Alternate Realities – Chapter Nine : Housing the Mother

Alternate Realities – Chapter Nine : Housing the Mother

27 September 2020



It had been a while since the incident of the bushfire and surely enough as Horus had told her, it was eventually subdued by the rain although not without some serious consequences. She thought to herself that they should train the dragons more but perhaps in less arid lands with trees that were less prone to catch and spread wildfire. Horus had been visiting her often and she also realized that she was undergoing a lot of changes. Outwards, she seemed unchanged and serene but inside of her a lot was happening. She had already undergone the third segmentation of her mind and knew from Horus that she was fully ready to house the Mother.


He had inspired her during dreamtime a series of dances that were meant to draw the shakti power more deeply into her. When he had first come to her during dreamtime she had asked him why he could not just explain it to her with words so that she could follow them but he told her that the shakti dances were based on vibration and the flow of poses that involved a certain configuration of the body and the hands in symbolic gestures that were meant to harness the cosmic power. These could not be taught in words but had to be experienced visually and there was nothing better than dreamtime communication for that.


On the last of the dreamtime episodes, the Mother showed her the shakti dances to follow in full thereby communicating on a vibrational level the full extent of the dances’ power. She had understood from her interactions in dreamtime with Horus that the dances were not to be followed step by step in full but had to flow according to the configuration of her own bodily manifestation as her DNA had to be aligned with the cosmic power in its own special way. She therefore needed to understand the vibrational undertone but adapt this to the coding of her DNA in a way that allowed the realignment to flow so that she could house the Mother without damaging herself. She knew implicitly that this would happen automatically when she interpreted the shakti dances.


Several weeks of dancing had gone by and at each dance she could feel herself get more of the consciousness of the Mother stream within her. At the end of the sixth week of dancing, she felt fully the Mother within her. She had not been sure what to expect when the Mother would be fully within her but perhaps she had expected something dramatic and magical to happen. Instead, all she could feel was a mixture of sadness and peace. It was a bit bewildering that she was not able to just change everything with a magic wand. Horus told her that the Mother did not want to break the laws of this world and what she mainly wanted to do was dilute the effect of patriarchy. She was slightly unsettled that it would not be quick but he reassured her that the Mother had already been flowing partly through her and that is why every environment she had been in had evolved into one with less dominance of patriarchy and with better conditions for women in general.


Horus told her that it would be a task that could take several years depending upon how open Humanity was to embrace that change but that it would unfold as Mother had already seen it happen. She knew from her own personal experience that indeed there were several occurrences where the balance of power had changed with women being less suppressed even in very male dominated societies where she had lived. She breathed in deeply and vowed to carry on the task Mother wanted to realise through her. When balance was achieved, Mother could once again walk the Earth freely without the undeserving labels bestowed upon her by patriarchy. She had been depicted as Lilith or the whore of Babylon in her earlier manifestations as patriarchy had twisted history to make her seem like a demon to fear rather than a bringer of light and wisdom. History was indeed always rewritten by the victors but soon that was about to change…


Vitas – Lucia Di Lammermoor

The Stigmata of Sexuality

The Stigmata of Sexuality

19 September 2015



I was recently warned about the sexual content of my poetry and the accompanying images insofar as it was published together with my profile on a professional website and might hurt my professional image.

The person was a very good friend of mine and I knew her not to be really bothered by such matters but more concerned about its impact on my image from an external standpoint as this was a conservative region – unlike the western regions. Therefore I just exchanged with her banal thoughts on the fact that I write poetry and this is who I also am, which I am not willing to suppress to please the rampant hypocrisy of the region. Besides, needless to say that this region knows a flourish of sexuality, albeit in a very hidden and sometimes distorted way if you take Saudi for example.


This incident got me thinking however about Sexuality and its connotations and manifestations on a more global level. Needless to say and there are profuse sayings about this matter that money and sex are what really seem to rule this world. It is fascinating to notice though how these elements are transformed, darkened, soiled and then returned to the world with a negative emphasis of their essence.


Money, which started out as a symbolic energy exchange is now mainly used to corrupt, to buy something that ethics and basic decency would not allow for. It is exchanged under the table, between conniving looks and slithering fingers so that a deed, that would otherwise not be carried out finds some sanctity in the eyes of the person having to commit it for this price.


Sexuality is used in a certain way to corrupt too. Many business transactions have been consolidated on the basis of a hooker or a few hookers who are left with the person making the decision to facilitate the business transaction or with the person deciding himself. It is also used to obtain power whether direct or indirect and to trap unwary people into the web of blackmail depending on situation, gender, position and nature and extent of the sexual happening.


In both cases, the bait is given and everybody looks the other way because these items represent the final boundaries of decency and morality. Thus, sexuality like money has earned an increased social stigmata. Expressing sexuality has become the epitome of expressing the desire to be a whore because today, sexuality has finally become totally associated with “whoredom”.

We don’t even need to step into the earlier stages of how religion transformed sexuality from its original healing intent into something dark and foreboding to be shunned, thereby sweepingly relegating women as a gender into the role of the gate to a purgatory leading to hell. Even without this terrible legacy, modern day antics would have anyway succeeded in transforming sexuality into something lurid and to be totally associated with only what should be kept in the dark.

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Even sexuality within marriage is still somewhat akin to the forbidden. I know of one woman whose religious conservative husband wanted to divorce her because she was expressing too much pleasure during their lovemaking. Apparently he expected her to lie down and live through it without a word as if she were some dutiful wife just stitching a button on his shirt or cooking without his presence beside her. He thought that expressing pleasure was a sign of her being more like a whore than a wife. I remember one incident involving myself when an earlier boyfriend refused to even think about the earlier stages of a sexual relationship saying that he respected me too much and did not consider me a whore – thank you very much!


Those who seek spirituality in the eastern world are the other ones aside from religion who have given sexuality its stigmata as they consider that sexuality must be taken out of the equation of attaining higher realms because it would bring them down from their endeavours into a carnal world. They believe that sexuality is a directly limiting factor of accessing higher realms because of the lust associated with it. They seem to forget that all the temples throughout Asia showcase to some extent or the other sexualised representations of the Gods that they themselves pray to. It would therefore seem in all fairness that sexuality was a means of attaining higher realms or at least was associated with the higher realms as the Gods themselves practised it. Today, only those who practise Tantra still think of it as a way to attain higher realms although they do it in a more concentrated way focusing mainly on the sexual happening and less on the other items associated with spirituality (here too the various masters differ in their way of interpreting Tantra).


Personally, I have always seen sexuality as a healing source and a means to transcendence if used in the right way and therefore fail to see in it something that could soil despite the various incidents I have witnessed or any I have been subject to. There was a time when sexuality was regularly practised as a means to heal people and women who would now be called whores were then hailed as remarkable healers. In fact, the legend has it that Mary Magdalene herself was one such healer while today’s history books list her simply down as the whore who got redeemed by Jesus’s Love and compassion.


It is about time to remove the stigma associated with sexuality and finally allow it to reintegrate its role in healing and nurturing instead of leaving it distorted and creating negative energy throughout our beings and throughout the world. This would also finally allow women to lose their ill-fated designation as the gates to a hellish purgatory and reinstate their roles as nurturers and healers.

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