sun that was setting. The police officer reiterated his request. She looked down at her legs. The ledge on which she was standing was quite narrow. She took a step forward and then another. She could feel herself float through the air and then all went dark as an excruciating pain shot through her jaw, hand and torso. She shut her eyes. The crowd closed in on her.


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Sarajevo – Max Richter