The Cleopatra Tales 1: Divine Union – Hieros Gamos

The Cleopatra Tales 1: Divine Union – Hieros Gamos

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The Body Rider 1: Sensation

The Body Rider 1: Sensation

1 November 2016

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He was everywhere. She could feel him in the shadows that cloaked her when she walked in the scorching summer heat. She could feel him in the cool of the wind that caressed her skin in the air-conditioned room. She could feel him close by his breath mingling with the drops of water that fell off her neck while she showered. She could feel him in the constriction of her throat when sadness overcame her, easing his way up until she felt only peace. She could feel him in her bosom as it fluttered anxiously when fear visited slight. She could feel his hand in the small of her back when she needed support. He was everywhere.


I cannot go on like this, she said. She knew he was there as always but he did not answer. Why do you stay with me all the time, she asked again hesitantly. No answer. You have gone then, she ventured. No, she heard.


  • Why do you stay?
  • Why do you think?
  • I don’t know. Do you miss the land of the living?
  • I am not dead
  • But you do not live
  • I do. You know that I do. You have ample proof of that.
  • I do not see you
  • You know I am. You do not need to see me to know that.
  • That’s easy for you to say. I might just be hallucinating, imagining you, creating you out of nothing
  • Do you think you have that power?
  • I… I don’t know anymore what power I have. Do I have power at all, I wonder
  • Keep going
  • I guess if I am imagining you so intensely that you almost exist then I must have some power. Am I creating you?
  • (laughs) Am I creating you?
  • I don’t know. Did you create me?
  • You think too much
  • Is that a bad thing?
  • Not if you feel as much or more.
  • Will you ever go away?
  • No, perhaps for a short while sometimes but I will always keep an eye on you
  • Is that a promise or a threat?
  • What do you think?
  • You never hurt me so I don’t think it is a threat but I still don’t understand. Why do you keep watch over me?
  • Yes, I watch you
  • Isn’t that unfair? You watch me but you never allow me to see you
  • Maybe because you cannot or should not see me
  • Why? Are you like…undead?
  • (laughs)
  • I mean… are you a vampire
  • (laughs)
  • If you are a vampire, would it not have been easier for you to just drink my blood and then go away for more blood elsewhere
  • Blood, yes, there is the question of your blood
  • So you are a vampire
  • I don’t want to drink your blood. I have no desire to drink it
  • So you are a vampire who finds my blood particularly undesirable or is it because I am no longer a virgin?
  • (laughs) I think that is urban legend. Do you know of someone whose survival would depend on something and yet he would be choosy about it and take only certain types of what he needs?
  • Well I saw a horror movie once where the vampire gets ill when drinking the blood of a woman who is not a virgin
  • (laughs) you’ve watched too many movies
  • How would you know?
  • I know what you think, remember?
  • You’re in my head. Yes, you’re in my head! You are a mere creation. You are a character waiting to be played out in my written words. I will write you and you will disappear then
  • You reckon? Speaking of women who are not virgins, I have a good mind to show you why I could not possibly be a vampire. Come to bed, it’s late
  • No, I think I will write you out
  • (laughs) nonsense. Even if you had words to describe some of our interactions, do you have enough words to describe the intensity of our lovemaking?
  • That…
  • Precisely. Come to bed
  • I will still write some
  • Be my guest
  • Well actually I think I am more your host
  • (laughs) you may well be. Come here, show me around you
  • No, I want to write. I am not coming to bed
  • Are you sure? (his breath is warm and cool all at once on her nape) Maybe I can convince you.


His breath slides down over her throat to her nipple. She feels the pressure of his faceless head on her breast, his arms around her, palms resting on the small of her back. The embrace is excruciatingly tender yet wanton. He coaxes her out of the armchair his body behind her guiding her. She reaches out, her open palms meeting the pulsation of his skin. Slowly she undresses watching where the room seems to be rippling, where he might be. He laughs. You know you don’t need to, he says, although I do prefer when you are naked.


She lies down on her stomach, face turned towards the side. She feels his lips on hers, the tautness in her hips as he slides into her partially sideways. Wave after wave submerge her. He is right. Nothing can describe this lovemaking. There is nothing in the human language that can possibly describe it. Every inch of her body is ablaze with his passionate presence. He is more present in his relative absence than any of the men she had ever made love with. She feels the electricity fill every cell in her, liquefying it, reducing her to a pool of desire, wrapped around his formless being. Her hands reaching out to keep him closer are met with waves of electricity. Something explodes in her brain as they climax shuddering. They stay like that a while before she feels him snugly fit into the curve of her back as she slowly turns sideways.


  • I don’t think you should ever go away
  • (laughs) you think too much. Sleep now, you don’t sleep enough
  • Will you sleep?
  • I will lie here, don’t worry
  • Why do you stay?
  • Do you still feel the need to ask that?
  • Not really. I think you love me
  • You know I do
  • Do I love you?
  • You know you do
  • Will you ever be in a form I can see?
  • Perhaps one day
  • When?
  • Does it matter?
  • Well it doesn’t really… Matter! (laughs) I could do with some more matter, at least at your face so I can see what you look like
  • Would it change anything?
  • No, I guess not. In a way, I know you too well for it to change anything now
  • Sleep
  • Yes, I will. No, don’t move away, I want to feel you exactly that way, snugly fitting my back, nice and warm.
  • (laughs) Are you sure you don’t want to write now instead of sleeping?
  • No, I don’t want to write. I don’t want to sleep either
  • (laughs) I know that look


She slowly turns partially on her stomach again. She feels the pressure on her lips. He is everywhere. She stretches, welcoming the surges. How could she have ever thought she could not go on like this? He laughs in her head as she turns to embrace him.



Initially started as a short story, this was edited to change the title on March 9 following the publishing of a story called “Straying Consciousness” which became a sequel to this story under a series now titled “The Body Rider”.


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Lost – Shigeru Umebayashi

Kokuhaku – Shigeru Umebayashi

Polonaise – Shigeru Umebayashi

Train – Shigeru Umebayashi


The Path of the Faith

The Path of the Faith

9 March 2016

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We lead simple lives

Walking through waves and meadows

Live oscillations

Some days. happiness

Unobscured by dark desires

Some days bending low

We discover fate

Hidden behind decisions

A making of made

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Invisible eye

It guards encourages guides

On pathways of life

Illusion a charm

I walk paces in knowing

The will not to harm

Incensed sense of us

Inflation highly paid price

Kneeling down raises

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Let thy will be done

Only in the full naming

Will I find your creed

Seven steps to move

When strikes the eleventh hour

Circles concentric

Ninth realm will unfold

As the heart opens to love

The Path of the Faith

Reading of the poem: 

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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989):3 trials scene

(again youtube took the video down so I had to find a new one fitting somewhat the description of the old one)

The Tolkien Ensemble-Hymn To Elbereth Gilthoniel III

The Tolkien Ensemble – Galadriel’s Song of Eldamar, Ai! Laurië Lantar

Conflagration of Senses

Conflagration of Senses

9-10 February 2016

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The wild at hearts flare

Like masterpiece of summer

Scorching the dried woods


The wildfire a blaze

Best pick of the century

A view nonpareil


Trophy of brightness

Uninterrupted by rocks

Moss shriveled by sun


Flaming pearl jewel

They attempted taming it

Flushing flash of fire


Like stone ornament

Of precious roots uncovered

Sparkler’s crystal light


No glass contained it

Conflagration of Senses

The infinite heat


Reading of the poem: 

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Written for Ronovan writes Haiku challenge. Ping back and rules here


Yeh Mera Deewana Pan hai – Susheela Raman

Mahima – Susheela Raman

The transformation occurs under deep narcosis

The transformation occurs under deep narcosis

1 December 2015




The expanding coils catch our breath

Mutation, the origins of metamorphosis


Multiple transformations occur

For hybridation, an excruciating process


Would we then break before we shatter?

Multiple fragmentation of our inner walls sear


The road to birth is paved with the pain

Wilful inhalation of atmospheric mushrooms


Sailors of the future gift us ills

Breathe in, now breathe out, explosion of the sixth senses


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A new born I learn to breathe with gills

Epilepsy strikes, stroboscopic light soul cleanses


Showering through me photons in rain

Excavation of me leads to lower hidden rooms


Speleology of caves’ matter

Whispering lights speak secrets to the familiar ear


As the vision would blacken and blur

The probing orbs wind through my body’s every recess


Dilating sheer frames lost in their breadth

The transformation occurs under deep narcosis


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Yakuro – Requiem for a space










When youth and beauty did fade

When youth and beauty did fade

25 November 2015

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New found memories

Strike a chord in my heart’s lines

Gathering pieces



Yesterday’s pride spent

Remembering the playgrounds

Brings thoughts of penance





Nymphs circled around

Clamouring for your presence

Emblem of beauty



Playful happenings

Jaded other waters swirled

A backdrop of rain





Perhaps they will yet

Within Indian summer’s shade

Raise Love’s pedestal



Dance to beat of life

Mea culpa is the spin

Blue red purity





Two freedoms entwine

Take the pulse of winds’ movements

Shattering waters



In sands of Time plunge

Discover the miracles

Find the light of one


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Nature’s gifts within

Heartbeats’ purple pulsation

Butterflies in source



Inverted climates

Implosion of the senses

Colours my love’s trail


fractal woman1




Twirling, dissolving

Within the Eye of the storm

Resurrection green



Giant leap of faith

Diamonds birth from the pressure

Winds of Love carry


veil greatmystery org



A kiss into Light

Within darkness of woodlands

Twin becomes the flight



Mythical creatures

Blue freedom on winds of Love

Dance of unicorns


Love Marisha Karto peupledepapier blogspot com



Into light’s stillness

Within mirrors the without

Gifts eternity



Meet the beloved

Abandoned tower’s safety

To yellow castles


knot beforeitsnews com



Peace in the Heart’s ways

Alien separation

Spun the enigma



Tomorrow will tell

When youth and beauty did fade

Forgetting love’s length



yearning philontheprairie wordpress com



Enigma – Mea Culpa & Find The Light

Natacha atlas – Gafsa

Breath of the Divine

Breath of the Divine

23 October 2015

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Stillness slowly crept

Pervading all my senses

As I quit tremors


I have learnt lesson

Hastiness in healing scars

All will come in Time


Soul ignition sparks

Outcry from heavenly realm

She smiled angelic


The scent of Mother

I filled my lungs with it sweet

Breath of the Divine


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Swaying to the Times

Swaying to the Times

28 September 2015

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Exhausting Travels

This constant leap in between

Today and morrows


The night’s waking hours

Spent counting milliseconds

Time freezing over


Forward pull and push

The traction of disclosure

Living Time extreme


Knowing, unknowing

Confusion of the senses

Reaching zero-point


Gone is brutish task

I yearn for the yesteryears

When it closed the eyes


Two to three implodes

Cover me with unseeing

Lest I lose my mind


Quaking soul I see

Damned to live the waking lies

Darkness smothers cries

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Moon be gone disgrace

I look upon treacheries

When I loved your face


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Winter stark I come

Cloak me in your icy gaze

Unwinding the loves


Today has lived long

Burning through tomorrow’s flames

Time in credit spent


Encash me this life

Give me from your burden’s hope

Death of your kisses


Speed them to the peak

The numbing of my senses

Swaying to the Times


Let me come undone

Future kisses spell me rhymes

Not burden of loss


Still the time in Heart

Of all months choose the twining

For fish then swam free


I hark to the chimes

I see your naked future

My soul walks with yours

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Winding down the clocks

Winding down the clocks

13 September 2015

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Stepping back in Time

To morrows reinvented

Retracing the past


Dreamtime assists me

I fly weightless in the sky

Tied to no senses


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Courtesy Christy Lee Rogers on


The moonlight watches

As I filter the sunshine

Within my apron


The void reservoirs

Screech emptiness within me

As their fires chill


At loss for exchange

Trembling, beseeching for peace

I empty my pains


time christyrogers com2
Courtesy Christy Lee Rogers on


Lustful and gory

The floor lapped up every drop

Shed my thickest blood


Winding down the clocks

I walked into a Time’s Age

When I stood Brave Heart


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Your emblem of Love

Your emblem of love

3 September 2015

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Time had passed slowly

From very first encounter

When seven skies burst


The veils dropped off us

As soul welcomed healing light

That surged through our eyes


Your faceless presence

Immaterial solid

That in my heart swells


So material

Your glowing hands on my skin

Build energy slides

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Seven times we loved

Neither more nor less we could

As numbers would brand


The night’s dreams waned soft

The mist announced your return

I hastened to you


The birds will fly free

Celebrating our embrace

That closes a stage


Your emblem of Love

Rose from magical senses

And flooded us Truth

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